Jenny McCarthy Is Literally Trying To Say She’s Never Been Anti-Vaccines Now

Before this day gets consumed by Coachella and The MTV Movie Awards, I just want to make everyone aware that in a new op-ed for the Chicago Sun-Times, Jenny McCarthy tries to say she’s never been anti-vaccines. The Jenny McCarthy. What she does try to say is she’s just concerned with the amount of vaccines given at once, the “additives” in them, and oh I dunno, that they gave her son autism. All things that have been thoroughly debunked and place her firmly in the anti-vaxxer camp, yet kids are dying with her name being brought up every time, so it behooves Jenny McCarthy to at least try and distance herself from, well, Jenny McCarthy. Anyway, Chez Pazieneza does yeoman’s work calling out her bullshit and not letting her weasel out of bringing back diseases from The Oregon Trail.

Jenny McCarthy Can’t Get Away with Denying She’s “Anti-Vaccine” – The Daily Banter

Photos: Pacific Coast News