Twitter Just Vaccinated Jenny McCarthy

March 17th, 2014 // 57 Comments
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“So my kid got measles last week.”
“… Dis how chicken look?”

On Thursday night, Jenny McCarthy(‘s social media manager who’s presumably fired by now) thought she’d have some innocent fun on Twitter by asking her followers what the most important trait they look for in a mate and to respond back using the #JennyAsks hashtag. What happened instead was a goddamn avalanche of awesome as her hashtag was hijacked by “haters” who want to see children not be wiped out by illnesses that have no business reemerging in the year 2014. And it’s still happening as we speak. So what started as your run-of-the-mill bullshit exercise to engage social media users has now epically snowballed into a viral story about how stupid Jenny McCarthy is. So here a couple of my favorite responses, or you can click here and watch the shit continue to pile on in real-time:

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  1. Lame

    Everyone knows that children should be wiped out by abortions.

  2. This is so fucking epic.

  3. Jenny McCarthy Annual Charity Day
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  4. “Balloon-titted whore.”


  5. I love a justified pile-on.

    Now, the next plague we have to eradicate is Twitter.

    • As long as people think others give a shit what they had for breakfast twitter will march on. The bigger problem might be that people really do give a shit what others had for breakfast.

  6. Jenny McCarthy Annual Charity Day
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    “Da fuck you mean by my kids are barred from all Whalburgers locations, Donnie?”

  7. So if I fucked her vaginally and anally with my penis, no condom , would she get shots for me STDs? More importantly should I?

  8. Bonky

    Can’t she just keep her mouth shut and show us her tits ?

  9. Jenny McCarthy Annual Charity Day
    Inner Retard
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    Stop cheering Jenny. They are laughing at you not with you.

  10. This is the feel good story of the year. I really do despise twitter, but i created an account for one purpose, the tweet I posted.

    #AskJenny ideal mate? Someone who doesn’t have the blood of innocent children on their hands. That is always a plus.

    • its all good

      Look at you all proud of your lame little comment. Most of you fools prob don’t know the whole jenny mccarthy/vaccine story, but typical american mob mentality…ya just jump right on the dog pile.

      • Em

        Really? Because I read both Mother Warrior & Healing/Prevent Autism – when I was pregnant/prior to the theory being debunked – as well as a multitude of other books on the subject (like many others of the “mob” have done). Having done my research, I *assure* you, she’s a dumb bitch.

      • its all good

        Hmm..if you noticed “Em” my comment was directed towards “dude” not you. Try and pay attention you read some books good for you. Ooh and to people like u nack jicklson…you can’t commentt without resorting to name calling. Oooh “cunt” ya really got me on that one. Such angry men on this site. An angry man is a man who can’t get laid……..; )

      • I’m female you uneducated CUNT

      • its all good

        Sure about that sweetie?

      • Wow, you couldn’t be more unpopular/hated it’s all good. And judging by your lack of charm/humor/ability to generate a consensus/ability to use apostrophes correctly, you’ll be rightfully subjugated to the lower class forever. DMV or WalMart greeter, I’d guess. Or the equivalent.

      • its all good

        What are you like 12 years old? Didn’t know this was a popularity contest. Or that we are graded on punctuation and grammar…talking about charm and humor? Yep thats what i am trying to figured me out. I am trying to make friends here. Please be my friend …. pleeeeeease?

      • It likes attention.

      • Dorita

        Jenny McCarthy everyone! Thanks for playing Jenny now go buy a clue with your View money and stop subjecting us to your trolling.

      • Em

        Stopped back by and just could NOT resist pointing out the obvious: “Most of you fools…” and “typical American mob mentality” seem directed at more than Dude alone. But maybe it’s just me…?

      • every comment thread has to have some dumb cunt like you, it’s all good

  11. Yup

    And my faith in humanity is restored…

  12. and perfect use of “dis how chicken look” Fish. LMAO.

  13. “…what the most important trait they look for in a mate…”
    I would think an immune system might be handy.

  14. Jenny McCarthy Annual Charity Day
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    she looks brilliant. Definitely the person I would gamble my children’s lives for.

  15. eh

    Haters are now America’s fourth largest demographic, between soccer moms and secret prescription pill addicts.

  16. I disapprove of what you say, Jenny McCarthy but I will defend to the death your right to bring back the whooping cough, small pox, polio and the bubonic plague. Now let’s have sex.

  17. Yup

    Just checked the twitter feed, and twitter has announced that the feed is “over limit”. Looks like the internet has spoken, and spoken very succinctly…

    What do I look for in an ideal mate? Someone with enough brains to realize they’ve fucked up big time, and enough self assurance to apologize for being a complete tool…

  18. ArtGirl

    Haha, it’s funny because she deserves our contempt. I bet if you told this dumb bitch that diphtheria was Pfizer’s new gluten-free botox alternative, she’d probably shoot it into her fucking face!

  19. Walter Peck

    I think you really need to reads this link.

  20. oh the irony!

    oh goody, another symposium by the noble and wise advocates.

  21. This brings a tear to my eye. My faith in humanity is restored. I just know I’m going to wake up in the morning and the Kardashian family will have never existed.

  22. Yup

    My favorite response so far: “What do I look for in an ideal mate? Someone who loves Pina Coladas, and not getting caught in a polio outbreak…”

  23. Ignoranus

    I love the ironic comments here.

    Just this once, though, I would like to make a serious point.

    If some random dude says they don’t agree with vaccination. They are possibly easily misled. Or not that clever. Ignore them. They have a right to their opinions. Move on.

    If a millionaire who has the public ear, and free publicity propounds a cause, they have a different level of responsibility entirely.

    Let’s not make light of this. She is personally responsible for untold suffering and murder.

  24. derek

    If I were Jenny, I’d give my social media manager a fat bonus and raise for making me realize how stupid and ignorant I’ve been.

    Forgive me fans.

  25. D-chi

    I am really concerned that some of the moms I know are actually deeply suspicious of vaccines. Which scares me, because I’ve taken care of all their kids before. I don’t want them to get sick for no reason, and I don’t want them infecting others. (Then again, they’re all homeschooled, so….) it’s sad because they’re good moms, just…. they really seem misinformed.

  26. Jenny McCarthy Annual Charity Day
    Commented on this photo:

    GUY: “What is it Jenny?”
    JENNY: “Another kid just bit the dust.”

  27. Please vaccinate your kids. Here is a recent scientific study and interactive map that shows outbreaks that could have been prevented if people were vaccinated.

  28. agger

    Amusing article. Best part here is a yugioh card is commenting. Im looking at you Don Zaloog.

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