These News Organizations Reported One of Our Jenny McCarthy Captions As An Actual Quote

July 26th, 2013 // 45 Comments

“After framing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Boston bombing, there’s nothing I love more than a delicious salad!”

So yesterday, a reader wrote in to let us know he was doing a piece on Jenny McCarthy and, like a professional journalist, wanted to know if we had a source for a quote of hers that was being reported across several “legitimate” news outlets after it was announced she’s joining The View. A question that confused me at first because we link to everything we’re commenting on, until I realized he was talking about the comedic captions we sometimes put under pics. Captions like the Royal Baby demanding his freedom to flip more people off. That’s what was being reported as an actual quote, and after a little research, pretty fucking widely. Here’s the original caption for reference from a June 2012 post about Jenny McCarthy buying her kid a stuffed deer head. (Apparently if you rub the antlers, it cures autism. Who knows?)

“Let me see if I can put this in scientific terms: Think of autism like a fart, and vaccines are the finger you pull to make it happen.”

And now here are the several publications that reported that joke as an actual quote:

The LA Times: Jenny McCarthy on ‘View’: A new forum for discredited autism theories

Business Insider: 17 Things Jenny McCarthy Has Actually Said

USA Today: Jenny McCarthy’s most outrageous quotes

The Week: Jenny McCarthy, The View, and anti-vaccination quackery

The National Ledger: Jenny McCarthy Quotes on Autism, Vaccines Draw Fire – New Host of ‘The View’

The Independent: Is Jenny McCarthy the most dangerous woman on US television?

And somehow our own sister publication Celebuzz: Jenny McCarthy Officially Joins ‘The View’

I don’t know if I should be impressed with myself for writing something so perfectly stupid no one would question Jenny McCarthy said it or be taking a mental inventory of anything I believed after reading it online which should be nothing. Believe nothing. Case in point: Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman aren’t even real people. The whole thing was just a Penny Arcade strip. True story.

[Ed. Note: Added The LA Times after Frank Burns so graciously pointed it out in the comments. Interestingly enough, the Times also seems to predate all the other links without any sourcing whatsoever of when or where Jenny McCarthy actually said the quote because apparently just writing, "so memorably put it," after quotes is attribution enough now. We live in a bold new age. - SW]

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  1. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks great in this pic!

  2. Emma Watson's vagina

    Kudos to you Fish, and pathetic to those who didn’t do the research. it’s one thing where you are the average schmuck going through FB and picking up things like this. but it is another when you are blog master.

  3. Dirty Sanchez

    Utterly hysterical that they’d run that shit without verifying she ACTUALLY said that. Kudos, Super.

    Oh.. and GREAT RACK, Jenny. Thanks for not letting yourself go.

  4. Batu Khan

    You’re a legitimate news source now Fish. This is a new level of resposibility and honor I know you will treat with due respect. Meaning expoit it to the fullest for a laugh.

  5. JC

    My only question is, will that “quote” make people more or less likely to buy into her anti-vaccine bullshit?

  6. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Batu Khan
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    I know they are fake but I’d rock those babies all night long.

  7. Jay

    Congratulation’s Fish, you have officially made is to the big leagues, so, MORE bikini pic’s!!!!

  8. And inevitably these news sources will complain you have a responsibility to do a better job labeling what on your site is satire and what isn’t, so not-doing-their-jobs will become your fault.

  9. Sara

    The “quote” is just as ridiculous as everything else she’s said, so great work!

  10. Anyone can channel stupidity Fish. Let’s see what you look like in a bikini.

  11. Well crap. I guess I cant believe the media now.

  12. Indianadelae

    I think it’s option one. I mean really, how much less stupid is the rest of what comes out of her mouth than that? This is a woman who thinks a chemical (thimerosal) removed from vaccines before her son was even born was responsible for giving her son autism when he was vaccinated (the MMR, specifically). Never mind that chemical (thimerosal) was never in that particular vaccine (MMR)!

    I mean really, some of the horseshit that comes out of her mouth, I could see her saying that. And really, it shows just how much respect those legit news sources have for her that they could 100% believe her saying it too. It only exemplifies how big of a joke she is to everyone.

    • Unfortunately, Oprah gave that “joke” a national platform to disseminate her idiocy and that served to legitimize the crap she got from the falsified Wakefield study, which has since been debunked.

      The fact that she’s going to be the new host on The View should give you a clue that she isn’t a “joke” to everyone – which is fucking scary. It also means that everyone should remember that another definition of “host” is “that which nourishes and supports a parasite”.

  13. Frank Burns

    BWAHAHAHA! That’s too funny.

  14. This spambot appears to be broken.

  15. KWDragon

    Awesome! Reminds me of that time on Crossfire when they took Jon Stewart to task for not giving a candidate a tougher news interview. He said, “My lead-in show is puppets making crank calls. Do your own damn job!”

  16. If anyone isn’t familiar, this phenomenon is known as “Poe’s Law”. It basically states (originally applied to creationists) that if you are well known enough for saying batshit crazy stuff that you”ll become impossible to parody. Nothing can be said about McCarthy that is so crazy that people won’t believe it’s true.

  17. I like when news gets its news from the internet.

  18. The fact that so many organizations ran with it is actually a great way to summarize the decline of journalism over the past decade.

  19. leila

    If it gets more of the [reading] public to check out this site, even better. But gotta say, pretty fucking scary.

  20. cc

    I have to confess, that’s pretty awesome.

    On the other hand, it makes me sad that, as Agar said above, ‘news gathering’ is now synonymous with ‘Google search’.

    Also, in light of the fact things said on The Superficial are being taken very seriously a) everything I ever said about Ireland Baldwin was a joke, and b) I am not really plotting to kill either Chris Brown or Justin Beiber,

    • Jesus… now that you put it that way, I’d better start getting my affairs in order. I’ve said some pretty horrible shit on here.

  21. Jenn

    Jenny’s so out there that someone saw this outlandish bullshit you made up and thought, “Yeah,it’s totally plausible she said that.” I love it. Fish, you successfully channelled a crazy bitch, kudos to you. Have some chocolate and a Xanax!

  22. Even more amusing… Business Insider has deleted the quote from their article, but the headline is STILL “17 Things Jenny McCarthy Has Actually Said”.

  23. Jenny McCarthy Bikini
    Dangles the Wonder Mule
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d dump loads of ‘skin lotion’ on her belly.
    If you know what I mean……. ; )

  24. Silent Star

    And this is why I prefer to read fluffy entertainment blogs over real news! …at least I know that nothing should be taken too seriously.

  25. zonk

    Maybe it’s time to add the famous statement to wikiquote — now that there are numerous proper citations for it :-)

  26. That whole debacle made me feel happy inside. Love you, Fish.

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