Jennifer Love Hewitt’s chest shan’t be ignored and other news

March 3rd, 2010 // 66 Comments

- Lindsay Lohan should be the poster child for rehab. [Lainey Gossip]

- Shiloh is three, Focus on the Family. Three. [Dlisted]

- Shiloh is three, Focus on the Family. Three. [Dlisted]

- Kelis continues her work representing the American Dairy Association. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Katie Holmes mentally prepares to use her womb for the sole purpose of hiding Tom Cruise’s gayness again. [Celebslam]

- Paris Hilton banned from Brazil. [Huffington Post]

- Simon Cowell is about to be pussy-whipped out of a career. [TheFABlife]

- Logan Lerman is probably your new Spider-Man. [StarPulse]

- Dave Navarro gets nude for PETA. [Just Jared]

- Lil Wayne is either the luckiest man alive or great with matches. [Bossip]

- Wyclef Jean almost got Elin Woods’d. [The Blemish]

- Howard Stern really hates this Leno person. [Amy Grindhouse]

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  1. Que

    Que es nice inded.

  2. Pregnant?

    Is she pregnant?
    What’s up with the belly fat?
    Been caught stealin’??

  3. pimp

    i bet she shits flowers…i would love to eat her asshole…

  4. Randal

    Jennifer continues to hold that sultry gaze, even after all of these years. Even better is her down to earth personality. Ghost Whisperer continues to be a number one draw on TV and why wouldn’t it be? Just look at what this natural beauty has to offer.


  5. J

    Fix your links

  6. datroof

    Ever since she got photo’d looking like a bloated, congealing mess a while back, she sure has been working hard at looking good.

    Of course, she doesn’t care she looked like a rapidly fattening cow. She’s above that. That’s just how “natural” women look. Bloated and disgusting and lazy.

    But funny how lately she looks like she’s been hitting the gym while laying off the ben and jerry’s. And showing up in skintight dresses to show it off.

    And Jamie Kennedy may be a clown, but he’s got good timing. Hooked up with her just before she got her fat ass photographed at the beach which shamed her into taking care of herself again. Of course, now that she’s looking better again she’s going to be getting a lot more attention…

    Do I detect a bit of fear in Jamie’s eyes? And just a hint of desperation as he clings to her?

  7. aj

    she is beautiful and look at that ass

  8. Jimmy

    Anyone else notice the small stain on the front of her dress, around hip level, left of center? Just wondering…

  9. tom

    The once and future Queen. She’s amazing. I wish she could act or sing, but I’ll settle for looking amazing.

    I didn’t think she lost that much appeal when she got chubbier. She’s that hot.

  10. Kangaroo

    She looks better, but still needs to tone up the pear ass and thick legs.

  11. oooaaahhh

    I would really like to do bad things to her. She’s always been one of my fav’s.

  12. Tim

    The ass is still a flabby mess. And she can kick field goals with those calves. Nice can, nice face. Ends there.

  13. bluecalypso

    She’s always been really pretty. I don’t understand how quickly (a few years) the lower half of her body changed. Her legs look like all fleshy/untoned. Did her legs always look like that?

  14. Shemp Dymaxion von Richtoffen

    whether svelte or curvy, JLH is always absolutely gorgeous…

  15. Deacon Jones

    (violently cuts up coke, on CD player, snorts, looks, in mirror, repeats)
    “I am pretty! I AM pretty…I AM PRETTY!”

    Wow, goes to show you, you can put just about anything in a tight dress, high heels, and glob on the makeup to make it fuckable. She’s still a total mess under there…

    And what’s with Jamie Kennedy? Is he starting to grow Jew Horns (see ear in pic 6) as a result of fucking her?

  16. Jen

    she is beautiful! but, CANKLES!

  17. Tom

    Tim, seeker of yards of hard cock, weighs in with his bitchy comments about women. A man named Kangaroo secretly conceals an eight inch butt plug in his anus as he works in a Walgreens stocking Similac.

  18. Rough debunked

    I cant hate on Jaime.

    Id have her walk around like a cowboy, at high noon.

  19. Gueibor

    It’s always good to see those epic hips back at rockin’ the shit out of a red carpet. This woman has a direct wiring into my “stares with an inbred expression while drooling a bit” centre.

  20. TheTruth

    I have a strong desire to be breast fed!!!

  21. havoc

    Any red-blooded American male who wouldn’t knock the bottom out of that……repeatedly, can go ahead and come out of the closet to your family and co-workers.


  22. lisa

    Randal, you’re killing me:D

    btw she looks great and she knows it!

  23. Jake_Ryan

    Get a good close look at her chest in pic 4. Are those stretch marks or is it cellulite? Either way, she takes that dress off and she’ll trip on those tube sock tits. Fuck you Jamie Kennedy.

  24. no thanks

    Her face is kinda goofy looking. Why are most actors and actresses so retarded looking these days? They guys she is with is fug as well.

  25. samantha

    Somebody should be arrested for beating Jamie Kennedy with an ugly stick, over and over and over again. I didn’t know guys this hideous were allowed in Hollywood. Jennifer can always lose the “fat,” but Jaime can’t do anything to hide his ugliness.

    We know Jennifer isn’t a looks oriented girl, otherwise she wouldn’t have dated this ugly piece of shit. Talk about sluming!

  26. Rin

    Jennifer looks really-really-really good! :)

  27. me

    where the f*** are the tits?

  28. #23, JAKE, did you just ask if she had cellulite on her chest? Do you know what cellulite is/looks like? You’re a fucking IDIOT and I’m done addressing you. On another note, her boobs aren’t very big anymore, but she looks great. She’s always going to have thick legs, she’ll just have to work extra hard to keep them toned and shapely.

  29. Deacon Jones

    I’d most likely hit it, but be warned. I ve been with a couple who look like that.

    You get the clothes off, and everything just falls to hell in a handbasket. It’s amazing what miracle bras and tight dresses can prop up nowadays!


  30. gigi

    two words: HERVE LEGER. That man [& his bandage dress] is the messiah of hollywood/ put that chick in a pair of sweats & fleshy things shall be unleashed

  31. Gorilla Pimp SLAP

    What a waste of such a hot piece of ass. You can totally appreciate how good she looks in this picture, until you pan right and see…..that hobgoblin looking fool Jamie Kennedy with his arm around her.

    Totally ruins Jenn for me knowing she is getting regular injections from someone who looks like that.

    Like shopping for realestate, falling in love with a house, and then realizing your in the worst part of town; a bunch of delinquents stripping down your car as your admiring the brushed nickel hardware in the commode.

  32. wosh

    beautiful girl, UGLY dress

  33. casper

    Lipo is our friend….

  34. SeenWayBetter

    Gawd she’s ugly, from her geeky neck and shoulders to her pear-shaped body to the cellulite she’s packing. Ugly shaped head too, lousy hair, and moley skin. Not hot at all.

  35. timmy the dying boy

    Holy shit, wasn’t she a little chunky not long ago?

  36. Giorgio!

    Beautiful girl and she looks great.

  37. lol

    @34… did you really just call her neck geeky?

    lol…so … uhh.. harsh man….

  38. And for shame that Lainey is such a butterface or I could really be into her. Anyone who thinks Gwyneth Paltrow is the ‘gorgessity” can’t be too good looking themselves. You know wh’I mean?

  39. Buffalo Dick

    WTF with the crappy screen links?

  40. footclan

    It does look like her tits shrunk and she may have a flabby, drooping ass naked. Who cares though, she’s gorgeous.

  41. Remember when she was hot and naked spread eagle in Playboy?? I do:
    Fuckin hot.
    Not so much now.

  42. Stu Gavin

    For guys who like curvy thick chicks she’s got a perfect body but that face is and has always been hideous, she looks like a RAT.

  43. phuture98

    You gotta be gay if you don’t think that’s one hot piece of ass!!!!

  44. dreamonfattys

    you guys are the biggest bunch of losers. does it really make you feel superior to pick apart an unquestionably gorgeous woman? Go back to your ‘apartment’ in your mom’s basement and play some more xbox

  45. Jens "New Man"


    Bang on the money, The woman is drop dead gorgeous! she’s always been a fav of mine.

  46. captain america

    (american that is)

  47. Her boobs are great!

  48. Deacon Jones

    Whoa, whoa, hold on. I take exception to you insinuating I play Xbox when Playstation 3 is CLEARLY a better system.

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