Jennifer Love Hewitt…I don’t even know

September 27th, 2007 // 89 Comments

I don’t know where or when these were taken, but they feature Jennifer Love Hewitt topless with rocks on her back. And also Jennifer trying to put her leg over her head. Or something. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that these might be the most important photographs of our generation. Well, except for that one I took of a doggie wearing a funny hat. That thing won like three Pulitzers.


  1. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    The leg photo is a demonstration that her vagina can be used as a bottle opener.

    “I know it sounds crazy, just try it.”

    The sound of a bottle cap hitting the ground. Then the words “well I’ll be God Damned.”

  2. “Hey Jennifer, what did Jimbo ask you to do on his chest last night?”

  3. Fag

    Hey Jennifer, can you lick your own pussy?

    I don’t know, but I’ll give it a try.

  4. #52 Knock it off Jimbo

  5. Cindy

    Look how cute she used to be! It’s such a shame she got fat and had to start walking around in mommy pants (without being a mommy). There’s just no excuse.

  6. mervert

    Rule #1: Hot chicks are nucking futs.

    Guys, this bitch is crazy. She was on Leno one time and told Jay that in order to go to sleep, she needs all doors in the house to be closed, and that she constantly has to buy and replace her George Foreman grill because she always loses them.

  7. fuck

    fuck you all

  8. Gripples

    That’s “crazy”??? Crazy is going down to the paint store, looking through the color palettes, and suddenly saying “hey, you know what? I’m going to start adopting coloreds!!!” then punching your husband in the nuts and flying a charter plane to Ouagadougou.

  9. lala

    look at her pinky toe…sort of weird..

  10. Rachel

    SICK!!! There’s a little brown streak on that sheet!

  11. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    #58 I don’t think anyone can argue that that isn’t crazy. I hope someone tries though.

  12. DA

    I’ve always said……….If a man could suck his own cock, he’d never leave the house.

  13. #62 – yeah, but we could still work on the computer

  14. FFF

    #59. Why? Why not? Toes rings drive guys crazy!

  15. Texas Tranny

    Anybody from Chicago?
    I’m headed there in a couple of weeks for a few days and was looking for something fun to do there.
    I’ve already got tickets to see the Blackhawks vs the Stars, so I’ve got hockey taken care of.

  16. HankTheDwarf


  17. aglei

    She’s smiling in the last picture because she ripped an SBD and she can hear the masseuse sniffling.

  18. Why is there a crockpot in the background?

  19. Hey TT. Schack lives there. I am sure she would show you a good time

  20. Yeah, maybe she could give you the same “Blue Balls Special” she gave Jimbo! Hahaha!

  21. BunnyButt

    Yay, TT is back! I used to be able to put both feet behind my head at the same time AND walk on my hands while doing so. That was a long time ago, though, and I don’t dare try it now. I’d probably get stuck.

  22. See TT, #70 she is a loads of funny. It will be like going on a date with Sibil

  23. Texas Tranny

    I wonder how many people don’t get the Sybil reference.

  24. I am sure it is most of them. I know you are old enough to know who she is

  25. Texas Tranny

    1976 was when it came out.

  26. Damn, that makes me feel old.

  27. Texas Tranny

    That just depends (no pun) on how old you were in 1976.

  28. TT – I was the same age you were in 76

  29. WTF?

    Anybody notice “Lady-Croft” in these posts today? She’s the next fucking unibomber! Christ lady, this isn’t a place to come and voice your evil thoughts about americans. You are truly a fuck-tard. You sit around and finger your nasty ass smelly beef-flaps all day, don’t you? Get outta here!

    On another note…JLH is cute. I don’t know how “smart” she is, but she sure is easy on the eyes. I’d do her!

  30. Me worship Satan! Camel jenkem people jenkem pig jenkem all good. I go hell be with Satan. Suck donkey dong.

    Eat turd! Turd! Turd world! Turd make jenkem, jenkem bring Satan! Me happy!

    Link prehistory of jenkem. Good but not strong yet. No high. Then jenkem! Jenkem bring Satan lady-croft!

    Me go fuck goat now. No woman like lady-croft. lady-croft sex goat, pig, sheep, camel, gnu, dog, cat, father.

    Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd! Jenkem! Turd!

    You America sins. You take dump in lady-croft mouth? Heehee. Heehee. Satan come now. Time more jenkem. Eat turd. Me so happy!

  31. self mockery -.-!

  32. alf oldland

    she is really hot, albeit she’s a prudish texan who used to bang alec baldwin. not too smart, i guess….

  33. milfalot

    She’s trying to hide her hips and thighs. Good job. She should stand like that all the time. I do.

  34. Lancome

    #80- Too funny :)

  35. hendero

    JLH is great and all, but at this stage unless she’s going to just get it over with and show us her boobies properly, there’s no point in looking at new pictures of her. She should tell Hef it’s gonna cost him $10 million, and it would be worth it – biggest selling edition ever. Well, since the internet, anyway.

  36. D. Richards

    Jennifer’s not doing anything too strage in the first picture. She’s just reenacting the time that I forced her to put her right foot in her mouth, while savagely sodomizing her from the side. Jennifer cried, and cried, but I think we both enjoyed the sodomy-fest. Afterwards, I became alarmed when Love drooled uncontrollably like an autistic child. That’s when I left.

  37. Newman

    #59 I’m not sure whether it’s a weird pinky toe or the three “exactly the same length” middle toes.

    #35 Oh, there’s an “unspoken” rule of toe ring wear?

    I’d split it in half. Or at least sweat trying…

  38. bigone

    Cute feet………..

  39. jimmy

    how are you doin’g short stuff butt your older than me by 4 years woopty dooda its a wonderfull day.

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