Jenny McCarthy’s Acting Like She Quit ‘The View’

June 27th, 2014 // 61 Comments
But She's So Smart!
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Earlier in the week, I posted that Jenny McCarthy was getting fired from The View because, well, she’s Jenny McCarthy. And that’s exactly what happened yesterday because apparently everyone but Whoopi Goldberg was let go. Except if you follow Jenny on Twitter, she’d have you believe she quit out of solidarity with Sherri Shepherd who’s the one that really got fired because not only is Jenny stupid, she’s also kind of racist. Albeit unintentionally because have I mentioned she’s stupid? Via People:

“The number 7 is God’s number of completion & after 7 seasons my time at The View is now complete! So grateful 2 every1 4 their love & support,” Shepherd announced on Twitter Thursday.
“Incredibly grateful to my second mom Barbara Walters for pushing me beyond my comfort zone – it’s been amazing doing it scared! #joy”
McCarthy echoed Shepherd’s sentiments on Twitter, writing, “If Sherri goes … I go too. #sisters”

When reached for comment, representatives at ABC said nothing because they all died of polio three weeks ago, and yet somehow Barbara Walters survived. It was almost like she knew. Almost like she knew…

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  1. The Smell

    I would say her brain is about a seven minus out of a ten.

  2. My view on whether she quit or was fired is the same as my view on her vaccination controversy: She has nice tits.

  3. Big-breasted former Playmate + 3 Overweight and/or Frumpy Wrinkly Gals. Someone actually thought this would fly with the daytime (mostly) female viewing audience?

  4. Short Round

    Because the first thing coming to mind about Jenny is that she’d willingly give up a job paying about a million a year for someone she pretends to be friends with.

  5. cc

    I’ll say one thing about her…she leveraged being in Playboy into a ‘career’ to an extent that not too many other women have. I mean, she’s probably rich as fuck and she’s dumb as a post and not especially attractive (although her Norman Rockwell-esque pictorial did reveal a pretty spectacular behind).

  6. Swearin

    I like to picture Donny Wahlberg this weekend sitting in a movie theater, a little boy to his right drooling into his small bucket of popcorn, while Jenny on his left constantly yammering about how “this will be the best thing for her career” and how they never appreciated her anyway. He’ll try to cop a feel of her amazing, fake breasts but she’ll bat his hand away. Then the movie will begin and he’ll see his big brother fill the screen, running, jumping, shooting big guns alongside CGI robots. Then he’ll visualize the yacht this movie helped big brother buy for his perfect family, and whatever is left will go to younger brother’s restaurant, causing younger brother and mother to declare him the best brother and son ever.

    And then Donny will weep.

    • janeyouignorant

      I had to respond to the drooling little boy comment. Highly ignorant and completely disgusting.

  7. If we flash back and ask 10 year old version of me the question of “So Assuming the chick from singled out fights the aging process so hard that they are in a long war with little to no movement, in 19 years who would you rather see more of Jenny McCarthy or Chris Hardwick?” He would have thought we have the gotten to the bad future where the answer is, and without thinking, Chris Hardwick. But again as must be said Here breasts are amazing and the woman is fighting the aging process to a damn near stand still, though either lucky genetics or the work of the excellent surgeon.

  8. I guess my dream of the View episode on Motorboating is just a dream.

  9. Could it be that Jenny is the proof that bra size and IQ are inversely proportional?

  10. Vaccines are the main cause of cancer. Never vaccinate your children! Look up SV40

    • Nut bra

      Oh piss off. People died from cancer before there was such a thing as vaccinations.

      Perhaps you’d just prefer that we all died from a preventable disease instead?

      • Who died before, the chimney sweepers?
        Now that’s a frigging anecdote

      • Wait, what?

        Actually, yes.

        Perhaps you should look into the history of Agrippa, a queen who documented her slave cutting off her breast because of a mass that kept growing.

        Or the Egyptian physician who wrote on papyrus that once certain masses began to appear on the body, there was nothing to be done.

        The Emperor of all Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee gives a good timeline of the history of cancer throughout antiquities. There were treatment standards prior to even the smallpox vaccine. With sources.

        You are hopelessly ignorant, and insulting to pretty much all of history.

      • Nut bra

        Oh Anna are you really that stupid? Wait…….I know the answer to that….cos I’m intelligment yeeeeehh haaawwww.

        Nobody died from any cancers before vaccines. Right.

      • Dear, of course that’s exactly what I said. Of course I am stupid and never had a history or biology class. YOU KNOW BETTER because you are a fucking genius. As well of the rest of geniuses like you who are afraid of polio and not afraid of cancer.

      • Nut bra

        OMG you had a history or biology class? You mean you went to high school? Wow, I feel small in your presence. I just studied history at university.

        Actually, I’m afraid of cancer AND polio. Polio can be avoided and cancer may one day be cured…..and it has been around forever as far as we know. Genetic mutations and abnormal cell growth can be funny like that. It isn’t just a recent thing…..

        BTW Jenny McCarthy says that oxygen causes all sorts of diseases! You better stop sucking that shit in. It will be the death of you.

      • Fairly sure you’re not real, Anna, so setting you straight would be a waste of my time. Besides, I’m playing Diablo3.
        But go fuck yourself, and contract polio while you’re at it. And no one here is a fan of cancer.

  11. I agree with Anna about the vaccine concerns. I think we will see over time that vaccines are not the big savior they like to promote. Jenny never comes across as stupid, much as the haters want to state. I think the View simply wanted to change this as it was getting stale. In fact it just may have run its course. She’s probably happy to have some free time now that she is happily engaged.

    • Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

    • Juano

      So, vaccines are not the big savior…I suppose polio was cured because people started eating Kellog’s Corn Flakes in the ’50s. Or whooping cough went away because people started using paper diapers instead of cloth.

      It is astounding the absolute ignorance that historically illiterate people will demonstrate on a daily basis.

      • Really? You can cure polio by a vaccine, how literate of you!
        I suppose plague was also ” cured” by Merck corporation

      • Wait, what?

        Plague is killed by antibiotics, you dipshit, as it’s a bacteria. It still exists, but it’s decrease in WESTERN societies is in fact due to sanitation.

        Polio actually became a problem in the US after sanitation. Kids no longer played in “ditch liquor.” It still exists in 3 countries as endemic. And the OP was wrong in that vaccines don’t cure polio, they prevent it. As polio is an enteric virus, there is no cure. It used to be endemic everywhere. No, because of the vaccine, it’s not. India actually just eradicated it this year. But it’s still only a plane ride away from other countries.

        Other things which travel through the air, like measles, whooping cough, rubella, or meningitis, don’t give a shit how clean you air. You can wash your hands and sanitize as much as you want, but those bugs hang in the air. Oops.

        One thing that was completely eradicated by vaccines was small pox. Gone. Yay! Unless your one of the ones who thinks the illuminati or the lizard men or whoever just changed the name, and the biggest scourge of mankind with a mortality rate of between 30-50% is still rampant?

        Sit down, you need to replace your tin foil hat.

      • Yep. Exactly. The cause of polio is that ” kids no longer played in ditch”. Damn, how did I not see it before, right? That’s an obvious genius explanation right there. Wow, I am in awe of such an intelligence queen

      • By the way, the so called smallpox vaccine actually contains cowpox, just sayin’.

      • And That's Science

        No, it doesn’t. It’s made from vaccinia, a poxvirus closely related to cowpox (originally thought to be the same, until genetic testing proved otherwise), but not cowpox. Vaccinia immunity provides immunity to both smallpox and cowpox.

        Jenner’s original small pox inoculation was made from cowpox pus. Before that, in the time of the Revolutionary War, they actually used small pox pus. The risk of actual small pox was 1/10 from the inoculation, but people would much rather have that risk.

        Keep digging yourself deeper in the stupid pit, kiddo. Oh, and it’s not that people fear polio over cancer (I would, actually, if polio was endemic here, but that’s another story), it’s that you have provided no decent sources/evidence that the polio vaccine actually causes cancer.

        Here are some sources on how, in fact, “cancer from polio vaccines” is a load of shit.

      • Wait, what?

        The small pox vaccine is VACCINIA, dipshit. Related to, but not cowpox, although they’re used interchangeably by people who don’t know better. *clears throat*

      • It is called Vaccinia because the word “vacca” means “cow” in Latin

      • Nut bra

        So what? Annus comes from Latin too……. Bet that confuses you!

        Hint: Not the butthole. Look it up.

      • So that, people who know Latin use it interchangeably because they know it means the same. You shouldn’t allow your boyfriend to fuck you in the ass, you sound really neurotic.

      • Wait, what?

        And “cancer” means “crab,” but it is not actually crabs. See, sometimes, names are misleading.

        And the Latin name for “cowpox” is Variolae vaccinae, as in “smallpox of the cow.” They shortened vaccinia to just vaccinia when they realized it was NOT ACTUALLY COWPOX.

        Are you a troll? Really? We don’t hate her for making millions, in fact we wouldn’t hate her had she kept her stupid mouth shut. People who shut down people like YOU and her would rather improve the world than “improve our appearance.” You clearly do not understand a word of this subject, based on what you are saying. Stop accusing others and cite the sources for your statements. Or better yet, read the sources cited above. You may learn something.

      • Who appointed you the thought police to shut someone up?

      • Wait, what?

        Scientific evidence and fact.

        I call idiots as I see them when they spout nonsense that is objectively, factually wrong. You do not have the right to invent facts, but people like me have absolutely every right to shut people like you down.

        I love how this has gone on since Friday and you have not posted a single source or piece of evidence that anyone should listen to you.

        Thanks for playing. Again, please read the sources posted above.

      • I am not going to read the source that you cited because it’s ridiculous to suggest that variolae means smallpox because it would mean that naming something cowpox came before the word variolae. Which is impossible. I take a wild guess and suggest that the word variolae means virus in Latin, which makes you a liar. Most likely the person who wrote that article is not competent. it is still made of a cowpox , modified one , but still a cowpox.
        Same way it is impossible to suggest one could make one virus
        disappear by injecting someone with a different virus.
        Same way it is impossible To suggest that hygiene had something to do with stopping plague and completely and deliberately ignore that concept when it comes to poliomyelitis . She , Jenny, is responsible for which deaths exactly, that recent polio cases in California maybe, where all people who got the polio were vaccinated against polio – or a “very similar ” virus as you like to call it. Jenny said what she said because she saw it happen with her son, when it pretty much happens in front of you , kind of hard to deny the reason. I bet you are not even mother yourself. If you are so smart and she is so dumb, how come you are not making millions like herself?
        Cancer was named this way because it looked like a crab. However and most importantly my point was that there are cancer viruses in the vaccines, particularly SV40 which is responsible for damaging P53 which regulates death of cells. Of course there can be p53 damaged as genetic defect, since the beginning of time, however genetics are attributed to ~ 10% of cancers as a cause. Not everyone eats unhealthy, not everyone lives near Fukushima or works on a mine either. I know nobody with polio and I know at least 6 people with cancer. The work of those viruses are a slow kill so it can happen within years after the vaccine. For example HTLV-1 virus has such properties that it takes about 40-60 years between an infection and the cancer. And SV40 definitely causes cancers. Moreover it was found in the tumors of post mortem exams. What does a green monkey virus do there? By the way, how about the monkeys that are being killed on whose kidneys they grow the viruses? Or you just defend the rights of abstract children dead because of Jenny?
        So that you know, there are other countries in the world , other than the US and particularly in Italy it was proved in court cases that vaccines do cause autism.

      • Wait, what?

        I didn’t cite any sources, someone else did.

        Which answers your SV40 bullshit if you had bothered to look at them, nothing to do with variolae. Which, by the way, “variolae” is how “variola” was spelled in antiquity. Variola is small pox.

        Willful ignorance, ladies and gentlemen.

        Yes, the Italian court, in which the only “expert” who testified is a well-known antivaxxer, and the same Italian courts that convicted geologists of manslaughter for an earthquake.

        Your entire post is nothing but a word salad. CITE YOUR SOURCES, as you make the ridiculous claim and therefore the onus is on you, and take a look at the CDC MMWR for vaccine-preventable deaths Not hypothetical.

        And there was no polio in California. It was an enterovirus similar but the full evidence isn’t in yet. God, you can’t even read newspaper stories correctly, which are written for a 6th grade reading level.

        And yes, hygiene did, and children were readily exposed to enteroviruses in the sludge that was in ditches and were therefore mostly immune. Those who didn’t died of infection, but oops, almost everyone did and there was no source knowledge. We got cleaner, viruses were discovered, and it was recognized that children with a certain syndrome were surviving to get that syndrome and had no immunity because they weren’t readily exposed. Then one kid shits in a public pool and OOPS! Polio epidemic.

        This is all available on PubMed. SIT DOWN.

      • Wait, what?

        And please cite your source that ~10% of cancers are genetic malfunction. Make a claim, back it up.

      • Dear, I spelled it the way it was spelled and I didn’t look up the spelling of the word, it doesn’t matter. I said the meaning of that word was virus not smallpox based on my guess and knowledge of Latin. The way you structure the words meant that variolae means smallpox which is not possible because Latin came before modern English. I don’t understand how you and whoever writes this articles can be so confused. Twisting words by saying it is not a cowpox but a similar virus .. They checked it’s DNA . DNA of whom? The unknown animal from mars? From where they extracted the virus that had nothing to do with the cow, from the air? Twisting words like this is what misleading people.
        You know some sad looking woman wrote that article in Forbes, 100% paid for , I feel sorry for her. Do not underestimate Italian people, they are the most intelligent nation on earth. Do not underestimate their doctor even one, or judge or jury and their judgement. Pride precedes the fall. The sad looking woman, God bless her soul, is a much worse prostitute than a playmate. Something tells me she hasn’t been to Italy or read the court papers ( in Italian) to know what the claim of a claim was based on.
        She just fabricated those things because I assume that’s what she was paid to do.

      • And SV40 has nothing to do with smallpox/ cowpox argument. It is a totally different matter. I don’t see how SV40 is bullshit since it’s a known virus.

  12. As much an idiot as she may be, I rubbed enough out looking at her tits when I was 16 that I’d still be down to hit it.

  13. Just go away and never come back, Jenny. nice tits can’t wash the blood from your hands.

  14. Nut bra

    The View sucks almost as much as Jenny must to even get a gig.

  15. Anyonymous Joe

    I honestly don’t give a damn how dumb Jenny McCarthy is. I’d fuck the shit out of that woman.

  16. Jenny McCarthy Cleavage Halloween Costume
    Commented on this photo:

    Jenny McCarthy is dumb, but let’s not forget that Sherri Shepard doesn’t know if the world is round because she is too busy being a parent.

    • Wait, what?

      Oh, she’s dumb, but that’s relatively harmless. Jenny’s idiocy has contributed to the deaths of children.

      • Klipper

        It’s fucking stupid to blame Jenny McCarthy for kids dying because their parents were dumb enough to listen to a Playmate about vaccinating their kids. Anybody dumb enough to not vaccinate their child is 10000% responsible for any illness the kid gets because of that decision. Absolutely the parents fault… not the girl from Singled Out and The View.

      • And That's Science

        But, what about the kids who’s parents didn’t listen to a big-titted bimbo and got them vaccinated, and they were in the 5% failure rate? Or a child with leukemia? An adult with leukemia? Not vaccinating does not only put you at risk.

        She helped popularize the fear. She deserves some of the blame for instilling that fear.

      • You shouldn’t speak on behalf of Science only because you hate someone for being rich and attractive

      • Nut bra

        No, I dislike her for being dangerously stupid. Stupid people listen to her and believe that she might actually have a clue about what she is talking about. It’s a cycle of stupid that puts peoples health at risk.

      • Dear admit it, you hate her because she is attractive and makes a millions. Use that passion to improve your appearance instead of insulting people you may not know because of things you don’t understand, being too young.

      • I'm on to you

        Wait, is this Jenny?

      • Nut bra

        Jenny aka “Anna”,

        Firstly, you are a troll.

        Secondly, Jenny looks much the same as many of my friends mothers in high school. You know, those mums who did jazzercise or some shit like Reebok step twice a week. No better or worse. Meh. Boring. Next……

      • See I don’t find her particularly attractive, but I think it’s not important what I or you like. That type of appearance – ” fake” appeals to men with lots and lots of money. She managed to figure it out and move up in very competitive Hollywood. She also went under knife and survived pain of operation. I admire this type of smartness and dedication. Also her son is well now and I admire this . Most of all however I understand that it takes a lot of courage and character to say what you believe to be the truth in spite of knowing you will alienate people, lose job and be hated, ridiculed.
        Doesn’t matter, truth is still the truth.
        Exercise not only makes you look better it also makes you feel better. If you are not a mother and if you don’t have much dedication and don’t put effort to look good – what else can you do, sit through some class your daddy paid for? If your university hasn’t taught you to think critically – those were the money spent in vain.

      • The reason why I don’t find her attractive is because of her very high forehead. The physical feature which speaks of her intelligence.

      • PercolatorForPrivates


        Yous a smart troll. Such a smart troll.

      • I am as much of a troll as Jenny is dumb. Sorry won’t cite the source on this one. Because you know, teacher at the class told me never to question anything, never use your own brain but Simply CITE the source, rinse and repeat what someone else has said. If the disease is exactly like polio, has all properties like polio – still not a polio. Can’t be polio because everyone who got it was vaccinated. Nope can’t be. Wait, isn’t it supposed to help the way that cowpox vaccina helped against smallpox. By the same logic shouldn’t what appears like polio but is not known whether polio or not – in California been prevented with polio vaccine. Nope never just can’t be. My teacher gave me an A today cause I cited the source. I’m a good good gal. Not like that bitch Jenny McCarthy and them damn soccer moms

      • Nut bra

        You bet my rich daddy paid for university!

        Piss off troll. You confirmed it when you cited IMDB above.

  17. So pretty. So very dumb,

  18. Wow. I just came to this, and everyone needs to ignore this Anna chick.

    She’s a obviously troll, and literally has no idea what she’s talking about.

    She brought up the non-truth of SV40 in the polio vaccine causing cancer, then gets sarcastic and refuses to cite where she got it from. The she erroneously says the small pox vaccine is cowpox, and is now saying those who correct her as relating polio and small pox. I seriously have no idea what she is getting at.

    You can’t fix stupid. I’m curious about this brain she speaks of, because she obviously doesn’t have one.

    But as for Jenny, I guess day time audiences don’t connect with a pretty blonde who thinks she’s smarter than she is, parades her love life around as if it should bring her fame, and oh, has blood on her hands.

    • Dear, you have to understand. That the virus doesn’t come out of nowhere and into vaccines. They have to grow and cultivate it and first extract it from somewhere. Sorry the explanation that this is a different virus than cowpox and it’s origin is unknown, is for dumb people to swallow. I do not consider myself dumb or naive.

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