Jenny McCarthy’s Doing Playboy Again

May 17th, 2012 // 55 Comments

Like most scientists, Jenny McCarthy just wants the respect of her peers and to be acknowledged for her tireless research in the field of medical science. Which explains why she agreed to show her tits for money in the July issue of Playboy like the reputable academic she is. Also, everyone knows posing for Penthouse is how you catch autism, and seriously, fuck that.

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  1. I wonder if the link to her Playboy spread will show up on this website:

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Hasn’t she done enough damage to society with her anti-vaccination garbage?

  3. I would suggest boycotting playboy then. This woman is a menace.

    Her bullshit proselytizing about vaccinations (all disproven) has had real consequences in children getting sick from diseases that hadn’t been seen in the US for a very long time.

    Seriously, this woman is a fucking menace.

    • mrsmass

      but honestly, what decent parent would listen to Jenny McCarthy? fucking shitty ones.

      • No, who’d listen to her are scared and desperate parents who hold out hope, in the face of all they’d been told, that their love, devotion and a ban on gluten could actually heal their child. I don’t think there’s anything so awful as having to accept the fact that your limitless love for your child and your sheer will to cure them will never be enough to make them better.

        And if you have a second child and have been told mercury in vaccines, and not anything in your genetic makeup was to blame for your first child’s autism (thereby exonerating you and your defective DNA for creating them), you’d probably keep your other kids from getting vaccinated. And away from tuna fish, too.

        I blame McCarthy for manipulating and exploiting a lot of desperate and hopeless people, and I blame that cunt Oprah even more – for giving her a national platform from which to spread a lot of lies and misinformation.

      • mrsmass

        you can blame whomever you want, but ultimately it lies with the parents.

      • mrsmass, it does lie with the parents, but if someone declared their kid had been “cured”, and that person wasn’t just selling snake oil in a dark alley, but a celebrity that was given a national forum on Oprah, a book deal and was claiming that moms were being deceived by the medical establishment, if you had an autistic kid and heard there was a hope he could be cured and maybe even speak his name (let alone utter “mommy”), I guarantee you that you’d be on your knees fellating the TV screen in out of sheer hope and gratitude.
        By the time you find out it was horseshit, it may be too late – or you may never want to admit you were that cruelly deceived. Part of it is an inability to accept that sometimes life is horribly arbitary and there is no reason or remedy for some of the shit that life hands you. There has to be a reason for my child being autistic, because otherwise nothing makes sense. So if you can find anyone, or anything, to blame, you don’t feel like the world is an unfeeling and uncaring place where shit happens for no fucking reason at all. People rationalize shit like this all the time – the problem is, not vaccinating your kids goes way beyond making you feel OK with your personal misfortune.
        And while I can understand the reasons for mental bandaids and comfort rationalizations, no one has the right to do something that will ultimately endager the health of everyone else.

      • P.S. I don’t extend that sympathy to parents whose kids aren’t autistic and just chose to swallow the hype because they fucking heard it on Oprah and it was easier to run scared than do their fucking homework.

        Life threatening gluten allergies for all of ‘em.

      • mimi

        this isn’t really relevant and I use a myriad of different names when I comment on here, so you might not have noticed….but I swear, Justifiable, I thumb up everything you ever have to say. I just love you, man. Especially the “cunt Oprah” part. Really glad that OWN is getting owned. Keep on keeping it real.

      • mismy

        pret-ty nerdy, but i completely agree about justifiable, smart guy that one!

      • mimi

        or gal, perchance?

    • as a general call i stopped buying playboy years ago. Jenny mcCarthy is a good example. not to mention if you want to see pics of her naked. just go to the pirate websites and get those pics.

      granted Playboy has good articles in there besides naked women. but it’s not worth it if it will support people like Jenny McCarthy.

      even before her child was born she was doing a lot of nasty things with fans and non-fans alike.

  4. Whooping cough has seen a recent uprise….I blame Hugh Hefner!

  5. Bonky

    Playboy will probably fuck it up with excessive photoshopping.

  6. Playboy needs to throw in the towel. i’ve had a subscription since 95′. it used to take at least 3 dumps to read thru, now it takes less then 1 dump to flip thru. the articles are geared toward metrosexual dbags that would rather have a plastic tit to punch then have a real tit slap em in the face.

  7. Cher X

    Playboy AND Polio? Wow!

  8. elephantman

    Id hit it!

  9. Dan Quayle

    She be no Jen Aniston

  10. LJ

    Why would I spend money to look at nude photos of some middle aged ex-Dlister.

  11. Kodos

    Two words:

    “blue twinkies”

    Forever killed any hotness she ever had.

  12. cc

    Can’t blame her in a way…wasn’t she some nobody slogging through nursing school when she did Playboy and that’s how she got where she is today? I mean, my guess is she’s pretty rich now.

  13. Mike

    She’s doing Playboy. Playboy’s doing photoshop.

  14. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Elle Diabla
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m more interested in the info on the brunette behind her!

  15. we men have only ourselves to blame – probably the most famous example of some dumb twat spouting nonsense and no man will get in her face and correct her coz she’s got great tits…

    • Rapsutin's Evil Twin

      You forgot Pamela Anderson – nice house (once) but nobody home.

      I will stop there – no Sarah Palin cracks, as even I have limits.

  16. Schmidtler

    Wow, I thought old lady pron was a small niche market – I guess Hefner thinks he’s going to make it mainstream?
    Did they run out of hot 20 year old chicks that are willing to take money to show their tits in a magazine no one reads anymore?

  17. mimi

    fucking fedora at the beach. is there a vaccination against general fashion retardation?

  18. dooood

    anyone ever see that clip from about 15 years ago where she is gettin gangbanged? pretty sure it’s her. if you can find it check it out.

    remember that tosh episode when they showed all those celebrities net worth. was somethin like -

    hugh hefner – 43 million $
    larry flynt – 400 million $

    “i guess softcore porn doesn’t earn as much money as watching somebody getting peed on”

  19. River

    Why would I want to see her 40 year old body when pictures of her 20 year old body are also available?

    • tod

      id much rather see this 40 year old than some trailer park 16 and pregnant skank with boob tattoos and a fat ass.

      • River

        Who’s talking about 16 year old trailer trash, tod??!! Learn to comprehend a sentence.

      • tod

        hey River (God I hope thats not your real name)
        Just sayin….Not all 20 year olds are all that… and some 40 year olds are still worth lookin at. (and this is one of them)
        no reason to get all upset.
        Guaranteed the Magazine will sell.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Heheh *tod* is displeased with someone else’s name?

  20. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    The Royal Penis
    Commented on this photo:

    She may be 39 years old, a little batshit crazy, and took cock from Jim Carey…but she still looks hot.

    I’d hit it and run away.

  21. Jenny McCarthy is a whore who can’t stand the idea that sometimes “shit happens” and you’re stuck with a retarded kid for no other reason than the fact that God hates you for being a dumb slut who got rich and famous for taking your clothes off.

    The point is that she’s vain, narcissistic and is mad that she didn’t get her perfect little life. So she latches onto the stupid fucking idea that it was medicine that tarded her spawn. Medicine that has saved the lives of millions. So she’s now on a crusade to kill people to justify in her delusional mind that she’s right and that she was cheated.

    Fuck this idiotic cunt.

  22. Hawk

    Meh. She’s got a shitty new reality show to promote.

  23. anonym

    these days, even a 60 year old can pose for playboy, considering all the photoshopping they do.

    wrinkles and defects have no chance with digital enhancement.

  24. we really need that sex tape not a spread

  25. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks great in this pic!

  26. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Batu Khan
    Commented on this photo:

    I know they are fake but I’d rock those babies all night long.

  27. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Dangles the Wonder Mule
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d dump loads of ‘skin lotion’ on her belly.
    If you know what I mean……. ; )

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