Jennifer Tilly’s see-through dress

April 23rd, 2007 // 135 Comments

Jennifer Tilly showed up to the grand opening of The Pearl concert theater wearing this ridiculous dress. And maybe I’m just losing my mind, but are parts of her dress actually made from see-through plastic? Like the stuff old people cover their couches with? Who the hell put this together? If anybody asked who they were wearing, other celebrities would answer Gucci and Versace and Jennifer Tilly would say: “My grandma made this out of her sofa.”

jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-03-thumb.jpg


  1. Hya Lou Zirz

    #99 – dunno. Ask your dad – he always asks to go last. That’s ok with mom because his dick is tiny. He says it runs in the family, so they try to compensate with nicknames.

  2. DrPhowstus

    @98 — You’re about as funny as a gunshot wound to the neck, aren’t you? I go by my original assumption: not old enough to vote and never getting laid. And I’d fuck your mom on your bed with you watchinng, duct taped and staple gunned to the wall. I’ve done it before. That said, when you do finally get laid, you’ll love it. She won’t, but you will.

  3. HughJorganthethird

    Hya Lou, you seem to be really jacked up today. Disability check come in early this month or are you back on the Oxycontin again? Either way keep the comic gold coming, you crazy shut-in.

  4. DrPhowstus

    @103 — Hya Lou is the kinda dude who paints his windows black and pretends he lives in a cave.

  5. Hya Lou Zirz

    #102 – What, and “as funny as a gunshot wound to the neck” is funny? It’s the rest that’s funny – you trying to be all hardass tough guy rapist, especially the “I’ve done it before.” And yet, it’s still needlessly wordy, especially for an obvious cribbing from some cheap hollywood movie (don’t we come here to mock that?). You’re adorable! You can lick my asshole anytime, sweetie!

  6. Hya Lou Zirz

    #104 yikes. Talk about a clunker – time to apply your limited material to another thread, don’t you think?

  7. Hya Lou Zirz

    and stop trying to pat #103′s butt, it aint that kinda party.

  8. wedge1

    When are you people going to wake up & realize that I haven’t posted a single entry on this site in a week that hasn’t exposed the LOSER WALLY TROLL as my impersonator? #55 & #58 – did you even SEE post #46? The only reason Wally knows a word as funny as “chocowinkie” is because of HIS personal experience, not mine.

    #50 – you been on this blog as long as I have. You ought to know by now that I have no interest in having my pooper plowed. And you also know that the number of words that can be used to describe a troll is very limited. Considering that all of RichPort’s comments got wiped out when Fish’s site crashed in December, it’s kind of hard to plagiarize him, don’t you think?
    Wasn’t it you who a while back had someone bring in comments about you from another blog, and had myself & others rushing to your defense?

    Wally – your days of trolling are numbered.

  9. wedge1

    #50 – you’ve
    Not you – typo.

  10. Skip Smith

    Lou is awesome.

  11. Depraved22

    #13 & #16 & whoever the hell else said nasty things about her. She’s a real woman. Why do you think that anyone over 35 is old & fat. Grow up. At least she’s not anorexic & skanky like the Olsons & Lindsay Whore-han.

  12. Truthseeker013

    After “Bound”, she can wear whatever she wants.

  13. biatcho

    Wedge… 50 isn’t me. I very rarely bother to comment on here anymore unless I feel inspired to. So basically any time you see something with my name on it chances are 95% of the time it’s my wannabe.

    The Superficial is not what it once was and it has become overrun by the unfunny. So I still check this place out for celeb gossip because most of the other sites are even worse but I would rather rub shit through my hair than contribute to the demise of what was once a hilarious place to screw off at work. Now I go to bars for fun at lunch.

  14. viktorrolf

    the dress is dolce & gabbana from the s/s 07 collection

  15. SHE IS SO freakin hot,,,love her…

  16. DrPhowstus

    @105 — But I’m not as tough as you. I’m literally shuddering at your literary flair! No wait, the air conditioning’s up, my bad.

  17. I think I’ll hire this hottie to do my 19th. b-day,,,oh yea,,,

  18. DrPhowstus

    @117 — Dude, you’re mistakenly typing 1′s where you should be typing 4′s. Easy mistake, I suppose. Kinda like the way you type ‘,,,’ when you probably mean ‘…’. Damn you fat fingers!!!


  20. DrPhowstus

    kelLIE… turn down the volume on your keyboard dude, it’s affecting your ability to think rationally. The CAPS LOCK key is usually the third up frm the bottom all the way on the left hand side. Thanks.

  21. danielle


    hey Biatcho you big dumb cunt, you’re just jealous because you’re a lot younger than Tilly and your tits are already saggin to the floor! Learn your place you dumb dyke!!!

  22. DrPhowstus

    Hi danielle!!! Meet kelLIE. You two have a ton in common. Almost like negatives of the same picture.

  23. jrzmommy♠

    hee hee……Black DanYELL….meet Cracker DanYELL…….Cracker DanYELL….meet Black DanYELL.

  24. DrPhowstus

    No no no… it’s white kelLIE meet black kelLIE…and versa vice…

  25. jrzmommy♠

    You are right about one thing, Doc….the two of them have a ton in common….their left ass cheeks! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  26. biatcho

    Wait there are now 2 manielle’s? Which one is more annoying? The black one or the white one? Both equal parts dicklicker, one is part illiterate food stamp collector, the other is, well probably just an angry, chubby high school sophomore who lets her dog chew on her pussy so she can say she got some doggy style.

  27. danielle

    biatcho, sounds like jrz wants to chew on your pussy. You two unfunny bitches deserve each other, and by deserve I mean you should both kill each other immediately. The DanYELL/manielle/any other variation was never funny in the first place and is way played out now! Why don’t you get off your fat lazy ass and come up with some new material.I know its too much to ask but at least try to make it remotely funny. DrPhowstus, you useless cockknocker, don’t you have anything better to do all day than jerk off with your one hand and type with the other. You need pussy, stat! Get a life(death) all three of you, you’re pathetic!

  28. biatcho

    manielle, do you like movies about gladiators?

  29. biatcho

    or are you into fetish movies? Like dogs with a thing for chubby-girl pussy?

  30. Had to do my homework, bitches…had a good last Saturday at the was at the Ocean Center in Datona Beach, Fl… The ride home in the limo was fanfreakintaskic..and yea,,,still a virgin….u people only wish u were…u people would shit yourselves if I opened myspace to u…not that freakin lucky…don’t need anymore perves in my life….

  31. don’t even think about it, not welcome.

  32. DrPhowstus

    @127 — as original as ever I see. How are your 7 kids?

  33. danielle

    @129, cunt-tastic!!!

    @132, still as dickless and unfunny as ever. It’s good to hear from you again, for like the 10th time!

  34. Hey Jennifer,,,we all love u…I have your Tiffiney doll and she is also on myspace….call us if u ever need a friend..

  35. trolaay


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