Jennifer Tilly’s see-through dress

April 23rd, 2007 // 135 Comments

Jennifer Tilly showed up to the grand opening of The Pearl concert theater wearing this ridiculous dress. And maybe I’m just losing my mind, but are parts of her dress actually made from see-through plastic? Like the stuff old people cover their couches with? Who the hell put this together? If anybody asked who they were wearing, other celebrities would answer Gucci and Versace and Jennifer Tilly would say: “My grandma made this out of her sofa.”

jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-01-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-02-thumb.jpg jennifer-tilly-the-pearl-opening-03-thumb.jpg


  1. Gregama

    I’d still totally hit it.

    p.s. Woohoo First, on my first time commenting!

  2. isitin

    I’d do Jennifer in a heartbeat. She still is hot at her age.

  3. noodles

    Eww eww eww tranny. Why can’t the black nail polish thing go away! Tackkky.

  4. InvaderZim

    Not a bad little body… I would also hit it.

  5. The Fashion Police

    It’s Lucite, and it’s big for Spring this year.

  6. MrSemprini

    All can say, in any official capacity, is wowie-kazowie. This ruling is, however, subject to all local and state laws. Void where prohibited.

  7. I’ve wanted to hit that since Bound. Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon and me sandwich.

  8. alaskanchicsickle

    Her sexiness overrides the tacky dress.

  9. elevated1

    its the new poker fashion

  10. supposably

    why is she/the dress reminding me of a microwave meal..?

  11. Still smokin’.

  12. bigsteamyone

    yes please , let me hit it , this broad is so sexy !

  13. biatcho

    She’s loud, crass, fat, and long past her “prime.” But, oh yeah, she has big (saggy) tits. So the “I’d hit it” comments show what type of loser schlubs are on this blog.

  14. She has fabulous cleavage.

  15. jaffo

    Jennifer Tilly is still hot. Sure not ‘Let it Ride’ hot anymore, but still the scenes with Gina were some very accurate and hot girl-on-girl action! So yeah, biatcho–i’d hit it. But not you. Because you are gross. And also because you are not Jennifer Tilly. Plus, you smell like an old ham sandwich. One made with cheap ham, onions, and poop. Only not so much ham. Mostly poop and onions. And also the sandwich is in a dumpster behind a chinese restaurant. On a hot day. Seriously…

  16. Phazon

    WTF?? Her face looks shit. She’s old!! Some people on her need to stop smoking so much crack.

  17. eastboundanddown

    Women like Jennifer Tilly are a million times sexier than these young nasty skinny girls with bodies like 14 year old boys. She could wear nothing but Saran Wrap and be sexier.

  18. chaunceygardner

    Thank god it was someone I actually want to mouth-hump.

  19. Dory

    Dunno who she is… and she’s not bad looking woman (Note the use of the word woman as opposed to skanky little dirty play actress)

    BUT THAT DRESS IS HIDEOUS Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  20. DrPhowstus

    @16 — The modeling agency down the street from you must be filled with the hearts you’ve broken, you wild and crazy studmuffin. That or you’re not even voting age yet. Either way, most men with a penis and a propensity to be attracted to the opposite sex would thoroughly enjoy popping the cork on this vintage, tasty delight. I’m sure her feminine essence smells of french oak barrels with hints of spice, plums and cherry, with great head and an excellent finish. A fine accompaniment to a spicy meal of pan seared seafood with roasted asparagus spears. I guess it’s just back to emo chicks and happy meals for you.

  21. Negatrice

    Sure it’s see-through. But see-through what? Skin ripples?
    The designer doesn’t really seem to have integrated the concept of what is taboo, thus hidden, thus interesting.

  22. NicotineEyePatch

    She makes all those other doucherays (J. Alba, K. Knightley, K. Dunst) look like fruity little boys.

    #16, I hear Dannielynn Smith is single and looking.

  23. jaffo

    The important thing here is that at least Monday morning came and the lead story was not Shitney Spears and her uber-grossness or Paris Hilton and the on-going saga of her oral blisters…

  24. jus'stupid

    She is aging great, and I think you fatsos are just jealous. She is so much better to do and see than those skanks hilton and Cokehan.

  25. Fishstick

    How is it Ive been at work for 45 minutes and have already run out of things to do? God Bless you, Superfish, lest i blow my brains out over this cheap monitor. Oh, and Jennifer Tilly is hot, but looks like a stuffed saudage here.

  26. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    She is beautiful. Totally cute shoes!

  27. Morticia

    Chucky likes it…

  28. honeycombs_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Cute & smart. She also writes fairly good books.

    I like to justify my girl-bone ons somehow.

  29. We all love her, she is so freakin hot,,she could make a girl turn lesbo,hell ya, cutie…

  30. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    And how refreshing to see someone who is not orange!

  31. Athina99

    ugh…here’s another ho who is just famous for being famous. She is soooo past her expiration date.

  32. Don Mega

    What plastic? All I see is a nice pair of tits.

  33. flavio

    yeah, I don’t really understand why she’s famous, but she sure is hot! i have no problem with dresses that reveal lots of boob and are made partly of see-thru plastic. no problems at all.

  34. leave the ho comments for the real ho..lopez, yea…jennifer is a sweetie, not like the other bitches always on her.

  35. Jimbo

    That first picture is perfect. No head, just all boobs. We never look at their face anyway

  36. thepillager

    Pearl concert theater…hehhehheh. I wonder what kind of necklace I would give her? :)

  37. wedgeone

    She’s aging well, especially her rack. Must be the asian genes. But she’s nearly 50, so let’s just focus on the boobs and not fantasize about the rest of her body, which must look like swamp thing after so many years of hard living.

  38. Nice boobs,,like to touch those babies,,sure they’re not that fake hard shit that all these skinning bitches have to buy,,

  39. Hya Lou Zirz

    Wow, the “guys” here sure have a mommy fetish! Jennifer Tilly is as old as your mom, with big mommy boobs, and look at all weirdos lusting for her. I guess the usual descriptions are half true – you guys live in your mom’s basement, but you do get laid (at the end of every Golden Girls rerun marathon).

  40. DrPhowstus

    @39 — Incest issues?

  41. drew51

    I want to hit that!! I have always thought that Jennifer has hot. I even watch those poker tournaments when she plays because she loves to show off her tits. I’d “poke her” often.

    #39 – ever heard of a milf? You should check it out.

    #16 – that’s old to you? what are you, 9? get back to school, you’ve got a lot more to learn.

    How come we get 30 pics of the skanks (hilton, spears, etc.) but only a couple of a hot milf like Jennifer? Post more pics!!!

  42. Hya Lou Zirz

    MILFs are for pimpled 17 year old teens and paunchy 50 year olds. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to hot 20-somethings in their prime. I’ve got no need to fantasize about broken down used-to-be’s. But don’t feel bad if you do – between alcohol and you desperate losers, those MILFs will get a little action (emphasis on “little”).

  43. Hya Lou Zirz

    “issues” – good lord, talk like a fucking man.

  44. Nikk The Templar

    There is nothing wrong with Jennifer Tilly.

    Not a goddamn thing.

  45. alaskanchicsickle

    Nikk The Templar is sexy also.

  46. wedge1

    JESUS H. CHRIST YOU FUCKING WALRUS TROLL – you can jump off of my shaft anytime you obsessive twat!

    As for JT – too bad her face has been thrown under a bus. She’s starting to resemble Janice Dickinson. Not good!

  47. lambman

    HOTTEST 48-year-old out there!

  48. lambman

    31- How is she “Famous for being famous” she has an Oscar nomination for crying out loud.

  49. biatcho

    Wedge, all due respect, stop plagiarizing the long-departed RichPort. That’s his language, he did it first when Wally trolled him. Find some creativity somewhere and come up with a new way to deal with Wally (he’s long gone too, but whatever). Why do you think you were left behind? We don’t need copycat followers.

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