Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘neediness’ scared off fiance

Jennifer Love Hewitt apparently has voluminous needs which caused her fiance Ross McCall to dump her on Christmas Eve of all days. Which means, either she’s got serious issues, or Ross is kind of a dick who probably could’ve waited until at least New Year’s. Maybe she bought you a Wii. Think, man, think. The Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Another longtime friend of Hewitt blames the way she gets involved with men. ”Jennifer wears her emotions too much on her sleeve. She’s too needy and often comes on too strong. I think the intensity of being with [Hewitt] finally is what scared off Ross.”
Among the laundry list of men who have been involved with the actress in recent years are Jennifer Aniston’s current flame John Mayer, TV personality Carson Daly, actor and model Kip Pardue, writer Chris Benson, singer-songwriter Rich Cronin, entertainer Joey Lawrence, pro kayaker Brad Ludden and actor Will Friedle.

So, basically there’s a large-breasted, emotionally-vulnerable woman out there who probably has sex on the first date provided you promise to never speak to another female again, or she’ll stab you in your sleep. Sweet! If the older brother from Boy Meets World got a chance, I should be golden. As long as I lie and say I’m Bill Gates Jr. Anyone seen my top hat and monocle laying around?

Photos: Flynet