Jennifer Love Hewitt…I don’t even know

September 27th, 2007 // 89 Comments

I don’t know where or when these were taken, but they feature Jennifer Love Hewitt topless with rocks on her back. And also Jennifer trying to put her leg over her head. Or something. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that these might be the most important photographs of our generation. Well, except for that one I took of a doggie wearing a funny hat. That thing won like three Pulitzers.


  1. cassidee

    probably not first but….5th?

  2. Blak Majek

    either way, you are not first.

  3. cassidee

    WOO! i made first! oh yeahhhh!

  4. Blak Majek

    And we stopped those “first!” jackasses!!!!!

  5. Tyallie

    Okay..WHAT is she doing, though?

  6. hill

    are her’s real? I’ve heard so many mixed rumors…

  7. IFuckingHateYou

    #6 – they’re real..and they’re FANTASTIC.

  8. Buttercup

    She may not be a conventional beauty and she may not have the amazing figure that she once had, but I still think she is one of the most adorable, beautiful, and sexy celebs out there. And it seems like she has a great personality to match.

  9. miggs

    I have no problem working all of these poses/positions into my JLH fantasies. Hell, I can even work in that fucking fat chick.

  10. Private comment site. who cares who’s first. They look big to me. She is a little strange though.

  11. wedgeone

    These must be old. She’s a wide-hipped fattie now. Tragic.

  12. She should be the side act in the circus. Or a very bendable porn star.

  13. I’m doing that pose right now, but you can see can you?

  14. jacknasty

    Love J. Lo Hewitt, of all celebs she seems like she’d be the best to have as a girlfriend. Nice, sweet, funny, but more importantly the best rack of her generation!

  15. I meant to say “can’t” see me. You CAN’T see me can you?

  16. Texas Tranny

    Can you put both legs behind your head?

    I have double-jointed legs and I’m VERY flexible.

  17. Hey TT, where you been?

  18. wedgeone

    16- no body gives a fuck dude.

  19. Texas Tranny

    I’ve been working, I’ve got today and tomorrow to do a months worth of work.

  20. Nix

    She’s probably getting a hot stone massage. I’m having trouble opening a larger version of the pics, but from what I can see, that looks like the case. Hot stones are placed on certain parts of the back and limbs, and the body is massaged with equally warmed, but smaller, stones as well. It’s great for the circulation and the heat penetrates deeper than any manual pressure can.


  21. Hey TT,
    I haven’t tried it,but maybe if/when Gwen S. comes over I’ll try! The hot rocks on the back sounds like a scene from a peyote induced coma!

  22. Texas Tranny

    Excuse me, but I believe you think I give a shit, what you think. I got news for you dick-breath, I don’t give a fucking rats ass what you fucking think. So you can keep your god-damn idiot comments to yourself.
    Retarded mother fucker.

  23. @19 are you going on a quest and will you regale us with tales of your trip?

  24. Riotboy

    These pics are funny!

    /I lol’d

  25. Texas Tranny

    I’d pay damn good money to see that Cowgirl.
    Peyote induced coma, sounds really wonderful right now.

  26. wedgeone

    hmmm, fucking rats asses sounds exactly like something you would be doing.

  27. Texas Tranny


  28. Texas Tranny


  29. cowgirl

    @25 I’d pay good money to see Gwen Stefani come over too!Tee Hee

  30. Texas Tranny


  31. Texas Tranny

    LOL, I bet you would.

  32. So when did Drew Barrymore become a masseuse?

  33. TT- I’d label him more of a palsey, but we can stick with retard for now.

  34. *Snake*. Are we doing food chain webs and ecosystems today? Goody!

  35. my comment

    Toe rings on both feet.


  36. Texas Tranny

    LOL, she does kinda look like her.

  37. @33–I would prefer the term “extra chromosome” it is much more pc and scientifically correct.

  38. lady-croft

    Dog prostitute cover up should she. Lick ass infidels before the coming will. Make angry wrold mistakes america. no sleep when you no why. End of future bringing we do laugh you can but crys you wil. GOD is great and reasons we hates dum americans many your going hell.

  39. Algae -> Protozoa -> Oligochaeta -> Northern Eider -> Arctic Fox -> Man with club.

  40. Mindy

    In the last pic is she smiling for the camera, or because she’s enjoying Drew’s ass play?

  41. Texas Tranny

    Jebus fucking christ, who let the fucking village idiot (38) have access to a computer.

  42. Mindy

    Wait, that can’t be Drew Barrymore – she doesn’t look like she had a stroke when she smiles.

  43. Hey thanks TT, I’ve always wanted a fur (coat) just jk! I would prefer arctic faux though!
    Are you sure it is a man with club or fairy wand?

  44. Texas Tranny

    I’m betting it’s the ass play.

  45. Texas Tranny

    It could be.

  46. Elly

    Got I love her rack – and I’m a girl!
    Loved her on POF – I think she was a pretty awesome actress too. I wonder why she’s still not as famous.. maybe because all these ugly-as-sh!t-but-skinny-as-hell types are getting all the work.

  47. I saw an interview with this girl. She is major crazy.

  48. #35 Why not? I do.

  49. Texas Tranny

    That first pic, she’s doing an Irish Fart Jig.

  50. Nathalie

    I sincerely hope that masseuse is not pulling those rocks out of Jennifer’s ass. She does look relieved, however…

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