Jenny McCarthy’s Getting Fired From ‘The View’

June 25th, 2014 // 26 Comments
I'm Sorry, Come Again?
Jenny McCarthy
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Earlier this month, a New York federal judge ruled that parents can no longer send their unvaccinated kids to public school claiming a “religious exemption” – Which needs to start happening in more states, Pennsylvania. – and now comes word that Jenny McCarthy‘s getting kicked off The View after a year, so it’s been a good month for anyone who prefers their children not dead. FOX 411 reports:

According to a well-placed insider, the former Playboy Playmate’s contract on the talk show is up for renewal in July and ABC will likely not be re-inking the deal.
“Jenny just didn’t appeal to the daytime audience market. They couldn’t relate to her,” a source told FOX411. “There are a lot of changes taking place now that Barbara [Walters] has left.”

Of course, the most important part of the story is when Jenny McCarthy was hired for The View and a whole bunch of places used one of our fart jokes as an actual quote from her. And by most important I mean I’ve got nothing and didn’t want to just write “YAAAAAY!” down here. I bet this is how Thom Friedman does it.

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  1. Jenny McCarthy Derpface Daily News Readers Care To Feed The Hungry Canned Food Drive
    Commented on this photo:

    “2 out of 3 scienticians agree that this hat protects me from polio!”

  2. Wait… fat, middle-aged housewives watching The View couldn’t relate to a Playboy Playmate who thinks disease is caused by demons living in your stomach? The hell you say.

    • Miss Ogynist

      To appeal to the daytime audience market she needs to put on 100 pounds and get beaten severely with an ugly stick. The autism nonsense is fine, it blends in with all the other stupidity.

      • Rico Jones

        Actually her beauty had nothing to do with it. It was her personality and her snobby vibe that fat housewives disliked. There are plenty pretty women on tv that “do nothing housewives” enjoy watching but they almost always have a down to earth vibe. Jenny McCarthy still has that unapproachable Playboy stink on her.

      • Rasputin's Evil Twin

        Please explain how Jenna Jameson was on “Oprah” and the audience was fine with that, even thought her career choice was cool. Oh, it had to do with making lots of $$$ and Oprah said it’s okay. Never mind.

  3. Heheheheh

    Preventable Childhood Diseases just released a statement from their rep, “Well, damn. I guess we still have Kristin Cava-whatever her name is to represent our agenda on national television.

  4. Qmak

    The View is still on the air?

  5. TomN

    I was surprised when The View hired her last year. She needs to disappear.

  6. How’s that Q Score now, dumbass?

  7. She didn’t really get fired. She quit The View to head up bioweapons development in Moronistan.

  8. Simply putting on glasses doesn’t make one intelligent nor protect you from polio.

  9. If she went away forever it would not be too soon.

  10. Jenny McCarthy Derpface Daily News Readers Care To Feed The Hungry Canned Food Drive
    Mr. Fahrenheit
    Commented on this photo:

    “I’m a 41-year-old multimillionaire blonde with 34D tits and a dress size of 2. I love to send my assistants the Targetmart to buy diamond-encrusted Bentley key fobs. Just like you!”

  11. cc

    I venture to guess it’s because she had even less to say than that Hasselbeck twit, hitherto believed to be impossible.

  12. Bye bye bitch. Disappear forever.

  13. Joy

    The problem with The View is NOT Jenny McCarthy.

  14. Michael P. Shipley
    What You Need to Know Before & After Vaccination

  15. Vaccines cause a wide range of autoimmune diseases and are the main cause of cancer.
    Hate on, liberals

  16. Heheheheh

    Michael and Anna,

    You may not want to plead your case by
    1) Posting a link to a notoriously well-known anti-vaccine lobbying group who thinks someone who died in a car accident counts as “death by HPV vaccine”
    2) Making unsubstantiated, unsupported, unrealistic, biologically implausible statements (have you ever taken a biology class?) then blanket calling any of those who do understand science and reason liberals.

    Try again, friends.

    • I have never taken a biology class of course. I’m too dumb for that.
      Of course you genius, know better and therefore showed us our place, rightfully so. Please buy yourself a medal.

      • Seriously?!?

        I’ll buy the medal for them! From your original post, it’s obvious you have never taken a biology course, good on you for admitting it! “Vaccines causing the majority of cancer” is a new crazy I’d never even see before!

        And way to use sarcasm in a sly attempt to shift the focus from your stupidity to essentially calling someone a meanie. Also, please, cite some sources on your statements since you called someone out on calling you stupid.

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