Jennifer Love Hewitt’s crazy rambling well-received by celebs

December 6th, 2007 // 137 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s recent blog post about celebrity culture’s obsession with weight has inspired other famous women to think their opinion matters. Here’s what they told People magazine:

Petra Nemcova
“There are different angles that everybody, even if you’re in great shape, can look bad in a photograph. And printing these images is definitely influencing people’s minds – the stars themselves, but also the people who are reading and looking at the images, the teenagers. It’s definitely good that she spoke out.”

Rosario Dawson
“They’ll make a whole story about it if someone gains 5 lbs. … It think there is a huge obsession with size-zero jeans, and it’s just really scary. I don’t really know where that comes from. We’re not really in the Twiggy era anymore. It makes me really nervous, because I don’t know how in the world we’re supposed to be that thin unless we’re totally starving and drugging up.”

Anne Hathaway
“[As an actress], most of the year, your body is your own. But to be ridiculed for it is upsetting. But to also have to defend it or explain it or rejoice in it or put it down, or to be expected to have a public opinion about it … I don’t understand when that happened. I don’t think women should only be defined by their bodies and their weight. It’s a cycle we’ve been in for some time, and I don’t really like it.”

Wait, Rosario Dawson, who gained five pounds? Can you maybe drop me an e-mail with their name and attach some unflattering photos? That would be sweet. Thanks, you’re a doll. I’d let you cook me a delicious dinner anytime.


  1. Trevor

    #48 -

    Are those the only two women that you would want to bang. Man, you need to expand your horizons.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with #32 on this one……..

    Cruising4Cock, nobody cares or wants to see that, seriously. Just, ewwwww!!!!!

  3. cruisingforcock

    @52 That’s not true bro, # 38 really wants to see.

  4. cruisingforcock

    @52 That’s not true bro, # 38 really wants to see.

  5. cruisingforcock

    I said it twice, that means I really meant it .

  6. Michelle DD

    sometimes, i yell at my size 1 jeans : HEY BITCH, IM NOT FAT !. unfortunatly ,. they dont listen to me..

  7. Todd Needs to Get a Life

    49 – Shallo Val

    You must really be “In-the-Bag.”

  8. Black_Adam

    Watter Bottle…THANK YOU! You hit the nail on the head.

    The same appearance-obsessed women that show up in magazines in their bra and panties on a regular basis are now speaking out about body image? Yeah, only when it’s a reaction to THEMSELVES. This is pure hypocrisy.

    Ok, “Love”…we’ll see you in Maxim in a few months once you’ve re-starved yourself., right?

  9. Mindy

    Oh no! A small number of privileged rich girls won’t eat because we pointed out that Jennifer Love Hewitt got fat? My oh my, what will we do, WHAT WILL WE DO? We must find a way to get them healthy again so they can continue to contribute nothing to society.

  10. Anjhest

    I think this photo is pretty typical…most actresses only obsess over their bodies when they’re filming or attending events. I don’t see what’s so shocking about it.

  11. woodhorse

    #40 don’t forget to include the words “eat whatever you want and STILL lose weight” on the cover of your diet book, or my favorite, “drink those pounds away”

  12. Bill

    I hope actresses keep commenting favorably about JLH’s reaction to the pictures. That way the pictures will keep getting reprinted and reposted for months – and you know she’s watching. Happy purging, Jennypoo.

    p.s. “How now brown cow” is a perfectly acceptable version of a wedding vow.

  13. Auntie Kryst

    @17 Thank you for my new favorite word! I can’t wait to use it.

  14. DA

    No, seriously #55, I need to see, I need to bust-a-nut all over your beautiful pic.

  15. crazypants

    Let’s see – Petra, Rosario and hathaway – 3 fat bitches who should just shut the fuck up and go take their valtrex.

    3 has been porkers defending another has been porker. who’d a thunk it!

  16. A

    this is what a women should look like, she could even put on 15-20 more lbs and still be one of the sexiest women

  17. I agree with comment #17 (Water Bottle)…..or,as that old saying goes,
    “If you can’t stand the heat,get out of the kitchen!” This actress (unlike
    others) has taken good care of her mind and body.

    JLH has been uptight ever since this engagement started. It’ s not typical
    of her,and it’s unhealthy. The tabloids/ paparazzi are now circling like vultures. Should this engagement get broken,that’s more news for them. (Better
    than risking a messy divorce,though.)

    If the guy then cries in his beer (I mean,Green Stripe) about not getting his citizenship, too bad. Too many people have taken wrongful advantage of
    JLH in both her personal and professional life. (And I don’t see JLH starting
    to drink,either.)

  18. CJ

    Good for her. Who should care? I love the current trend in reality. I think it’s great to have these wonderful ‘techniques’ that air brush over flaws and digitally ‘reshape and refine’ for really nice pictures….just make sure it’s stated and revealed to viewers so that they understand the real person behind the glamour shot does not look that good….not awful…just not ‘perfect’. Nothing in nature is perfect, and it’s our nature to look for flaws, but we need to know the difference. And it doesn’t hurt to show off untouched and truly natural bodies that the people we love to look at really have the other 99.9% of the time they aren’t in front of a camera!

  19. RENEE...

    Dems is some big ass titties paired with some serious Cabbage Patch Kid legs; thats all I got to say (yeh, thought I would try the ebonics thing today).

  20. Shallo Val

    57 – AAAAHm not dzrunk (hic). Whaddare ya takkin bout?

  21. RichPort

    #64 – I’ve not only seen her ass, I (ahem) had her earn herself a pair of Manolo Blahniks using her ass alone. She can break metal forks with it.

    Sorry, Stallion. She told me you’d never find out…

  22. Nobody

    She’s not a 2, but still not fat. Anyone who thinks she needs to lose weight is suffering from some latent homosexual tendencies. I like my women with ass and tits. Since she has both, it’s all good. Who the fuck wants some size 2 bitch? You’d snap that shit in half before you even got balls deep.

    Petra Nemcova = skinny AND ugly. It’s a two pronged attack on the eyes.

    Rosario Dawson = perfection.

    Anne Hathaway = Spring break do-able, but still needs to shut the fuck up.

  23. Sick of phonies

    With this sanctimonious starlet’s logic, Danny DeVito could model shirtless for Abercrombie & Fitch, as long the photographer doesn’t use any “…bad camera angles.”

  24. LL

    I had already lost interest in this before they put her generous ass on the cover of People. Kinda confused by the “size 2 is not fat” comment. Is she implying that she is a size 2? Because I sincerely do not believe that is possible, based on these pictures. Not that it matters much, anyway, because sizing in women’s clothing is not uniform or consistent. Someone saying they’re a 2 or 6 or whatever is irrelevant. Size 2 in some brands (the expensive ones, mostly; rich chicks like to feel like they’re thin even if they’re clearly not) is 4 or 6 or even (apparently) 8 in the “modestly priced” brands. Women use sizes so they don’t have to use pounds and think about how much their ass really weighs. Unless JLH is 4 feet tall, there is no way she’s a 2 in any brand. I’m about 130 lbs. and usually fit into 6 or 8, depending on the style or brand. And my ass and boobs are nowhere near as large as hers.

    So she should have had someone read over her statement before she made it public. She did sound more intelligent than Lohan, Britney or Paris. So she’s got that. But next time she goes out in a bikini, she needs to have someone (who isn’t her fiancee) check it out and give her a thumbs up or down. Cause that one did her no favors.

  25. Unlaid Avenger

    Would these comments read like this if we had to post our pictures? I don’t think so. (Mine would because I am adorable.) The venom level is astounding (BTW: Watter Bottle wins for Most Issues On Display in a Blog Post…find some joy somewhere, big fella..) Petra Nemcova, Anne Hathaway, Rosario Dawson and the divine Miss H. cannot all be simultaneously wrong about body image issues. I have the fantasies to prove it. In fact they are all licking me as I type this. Bye, losers.

  26. McButterpants

    They are just pissed because they couldn’t put out their usual PHOTOSHOPPED pics that makes every actress look 10x better than what they really look like.

    Get in shape JLH, you pear-shaped, cellulite-ridden pig! Your obsession with eating at Sizzler has made your repulsive.

  27. Rockem

    People whose career is based on looks and thier bodies, shouldn’t complain when people criticize their looks and bodies (especially if thier bodies looked like JLH in that bikini). This isn’t about being a “real woman” and having “curves.” It’s about an image she has to maintain for her career. If Kobe Bryant starts to average ten points a game, he wouldn’t blog about being happy with himself and criticize the media for having unrealistic opinions of shooting guards. Why? Because his career is based on scoring points. If she no longer wants to be held accountable to that standard then she should quit “acting”.

  28. Framer

    RichPort is a desperately lonely virgin. That is all

  29. Toby Weymiller

    My wife is really fat and I still love it when she wears a bikini. Leave J-lard alone!

  30. Rokem

    People whose career is based on looks and thier bodies, shouldn’t complain when people criticize their looks and bodies. This isn’t about being a “real woman” and having “curves.” It’s about an image she has to maintain for her career. If Kobe Bryant starts to average three points a game, he wouldn’t blog about being happy with himself and criticize the media for having unrealistic image of shooting guards. Why? Because his career is based on scoring points. If she no longer wants to be held accountable to that standard then she should quit “acting”.

    I don’t think she’s fat but she looks awful in that bikini just like Winehouse would.

  31. theProdigy 25

    There are so many actresses of equal talent and ability, so the ones that make it big are the ones with looks that make them more appealing. If you lose those looks you are toast. Hewitt, you are now lard covered toast.

  32. RENEE...

    Ya know, she is engaged. Maybe she’s also got a bun in the oven and that explains the weight. But I do have to say, I don’t understand why people keep referring to her as “pear shaped”…because from what I understand, pear shaped means only bottom heavy. And JLH has got some serious boobage going on. So I would think she would be considered either plus sized (sorry Jen) or just plain hourglass/curvy. I would go with the hourglass curvy thing personally. She is just a very womanly woman who could use a couple of days at the gym to tone up. Other than that, curves are awesome and I think most men would almost always take a curvy lady (a la’ Marilyn Monroe, etc) over some rail thin bitch.

  33. its a big yack, see her cellulites.. eewwe

  34. Missystar

    Yay, Todd! I would give you a Pulitzer if I was in charge.

  35. Kathleen

    @33 – Todd

    Thank-you! You’re awesome. :)

  36. Rob

    She’s even hotter with a few extra lbs. Real women have curves. Love ya work Jenny.

  37. Good for them promoting a healthy body image… That’s a brave thing to do in Hollywood!

  38. Andrew

    Apparently 9 out of 10 women have cellulite. So it’s normal.

    Anyway, I think she looks healthy and it’s cool to see a real woman with curves, its sexier than seeing a stick wearing a bikini.

  39. ellie

    #33, #60 and #88 – i officially love you all ;D

    do you notice when the girls DO get skinny, then they’re slagged off for having no boobs? can’t win. so no point in trying.
    off i go to scoff a slice of chocolate cake. look at my wobbles boys! *jiggle jiggle jiggle*
    hope you all get your ideal girlfriends with no body fat and expressionless faces, get stuck in an emotionless marriage, then see the effects of a life-long eating disorder first hand and have to deal with the consequences, all just so you can poke someone pretty.
    *mmm more chocolate cake*

  40. bosendorfer

    she’s still fat. all of the health talk and keepin’-it-realisms she wants to espouse are fine, but she’s still fat. yeah, her tits are bigger, but they sag badly and they’ve lost their shape. her ass is disgusting and she should run uphill every morning for an hour for months and smoke weed rather than drink. her career is in the toilet as it has been for years — she cannot carry a show or a feature so she’s getting married (to a guy who needs industry connections and citizenship) and pretending it’s all about “getting back to life,” which is fine, just fine. i call bullshit on this chubby never-was.

  41. Andrew

    @89 – =) Thankyou.
    I agree, I prefer a girl to eat. If I take my girl to a restaurant and she only orders a salad it really ruins the point of going out, I’d want her to order something nice and I want to see her healthy, I love a girl with curves, there is nothing sexier and nicer to touch in my opinion, when a girl is thin, she feels like a rake and there is nothing to squeeze. A stick thin woman, stereotypically may look hot, but a soft, curvy woman is beautiful.
    Anyway, I have had this discussion with my mates a while back, most of them preferred a curvy woman over the stereotypical “perfect body”.

    @90 – JHL is not fat, I think you’ll find that if her body fat was properly measured that she’d be in the healthy weight range.

  42. blizzy

    @#15 – Thank you. Anne Hathaway is such a hippocrit. She went from Disney to flashin tits on a couch for a pointless movie.

    But I agree people are too up on how these women look. And so what she has a lil cellulite on her thighs. She still has a nice tummy and the rest looks hawt.

    If you wanna give her a hard time about anything…ask her why she wore that horrible swimsuit? Anyone would look bad in that thing.

  43. Jess

    She’s hot. Stick skinny women are not.

  44. a little fat but sexy. I have ever seen her hot video at which is a niche interracial dating site for all singls. She is really sexy with bikini in that video. You will wanna get her after seening it

  45. lalala

    i don’t see why this site is in existence. all that is posted here are not-so-flattering pictures of people and you all bash on them. Like Petra said, even the most beautiful of women take a bad picture or two, it’s all about the angle.
    and what exactly is everyone’s idea of “fat”? I do not think jennifer love hewitt is fat, i think she’s really pretty in fact. so what if she’s not stick thin, those girls sicken me. So what if she has a big chest, and butt? like people said earlier; the only thing wrong with this picture is the choice of bikini.
    So are most of you saying only size 0 girls are beautiful?
    I’m 5’0 and a size 3, im ASSUMING that means I must be pretty fucking ugly.

    you all sicken me. narrow minded individuals.
    probably rich little bitches that havent worked a day in your life.
    someday, karma will bite you in the ass.

  46. hollie

    what??? she is NOT ugly, fat, or unhealthy!

    that’s a perfectly healthy woman right there. beautiful, and successful. so stop insulting her just because you’re jealous.

    truth hurts.
    I agree with #95

  47. 1MILF Hunter

    From the snapper up, she’s a winner.

  48. Sleeper

    She’s only “real” and “healthy” to the morbidly obese pigs on here. “Normal” has become completely fucking disgusting.

  49. chimpy

    Those are the biggest tits I’ve seen in a long time!

  50. I cannot lie

    More cushion for the pushing. Yum!

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