Jennifer Tilly’s see-through dress

April 23rd, 2007 // 135 Comments

Jennifer Tilly showed up to the grand opening of The Pearl concert theater wearing this ridiculous dress. And maybe I’m just losing my mind, but are parts of her dress actually made from see-through plastic? Like the stuff old people cover their couches with? Who the hell put this together? If anybody asked who they were wearing, other celebrities would answer Gucci and Versace and Jennifer Tilly would say: “My grandma made this out of her sofa.”

jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-03-thumb.jpg


  1. Never trust a big butt and a smile.

    I’m just sayin.

  2. Randy

    48??? Seriously? She looks so much younger. That changes everything. I don’t care how good 48 looks dressed up, because there’s nothing tight on a naked 48 year old body. Sorry ladies, that’s the truth. Yuck-o.

  3. crestlin

    you know, there’s nothing wrong with being over a size 4. i’m the same size she is…BUT, you have to wear stuff that is flattering to your body. this outfit makes her look like an overstuffed sausage. it looks like if you went by her and poked her with a little needle, that her entirety would ooze out the corner of that plastic…in a pile of saggy skin on the floor.

  4. wedge1

    I think it’s much easier for an older guy to maintain a hard body than an older woman. Not many do, but it’s definitely possible. My dad, for example, is 52 but he can still bring a rock hard 7 inches to my glistening chocowinkie (his nickname for it). Unfortunately.

  5. Jimbo

    That is a little more than I need to know this morning Wedge1

  6. nice to know older men can still maintain in their middle age…

  7. Jimbo

    I plan on using mine until I am 100 even if I have to tape a stick to it to keep it up

  8. Fishstick

    #54: *vomit*

  9. veggi

    She’s hot? REALLY? Hot like global warming hot? Like a bad thing? I don’t get it.

  10. Nyla

    Hot at any age.

  11. Jimbo

    HEY Veggi how are you today

  12. veggi

    Hung over. And you?

  13. Love #57′s comment…..good one….

  14. islandgirl

    WTF is this STAR TREK?

  15. blackfrancis

    The only thing I’m upset about is the see through parts are in the wrong areas. Jennifer Tilly and the words see through are always a good thing. Who wrote this article? Joan Rivers?

  16. Jimbo

    I am great. I am home. I slept in my own bed. and a certain body part has returned to thier normal color.

    Another long night with the boys drinking?

  17. John Q. Superficial

    Speaking on behalf of the others, she’s hot because she has big boobies and she always sounds dumb and drunk. So we imagine ourselves having a chance with her, a real live naked mommy. Afterwards she might bring us cheesedoodles and grape soda. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  18. veggi

    67. Thanks for the explaination.

    64. I was thinking she’s pretty like klingon pretty. You read my mind :)

  19. Conky

    Yeah, I’d throw that old dog a bone.

  20. tits_on_snack

    The dress is tacky.
    Tilly is cheezy.
    But she knows it, so it’s kind of okay.
    And she’s part Chinese.
    That’s neat.

  21. I’m surprised she didnt show up wearing a dress made of playing cards! LORD only knows that she is wacky enough to pull it off, plus I hear that if you bet her in poker, you get to punch her in the neck while she plays with ur chips!


  22. Jimbo

    @70 Yes it all works. Me Love you long time

  23. Seung Hui Cho

    Good point about her being part Chinese. You shoot all over her (hahaha) and then she does the laundry. Sweet deal.

  24. FRIST!!!

    #67, that what I LIKE about her!!!

    Hey fishstick. I’m done with my work already too. Just waiting for lunchtime. Yay. My wireless (or uh…somebody’s) is hit and miss today, so I’m back on dial-up :(

    Hey, veggi, how’s your hangover? I had the worst one yesterday ever.

    Hi Jimbo, did you miss me?

  25. Jimbo

    FRIST – Yes I was think about you all weekend. We are in the same time zone again

  26. Fishstick

    Frist – my brain is leaking out of my ears. my lunchtime consisted of half a pack of teeny gas station donuts. (yaaay!)But the gas staion kid has been slipping me free donuts lately….can you say Mrs. Robinson?

  27. veggi

    I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have a hangover, so, I’m doing fine, I think….

  28. Fishstick

    goddamnit! i want a hangover now!

  29. Fishstick

    #71: nice myspace – where you at in the city? Im on lawn-guyland, but from tennessee.
    Im a little bored, can you tell?

  30. bobbygou87

    Goulet says tilly is kind of nasty!!!! I’m Robert Goulet, and instead of gossiping i want you to sleeeeeeeppppppp…come get one of my new bars.
    -Roberrrrrr Gouleeeet

  31. here

    Crazy like a fox. Appears she’d swallow for a cookie though.

  32. FRIST!!!

    Ok, well I didn’t comment on the J-Lo post because, well, who gives a shit, but now I’m jealous because I’m so broke I can’t even afford to pay attention, and I’m freaking out because I just found out I forgot to pay my Visa bill, so now they are going to bend me over and anally rape me, and J-LO PLEASE LEND ME A HUNDRED THOUSAND, OR I SWEAR I’LL DRIVE RIGHT OFF A FUCKING CLIFF!!!
    Aaargh, I need drugs…

  33. Hecubus

    Goddamn the things I would do to this broad. THAT’S a real fucking woman, not some fucking barbie doll nazi pedophilic posterchild.

  34. Lowlands

    I don’t consider this as a see-through dress because i don’t see anything.

  35. anothershityear

    for her next don’t-you-remember-me public appearance she should get an outfit made out of wood paneling, like those old station wagons used to have

    hey Tilly why not just point a gun to your head and threaten to pull the trigger unless we all applaud for you?

  36. Ivanna Truhotchik

    blah blah blah hot hot hot…yeah rite. Take a good look at the underarm in the top pic. That’s a sample of the 48 year old delights she has to offer elsewhere when she gets naked. Oh yum.

  37. ch474

    48 year old women should not look like they are 17 year old wanna be strippers or Pussy Cat Doll rejects. As for #13, I like big tits, and because I like big tits I’m willing to put up with some sagging. So to wrap up, if she’d try and look her age, I’d hit that. Vigorously.

  38. redsonja1313

    plastic clothes are very sweaty :(

  39. lastangelman

    cash in your chips gentlemen, they’re using plastic casings in pork rolls

  40. I got a boner.

    -Trott Felipe

  41. sharpei dude

    Oh yeah…I’d hit that like the Marines hitting the beach! And #13 is F.O.S. with that comment. Probably some lonely little pud-puller that can’t attract women much less a farm animal.

  42. me too, but no bone…

  43. DrPhowstus

    @43 — I’ll take that as a yes. Lemme guess: you’re the type of person who hasn’t found anyone ever good enough for them, ankles too fat, laugh too annoying, doesn’t look like this Hollywood starlet, looks too much like that one… etc, etc. In other words, you rarely get laid. People like you would be over this beeotch like a homeless man on a bottle of Wild Irish Rose.

  44. Hya Lou Zirz

    sure takes you a lotta words to be unfunny

  45. allyoops!

    @7—-THANK YOU! Bound was fantastic! Oh man, Jennifer and Gina, it is so wrong and yet so right…I may need to rent that again…

    I think her body is fantastic…I like the marylin monroe body. Super skinny chics are gross, and they are cranky b/c they are always hungry…screw that.

    I love her….

  46. ESQ

    The dress looks like one of her stripper costumes she wore in the movie, “Dancing at the Blue Iguana.” And yes, I was probably one of the few people that saw that movie..

  47. 4DPants

    That dress looks hot. And by “hot,” I mean it looks like the person wearing it would be hot. And sweaty. And stuck to the inside of it.


  48. DrPhowstus

    @94 — The truth is sometimes long and unfunny, isn’t it?

  49. HughJorganthethird

    Hya Lou Zirz: I count five posts from you on this thread. Nice life you got going there. Real funny nik BTW. Is that what your mom says before the gangbang?

  50. Hya Lou Zirz

    #98 – yes it is, like your mom’s record of busts for solicitation.

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