Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to wear a bikini

December 4th, 2007 // 247 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t too happy about all the attention she’s been receiving after some unflattering bikini pics of her in Hawaii surfaced. The pictures overshadowed her engagement to Ross McCall which prompted Jennifer to do some blogging:

This is the last time I will address this subject.
I’ve sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women’s bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I’m not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image.
A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn’t make you beautiful.
What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles. I know what I look like, and so do my friends and family. And like all women out there should, I love my body.
To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini — put it on and stay strong.



Dear JLH,

Thank you for encouraging women of all sizes to wear bikinis. You have provided me with job security for the foreseeable future and I can sleep soundly tonight on my albino tiger skin sheets inside my solid gold house.

[Insert symbols for boob-grabbing here]

The Superficial Writer

P.S. My robot made of diamonds is also thankful that he won’t have to be powered down and thrown in the dumpster. He’d thank you himself if he wasn’t busy cooking me pancakes and writing this post while I drink my weight in bourbon. Yeah, type that stuff good, robot. Or I’ll punch you like a roast beef sandwich. Hey, check this out. I think I peed in the dishwasher again. *laughs* I totally did. No one appreciates the wicked cool stuff I do. *cries* Hold me close, diamond robot, you understand me. What with your strong, shiny arms like my own. Wait, are you still typing?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Will You Marry Me, fergernauster?


    I was the one writing #31. And your #41 comment made me love you even more…

  2. Please Don't Tell Me You Can't Tell That She's A Liar


    I’m sure size 2 women are goddesses. But JLH is in no way size 2. Her denial of it really shows that she’s just another bimbo. I don’t give a damn what size she is, but please don’t be such a hypocrite liar: size 2 and bad angles. How pathetic.

  3. Kim

    #46, 47
    I brought up size 5 cuz that’s what size I wear. And I’m far from fat! Yeah, maybe you can’t see every rib and hip bone, but I thought that was anorexic looking, J.Lo.Hew is definitely a size 10 if compared to me.

    Bring on the fat comments!

    A woman who is 5’4″ and weighs 125 lbs is in the middle of the normal healthy weight. (look up a BMI chart) If I was 99 lbs like society wants I would be considered dangerously underweight. Thank you but I’d rather be considered healthy than anorexic.

  4. her ass is WIDE and she has thighs with dimples for weeks


  5. theselleck

    #21 you are fucking screwed up. i don’t know if you are a straight male commenter, but if you are and you are expecting to find a totally cellulite free woman…good luck. you’ll be alone for a long time. you may not find it attractive but to call it disgusting and act like it’s a crime is pathetic, and almost all women have some. i personally would like to have a life and not worry myself sick about every meal i eat, instead of exercising in case i develop a lump or wobbly tummy that some fuckwit on the other end of a computer monitor thinks is wrong, but i can’t because fuckwits like you DO exist. so i hate my body even though i’m not fat. and if you are not male and in fact a self-hating woman, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    as for jennifer – she may have wide hips, but you’re only fat if you’ve got overspill over the top of your waistband. anyone that thinks that’s fat is fucked up. and don’t give that ‘this is a celeb bashing site, if you’d don’t like it leave’. true but when the slagging always seems to be about women’s weight and the fact they have like ONE wrinkle, and then that’s treated like a sick crime, well then the site is just misogynistic. let’s just stick to laughing at superfish’s dishwasher exploits cos no one wants to know your issues about women dickwads.

  6. shallow val

    44 – America is obese because we have become a nation of McDonald drive-thru, huge dinners, no veggies or exercise fucking slobs. And I throw myself in the mix, except I I eat veggies and oatmeal, and get regular exercise. BUT there is a reason why I can’t seem to make that spare tire get smaller faster.

    Probabaly those goddamned IKEA oat cookies. Yummmm!

    Anyway, she’s still a huge ass. hey….(bwa ha ha ha)

  7. ugh!

    #53, Kim
    I do not think a size 5 is fat.
    JLH’s lower body IS fat. It is not a size five, but a 10… EASILY a 10. Her lower body is also lacking in tone, but not lacking in cellulite.

  8. RENEE...

    Okay, I was all for standing up for JLH, but now it is really disturbing me that she keeps on insisting she is a size 2. Who on earth does she think she is fooling? Well, apparently, she’s trying to fool herself. She sounds like she’s in serious denial of her current physical state. She may have been a size 2 in her prime, but she most definetly is not one now. I still think she’s an adorable and sexy woman with a very womanly body. And in some ways her body is sexy and curvy, but in some ways its a little bit of a mess. But thats how most women’s bodys truly are. If she really wanted to try to help other women with the whole weight issue, she would own up to what her own body really looks like. Oh well, I guess ignorance is bliss. But let me tell you something JLH… from any angle, that ain’t no size 2 body…size 10 at best. But you’re still a sexy cutie either way.

  9. Well at least I’m not the only one who doesn’t get the reference to being a size 2. I couldn’t fit into a size 2 and she’s fatter than I am!!!

  10. I'm Not Against Fat People - I'm Against Liars


    Sweetie, I love you for loving your body and how you argue about it. If JLH had said the same thing about her body, instead of lying about being size 2 and “bad angles” crap, I wouldn’t have had it against her.

    Why would you be on the side of an insecure bimbo who can’t accept her own body and idioticly blamed non-photoshopped pics instead of logically explaining, like you did, that yes, a lot of women do have cellulites even if they have taken good care of themselves.

  11. I is ok

    She is so sexy with the curdled thighs and behind! Is she single now or dating pubic hairs? Her profile and photos were found on the millionairecelebrity dating club ! “She is very picky about guys wads and like shit flavored not peppermint,” according to officials off that sites.

  12. good call

    “She just killed herself for even acknowledging the bullshit people are saying about her.”

    Exactly. That’s the key part of the story – at this point, it’s irrelevant if she got fat or not (it’s also obvious: she did). What she just revealed publicly is that she cares desperately about what we do here. We do it because work is fucking boring, and this can be a fun diversion. For her, this was a major life event. What a total loser. Celebrities really are narcissistic and empty. She threw in a few women-with-curves tag lines, so some girls are doing their Pavlovian responses (“Go girl!”), but the whole thing is laughable. She’s in her late 20s, successful, and yet she’s completely dependent on the positive regard of strangers for her physical appearance. Pathetic.

  13. Kristie

    Oh for god sakes just cause she is an actress doesn’t make her not human….look around people no one is perfect she is like you and me and the person sitting next to you or five chairs over…HUMAN. I think she is beautiful, so big deal she has a butt and some cellulite …NEWS FLASH most womens have cellulite somewhere on their body…Oh my god I let the cat out of the bag. She is human like all of us out there so grow up and let her live her life. The only reason anyone cares about what she looks like is cause she is a star otherwise no one would think twice about it.

  14. Bill

    She needs to donate her boobs to a younger chick with more self-esteem and a nicer personality.

  15. JLH Should Ask Ghosts to Help Her Lie Better


    And even more pathetic are all the women who actually defended her for her “size 2″ claim and “bad angles” remarks because of the “disaster” of having people see her non-photoshopped ass.

  16. George C.

    #63 by any chance are you the president of the Human Fund?

  17. lordy

    55 –
    it sounds like you have trouble with cellulite.
    lay off the toxic fast food every once and a while and drink plenty of water.
    why is it ok to have cellulite and not a little tummy. it just sounds like different figure flaws bother you more than others. cellulite does look very unhealthy… maybe cellulite bothers #21 more than alil tummy.
    she is fatter than other female celebrities that have had much worse said about them.

  18. Gwenda

    I like how she blames the angle for the pictures coming out unflattering.
    You know why these celebrities get so mad when these photos come out? Because they are so used to having their photos in magazines (ie maxim, cosmo..etc) being edited like crazy.
    I think 58 is right she should own up to her actual body image instead of pretending that she’s perfect like in those photoshoped magazines. I think its also offending to them cause they want to believe they are gods and that’s why they are celebrities and those pictures just proves that they are normal and human.

  19. leigh ann

    the more expensive the store you shop at the smaller the size you are. sometimes its a dramatic drop. so if you shop at wet seal and youre a 9 in calvin klein you might be a 6, and something even more expensive you might be a 4. so she could very well be an “8″ by average standards, but places she shops – she’s a 2.

  20. tailor

    Sure, she’s a size 2: XXL.

  21. My Heart Goes Out to You, Ross McCall

    Poor Ross,

    He will be stuck with an insecure, in denial, hypocritical, idiotic liar with an undeniably HUGE ass.

  22. she gots big heiny

    “What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles.”

    It all sounds so good, and carefully written – priorities, priorities: “celebrating some of the best days of my life” and “man of my dreams” and then in the same sentence at the very end comes…”bad angles.” Can’t even get through one sentence without getting pulled back to personal vanity. I feel ZERO sympathy for her.

  23. shallow val

    63 – “WOMENS.” Just so’s you know’s, women is the plural’s version’s of woman. You’se don’t's needs to put an “s” on the end’s of women.


  24. shallow val

    that coat makes her look Hee-You-mungous

  25. To Be Fair

    Let’s see if we’ll see her in bikinis again exposing her ass before taking care of the cellulites.

  26. what

    AND i always thought her face sucked.

  27. Bettie

    How can she say she’s a size 2?!? She is NOT that small, she might be like a size 6 or 8, but not 2, give me a break!

  28. theselleck

    #60 hi – it’s not that i’m particularly in support of JLH’s argument – i don’t think she is a size2 at all and i don’t think she’s right that it’s just angles but it’s more the attitude towards her for having naturally wide hips etc that bothers me. do you know what i mean? it’s like people thinks it’s a crime to have a body that differs from the ideal and the fact is she has the body she has and for there to be vitriol towards her for being born with a certain type of figure is disturbing. i agree with you that her argument wasn’t effective. oh and it’s nice of you to say that you love me for loving my body but unfortunately what i was saying is that i don’t, because of the sort of attitude there is towards women who aren’t totally taut and streamlined. i feel crap everyday though i’m a perfectly healthy weight and shape. and most of my friends feel the same. it’s just not right.

    #55 no i think you missed my point a bit – i meant i DON’T have probs with a bit of a tummy – by overspill i mean ALOT of overspill!!!! there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of a wobbly tummy. and no i actually don’t have much cellulite but what i meant was that there’s nothing wrong with it and why should a woman ‘have’ to get rid of it when it occurs naturally even in models, and doesn’t pose a health risk? cheers for the advise though!!!

    anyway i’ll shut up now cos this isn’t the right site for ranting about body issues!! :D

  29. stupid

    this girl is SO ANNOYING! she should consider herself lucky to be even TALKED about in the first place– no one gives a hoot what she does anymore. thats why she has to pay the paps to photograph her and then does cheesy photos. other celebs try to avoid the paps while “Love” poses like an idiot…. she’s annoying.

  30. Cindy

    For the record, it’s not just that she has some extra fat on her ass and thighs, it’s that her shape from the waist down has become so unattractive. She’s now got a broad, flat ass and very pronounced saddlebag thighs. “Women with curves” need to have, you know, curves. She has bumpy cottage cheese deposits, from eating too much and not exercising enough. We all have bodies and we all know that’s how it works. Why expend all this energy denying it? Other than overweight people in denial, nobody’s buying it.

  31. cinder

    She is NoT FAT!!!!!!! Like it or lump it people. She is too a Size 2. How do you know? I believe her and she was lovely on Full House.

  32. stella

    I think it’s pretty funny how she comes out with that bullshit post on her website a few days ago… then has the nerve to go out wearing a coat that CLEARLY covers up all the lumps and folds that she so adamantly stands up for. Um, hypocrite anyone?

    It really doesn’t matter what she looks like… she’s not fat in retrospect. She’s got some cushion, but she’s not fat. But the fact that she’s going to BOLD-FACED LIE about it and then cover it up is total bullshit. Bitch needs to get her head out of her “rather full” ass….

  33. stella

    #81 – lol… Full House….

    Try Party of Five….

  34. miggs

    well she’s a full house now

  35. Pinchyface McLardass

    As fast as she can she should get married and shit out 4 or 5 kids. She’s already got the minivan-driving suburban mom fireplug ass/thigh combo, so she’ll fit right in. (She doesn’t fit in as an actress anymore because, you know, they don’t make the openings that big.)

  36. woodhorse

    #51 I love you

  37. Rachel

    #84 – she put an addition on in the back, that’s for sure.

  38. shallow val

    81 is that at serious post?

    I love the infanitle “she is too…” That’s GOLD, Jerry, GOLD!

  39. tommy salami

    she has a huge forehead a 5 head if u will……. she also has nasty feet and the flab on her ass makes me vomit a little in my mouth

    but other than that she is a hottie

  40. Tom

    Sadly enough that letter is going to encourage 300 pounders to strap on g-strings at the beach.


  41. Laurentian

    WHATEVER Jen. Celebs are celebs because of having looks that make them stand out from the crowd. Then when they lose those looks they still want to be stars and just look “normal”.

    YOU ARE GROSS NOW MISS HEWITT. Deal with it. That pear shape of yours is vomit-worthy, bring on some new attractive girl to take your place, you’ve made your money now get lost fatty.

  42. Nikk

    #62 just fucking nailed it on the goddamn head.

    I’m putting that quote up EVERYWHERE.

    I’m not tiny by any means, but I’m not huge…and even I admit that I should get off my ass and take a walk. She’s in fucking denial. Her body and image are her bread and butter. She should take some responsibility and shape up.

  43. Unlaid Avenger

    Who do you negat-vomiting faggot losers think you are kidding?
    As if posting at the is how we kill time between boinks of the entire cast of the Victoria’s Secret catalog…
    Even at a “a bad angle” (as the lovely Miss H. put it) she is still way outta the league of her mutant critics. You go girl. I will always be there, Jen, and I will be making an extra bowl of popcorn for the next Ghost Whisperers episode.

  44. sindiva

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLIFF NOTE VERSION!!!!!!!!!!

    let me sum it up for you guys who don’t want to read all that boring shit up there.


    1. OMG she are so fat & cellulite are all ovar her big fat bottom half which are not like teh top half. She is size 2 in a happy meal huhyuh huhyuh. Her is like, SO omg gross, she need to puke foods up to b likeded by men! lolz, fatties!!

    2. A woman’s real body looks like this. Fake bodies that are purchased on the internets should not be the ideal .Linebackers are fat. Men can have man boobs and that’s okay. Cellulite, fat, hips, boobs, curves, size, awesome.

    3. # so and so, you suck. Im right. Blah, blah bluh blah bluh bluh.

    You’re SO welcome.

  45. i don't think she's lying

    if you’re short (i think she’s 5’2″), you can actually be a size 2 and still look like that…. it’s very unfortunate.

  46. granada

    I believe I am the only on who has actually understood what JLH was trying to say…

    “To set the record straight, I’m not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image.
    A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn’t make you beautiful.”

    NO, she was not claiming that she is a size 2. She is saying that a size 2 (on OTHER girls besides herself) is NOT fat, because in today’s society girls who are size 2 do claim to be fat. She is saying that is ridiculous. Then she goes on to say that if a girl is a size 0, that doesn’t mean she is instantly pretty because she is skinny. I totally back that up–there are size 0 girls at my school who make me want to vomit by looking at them, not because they are emaciated, but because they are just plain ugly.

    JLH probably does acknowledge that she is a size 8 at the minimum. And yeah, I do agree that she shouldn’t have thrown in the “bad angles” bullshit–what is a “good angle” for cellulite??

    At 5’8″, I weigh 118 lbs. That makes me a size 2. Do I think I’m fat (on my good days)? Fuck no. However, JLH is trying to abate the media’s obsession with stick-thin girls, not saying that she herself is stick-thin.

  47. gothique

    She never said she was a size two. She was just stating that a size two wasn’t fat. Many top modeling agencies and other people in Hollywood DO think a size two is heavy. My friend was 5’7″ and weighed 115lbs when she did some bikini modeling and ad work and she was told that if she ever wanted to get into the big leagues she would have to weigh 100lbs or less.

    Skinny people can get cellulite too. A girl I work with has to be 100lbs soaking wet and she’s been skinny all her life yet she has really bad cellulite running up the backs of her thighs.

    Oh and did anyone ever stop to think that the reason she was wearing a coat and jeans was because it was cold outside and not to cover anything up?

  48. shaggy

    she owned you biatch. lame response. i still think she’s a fatass though.

  49. carlos

    watch what happens next with this “size 2″ one – she will soon have a dramatic loss of weight because she now can’t live with herself because her disgusting pix are all over the world; and this just shows how she lies about “loving her curves” ‘casue she really hates the way she looks now. WATCH.

  50. carlos

    watch what happens next with this “size 2″ one – she will soon have a dramatic loss of weight because she now can’t live with herself because her disgusting pix are all over the world; and this just shows how she lies about “loving her curves” ‘casue she really hates the way she looks now. WATCH.

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