Jenny McCarthy Has A SiriusXM Show Now

July 14th, 2014 // 18 Comments

Jenny McCarthy has huge, fake tits that people want to look at while ignoring every single word that comes out of her mouth, so naturally SiriusXM hired her for a radio show. (To the Anthony Cumia fans who said it’s run by idiots, you win.) It’s almost like they don’t realize that talking is a manufacturer’s defect, and eventually she’ll be recalled once enough kids die. Of course, one should’ve done it, but that’s America for you. Go, capitalism!

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  1. Spam 4 Riches

    She’s not against vaccinations, she’s against vaccinating newborn infants. Just an FYI.

    • JC

      Oh, she’s only against the ones that protect infants during one of the most vulnerable times of their lives? Well, I guess we’re cool, then. Polio for everyone! That’s one of those diseases that you just shake off like nothing happened, right?

      • Why can’t we go back to the halcyon days when people were dying left and right from smallpox? DAMN YOU, PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES!

      • Somewhere about 99% of Indian children (the sari ones, not the feather ones) don’t get any vaccinations and still there 1.25 billion Indians. I suspect it has to do with the unimaginable unsanitary conditions that the Indians exists in makes smallpox and poliio not able to compete and make it to the bodies of the infant Indians.

      • Small pox has been eradicated since the 1970s. Nobody gets that vaccine anymore. And India JUST eradicated polio this year, due to VACCINES.

        About 3000 kids die every year in India from measles due to low vaccination rates. But I guess they don’t matter.

    • Whut

      She believes vaccines cause autism. Her argument about how/why has repeated changed over the past 7 years (as many times as her stories about the circumstances of her son’s diagnosis have changed), but she still unequivocally believes vaccines cause autism and in continuing to spread that falsehood she is responsible for unfounded fear.

      She is objectively wrong, and should be condemned as such.

      Jenny McCarthy is anti-vaccine. Period.

    • You're Not Smart

      And what education/credentials/research experience does she have that helped lead her to her opinion?

      Not to mention she claimed MMR gave her son autism, when he was 18 months old. Then it was thimerosal. THEN it was a build-up of chemicals including antifreeze and monkey tissue (neither in vaccines, BTW, but there are actual videos of her saying this), and finally, it is that the immune system can’t handle all the germs, even though the antigen level is about 10x lower than it was in the 80s.

      You’re as dumb as she is.

      • You left out the part where when her son turned out to NOT have autism but had just developed a little slowly and is perfectly normal, she declared she had CURED his autism through diet and…oh, i dunno…probably voodoo magic.

  2. She’ll have about 10 listeners, which sounds bad until you realize that Opie and Anthony only had 6.

  3. Listening to her show will make you autistic.

  4. Deacon Jones

    “(To the Anthony Cumia fans who said it’s run by idiots, you win.)”

    Thank you.
    And will this show consist of her slapping her bare breasts against the microphone continually? I would listen to that. If memory serves me correctly, she’s pretty open about farting. So, she’ll probably be “cutting edge” and fart into the microphone while she’s in the middle of talking. And then some fat feminist will write an online article applauding her for doing so.

    • Deacon Jones

      And hey, I just downloaded Pandora about two weeks ago, and after having satellite for years (and paying $12/month) I can tell you, they are up shit’s creek now that Pandora is becoming mainstream. They’re kind of fucked


    anyone who pays money to listen to jenny mccarthy on the radio obviously missed out on getting vaccinated.

  6. So the line for getting a show on Sirius XM is drawn somewhere between racism and bringing back the bubonic plague.

  7. This is a risky bet for XM. She’s got the tits for television, but the brain for a relationship with Chris Brown.

  8. Oh BABY

    Wow. I’ve suddenly realized that Fish and I agree on something.

    *tips hat at Fish*

  9. As long as she’s happy, what more can one ask for? Bwahahahaha…
    (Super-size that and add in a chocolate shake.)

  10. Visible


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