Jennifer Love Hewitt wrote a book on dating

June 19th, 2009 // 34 Comments

Jennifer “My Fiancee Left Me so I Rebounded with Jamie Kennedy” Love Hewitt has written a book on dating, according to OK! Magazine reports:

“Throughout my career, there has always been so much written about my love life. Some true, but mostly made up,” she says in a press release from Voice publishers. “I thought it was time to share the real story of what I’ve learned navigating the dating waters. Hopefully, in addition to having a good laugh, women reading this will learn from some of my hard lessons.”

Didn’t she used to go out with Carson Daly? Because I’m pretty sure that precludes Jennifer Love Hewitt from writing a dating advice book. Seriously, with her record, the only person less qualified is the Craig’s List Killer. Maybe.

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  1. mtrman56


  2. EvilJonny


  3. EvilJonny

    fail… :(

  4. Grover

    Hard Lesson Number 1: Breaking up with Carson Daily on a radio show and him finding out like an hour later is a pretty shitty thing to do.

  5. Chapter 1: Weight Fluctuations and You: A Definitive Guide to Having Two Wardrobes
    Chapter 2: Serial Dating: Pros and Cons
    Chapter 3: Ordering From the “Fucking” Side of the Menu: Strategies of Cumpromise
    Chapter 4: Deep Fry Everything! A Guide to Making Date Night a Great Night
    Chapter 5: Proper Techniques for Paparazzi Outrage
    Chapter 6: First Date Head: He’ll Hate You If You Say No
    Chapter 7: I Have Eyes! (and other low cut blouse mishaps)
    Chapter 8: Settling: When the Man You Want Wants You to Want Someone Else

  6. Anon

    So she’ll be telling women how not to date and showing men what kind of woman to avoid?

  7. jt

    other than having a great rack, what does she do again?

  8. groan

    Oh Jennifer, shut the f*k up already.

  9. mikeock01

    Just shut up and show us your tits already.

  10. Her ass may not be in any of these shots but i see it….

    Id say Dane Cook and Bozo is up next before the criaglist killer….

  11. RtSS

    Ok, ok… I’ll mention the 800 lbs. Gorilla in the room. Looks like a spot of the Herp on her lip. Good God, you could’ve taken side shots in all of these, or put some lipstick on to hide it. Yikes. I’ve always wanted to bang her in various holes ( aka all of them… ) but I do want my schlong to stay attached and not rot off after I’ve had my way with her.

  12. Erica

    “Throughout my career, there has always been so much written about my love life.”

    Wait, WHAT?

  13. gh

    I’ve heard she’s all kinds of crazy. Can’t be alone, etc. But yeah, I’d absolutely still hit it!

  14. jesus

    too much makeup you have. tits nice they are.

  15. Froylan

    Nice cold sore. Screams “dating authority”.

  16. what a dipshit

  17. CrunchPop

    Her eyes don’t line up and her arms are fat. I’m sure her lower ass looks like cottage cheese too.

    Bitch is gonna start sucking every dick that comes her way just to get a man. Either that or turn bitter & hateful & stop sucking dick altogether.

  18. Little Richard Simmons

    Nice breasts, nice shoulders to waist line ratio. However she’s got the granny-flab arms and the cheesy thunderlegs. FAIL!

  19. I Ivy

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has had close to THIRTY spouses in about 11 years.
    Her writing a BOOK? LOL!! How questionable. Is this another publicity stunt?

    30 partners.That’s five times more than her mentor,Audrey Hepburn.

    JLH still has no clue as to how to date the “right” guy.

    Voice publishers? Thought it was Hyperion.

  20. I Ivy

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has had close to THIRTY spouses in about 11 years.
    Her writing a BOOK? LOL!! How questionable. Is this another publicity stunt?

    30 partners.That’s five times more than her mentor,Audrey Hepburn.

    JLH still has no clue as to how to date the “right” guy.

    Voice publishers? Thought it was Hyperion.


    Ahh the circle of life for the untalented hot chicks in Hollywood. You start out young and hot so you go ahead and skank yourself out all over maxim type mags in order to gain a masturbating hetero alpha and geekwad male fan base. You appear in shows and movies solely to show of your T&A because it’s all you’ve got going or you. Sadly no matter how many gigs get your acting continues to sucks harder than you did to get them in the first place. Thats’ waht happens when you’re entire identity is your looks and man boys who you get with your looks.

    Speaking of which you become a veritable serial dater, but never can find anyone who wants to marry you ( a personality might help, but you were too busy shoving you’re boobs in a camera to go out and get one). Then your looks begin to fade, new young hotties start to take your place and your male fan base starts shrinking in more ways than one. The final nail in coffin comes when some unflattering beach pics come out, revealing that you’re a fucking whale now (in Hollywood measurements) and that’s it, you’re male fan base is whittled down to chubby chasers (there are only about 10 real chubby chasers on earth and of course no career can be sustained by 10 fans no matter how big they are).

    So you release a statement supporting all the fat girls of the world because hey you are one now, funny you didn’t seem to give a shit about the fatties and the past their prime-ies when you were making money off you’re tight ass and giving girls everywhere a reason to vomit and hate themselves, in fact you were more than likely a girl who laughed at fatties and pitied them thinking you’d never be one and now they’re all you have. Ain’t life funny? In fact you’re even dating an ugly chubby girl now since no man will have you…what, that’s a boy???
    This cow has NO WISDOM and nothing to offer the bitter fat old females out there because shit was handed to her on a silver skank platter until she let herself go and nature beat her with it’s ugly aging stick, but just like she managed to sell herself when she was hot she’ll probably manage to sell herself now that she’s not. WHY??? because women are just as dumb as men, just in different ways. MANY men want to see a hot piece of ass and could care less if it’s attached to a valuable human being which is why many of them marry vapid bitches and gold diggers, they fail to look for a personality and pay for it in alimony. MANY women on the other hand simply want their pathetic lameness to be validated so that they don’t ever have to evolve and grow and improve themselves and so they can blame men for their lack of desirability and happiness (and people wonder why the world is such a shit hole, look at humanity, it’ a miracle we’re still around).

    I just hope the sea cows of the world will have the sense to realize this girl has ZERO advice to offer and doesn’t give a shit about the everyday chubby girl she’s just run out of hotness and has nothing to sell, but her lameness. You’d think the first clue that she has NO AUTHORITY upon which to write a dating book is that she has never even been married or had a successful relationship. Have a successful marriage for 20 years after a decade of dating and then write a book about it all, if you haven’t even found a man who wants to buy you milk, then any book you write about dating is the same shit ass whining any single girl can do and who the fuck would pay to hear that? People pay not to hear some cow ramble on for a fucking novel’s worth about her pathetic dating record, it’s called a prostitute and there’s a fucking good reason why it’s the worlds oldest profession.

  22. Deva

    Maybe she should write a book on how to shut the fuck up and go away!

  23. britneysucks

    I’ve never understood why this chick got famous. JLH is the most overrated woman in Hollywood. Her face is average at best. She just has big tits. Nobody cares. Have you seen her high school yearbook pic? What a dog lol.

  24. Deva

    I have seen it and I agree.

  25. Iambananas

    She’s so pretty it’s not fair!

  26. KellyBr00ks

    Are those photos doctored?? She looks cock eyed, and the up-do is not her at all. IMO she looks better with a few extra pounds.

  27. captain america


  28. Rhialto

    She can’t complain much about her ‘equipment’ for dating.Possibly that provided her the nescessary experience for writing this book.

  29. Darth

    Which brand is her favorite taser?

  30. xavier1987

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  31. Samantha

    The perfect girl next door.

    In Modern Living

  32. Shani

    Really? I thought she wrote the book on Getting Dumped

  33. Taz

    i would pump her silly!

  34. I Ivy

    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s still around,mainly because she has GOOD habits…
    at least that’s more than can be said for 99% of most actresses.

    Her talent’s fair,but “Ghost Whisperer” sometimes has ridiculous scripts
    these days.

    Compare that,with the very first shows.

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