Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. looks like shit

    im gonna disagree # 196
    there MIGHT be hotter chicks on the message board. it wouldn’t be a great achievement to be mediocre and fit.
    this bitch is fat
    it is official
    and i am not that tough on the fat thing.
    her face has always been ugly and pinched ( no big eyes, button nose, pouty lips, not exotic either), she used to a have a body though.
    if you go to a standard bar or club most there will have better lower bodies than this, and i don’t live in LA where standards are super high.
    she looks like shit, and is below average for normal women that are under 30 in the REAL WORLD!

  2. looks like shit


  3. LayDeeBug

    Lazy Legs.

  4. LayDeeBug

    to 183 – And that’s not including the talls ones. Most of the ceteceans walking the walk are about 5′ 5″ inches average. 200 on 5′ 5″ is just awful.

  5. Chauncy Gardner

    Jennifer Love Popeye’s

  6. Biff

    She should donate her boobs to a girl who’s still hot.

  7. muffie

    “I love those creamy thighs”

    cream is smooth

  8. Dar

    Yeah, the swimsuit’s not so flattering, but she’s still HOT! I just can’t figure out why she’s dating Ross “Liebgott” McCall, when she could have ME!

    As to all you haters out there who think you either look better or could date someone better looking than JLH, I have to say:


  9. shelly

    Looks like that guy is picking her hass lol !

  10. Sonny Jean

    She probably put on a few pounds becuase she’s happy and in love. That said, I don’t know why it has become OK to make fun of people’s bodies the way these celebrity gossip Web sites do. It’s really sick and pathetic and makes me regret visiting this site.

  11. shallow val

    205 – Shallow Val loves Popeye’s. Dude those biscuits are smokin’ 1

  12. shallow val

    210 – There’s the door pal!

  13. REALLY FAT legs and thighs with horrible cellulite... for anyone!

    Dar- you must be ugly as sin if you think that ass looks good….
    this IS bad… not like the times when people over do it calling people fat that aren’t really fat.
    this is BELOW AVERAGE, I REPEAT: BELOW AVERAGE for women under 30!!!
    UNACCEPTABLE for a celebrity.

  14. Clara

    Jennifer looks normal and still so good. You people are very stupid, if you think that she’s fat! Everyone can look what ever they want, superstars too.

  15. Dar

    Re: 213 — Well, I certainly could come up with a great exercise program to help work it off.

    Unfortunately, I’m too late. She and Ross have announced their engagement. DAMMIT!

  16. Dorito man

    Call 1-800 THIGH MASTER

  17. Maglio

    Wait…now we’re supposed to feel bad that she’s “taken” (engaged)? The dude that’s marrying her is getting her AFTER her body as started going to hell. Nice timing, dude. He probably skeets right after she closes her eyes and mouth.

  18. Raven

    She doen’t look that bad, she looks like an everyday woman. Is it that bad to be healthy?

  19. Vince Lombardi

    I knew someone with an ass like that…. Bronko Nagurski.

  20. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ…this is the most inane drivel I’ve subjected myself to read in a long while. So she’s now got a bigger ass, thighs, and has some cellulite. Who cares?
    Most of the men who make the most asinine comments could NEVER get with her, “fat cow” or not. And frankly, the women who defend her are not all 300 lbs. responding to this while watching their Soap’s and eating bon-bons. Christ people, get a goddamn clue. People look like shit whether it be wrong lighting, wrong swimsuits, or whatever the case may be. The dumbing down of America and the constant drone from our society of what is hot or not is WHY these chitterings from idiots arise.
    I suggest that most of you get off the net and take a look at your sad, lonely worlds while you try to make yourselves feel important or haughty by casting your dispergences on those who are “better” than you. You’re not special, you’re not important, and the only reason you’re on here is to try to fill some void in your life because you have realised such things but can’t come to terms with such a lowly reality.
    If you want such a place in life to where others can then make comments about you…earn it. And you’re not earning it while being on here espousing your poor excuses of being such banes to the whole of society.
    Oh, and another thought, I would LOVE to see any of you go up to your favorite celeb that you constantly throw stones at and say such things to their face. If you don’t have the balls to do so, then get the hell off your high horse.

  21. Mr Semprini

    Wholly Cow!!!

  22. Magic

    I love it, she is juicy! I would bury my face in her ass and lick her ass hole clean

  23. me

    Wow…the shallowness of these comments was highly predictable and pathetic. Half of the commenters most likely don’t look any better…or look worse.

  24. Roderick

    Holy shit, it seems JLH is going pear-shaped, literally!

    I’d still hit though ;-)

  25. Elk

    She is hot. The extra weight has gone to all the right places.

    Don’t know WTF she was thinking when she picked out that top.

  26. Fit & Happy

    She is a cutie pie and felt like eating a lot, but when she is ready she will be able to lose the weight and be totally hot again.

  27. EuroNeckPain

    >> she is cute and looks better at the beach than most women

    Wow ! Which beach do you go to ???
    Certainly not somewhere in Brazil or Russia ! Women on beaches there are so much prettier than this !

    Come on, this lady is only 28, she looks like the average 40 year-old european, but with an ugly bathing suit.

  28. yappy

    its so refreshing to see a woman without tattoos

  29. Elk

    “Wow ! Which beach do you go to ???
    Certainly not somewhere in Brazil or Russia ! Women on beaches there are so much prettier than this !”
    Isn’t Brazil the place where breast reduction is the most popular plastic surgery?

  30. EuroNeckPain

    This is a celebrity bashing site, SmokingGirl @221 ! So this is what we do, make nasty comments about these stupid celebrities who usually get so much praise. What are YOU doing on this site if you don’t like the concept ?
    And what “we are” is only your assumption; you imagine dumb and fat people with no money and no interest in life but you never saw any of us and do not know who we are. You are barking at your own fantasies.

  31. she is fat... like real life fat! with UBER dimpled thighs of cottage cheese

    i go to Virgina Beach, and I still say she is FAT, FATTER than britney… MUCH FATTER… like REALLY FAT. there.

  32. she is obese, it is sick

    now, not only does she have the face of a weezel, but she makes tyra and beyonce look thin. and this is hard to do.
    and this is called ” thesuperficial”!!!!
    stop complaining about people being mean, you fat losers!!!!
    that is the point here!

  33. What Are You Smoking Exactly, SmokingGirl?


    Sweetie, if the reason that one makes a lot of money is because s/he is supposed to look good, then she’d better look good. That’s why many of us don’t make fun of average looking people not being paid for their looks. But movie stars make their crazy money because they are supposed to be (much) hotter than we are, so they’d better earn it. I can see if JLH had won an Oscar so we could say she earns her money due to her acting skills. But we all know that’s not the case.

    So, even if you’re 300lbs, 4″ short, flat chested, flat assed, shaped like a two-dimensional pear, with a face loaded with pimples, I will never make fun of you because you’re not paid to look good.

    That’s the reality, honey. No one gets paid big bucks for nothing.

  34. Actually, I never mentioned fatness or no money in reference to you people…that is only your complex speaking, not mine.
    I am on here to get a laugh and to laugh at celebs, but you see, I don’t actually care about them. Usually when people make comments about others it is because they care, even in a twisted “god I hope they get what’s coming to them” sort of way.
    It’s nice to not be emotionally involved in such things, you should try it sometime. And you’re right, I don’t know any of you nor would I wish to. I don’t “hang” with those that are wrapped up into other peoples lives more than their own. I merrily spend 5 mins here to get a laugh, not to fulfill my own lowly sense of self.
    Have a nice day.

    P.S. This fine site says that it’s a celebrity gossip site. And further more, I love the concept of this site. But you are not the concept for the site, nor did you come up with the concept of this site. More “superficial” ego coming from the parts of those who wish to seem important. But again, have a nice day.

  35. james

    Aww c’mon! I’d still do her! And then I’d do her again. And again. And she will be superhot again in no time!

  36. NotAnythingAtAll

    jennifer is not fat and not sexy. That she looks like a normal woman might be true but then why is she a celebrity? Looking at her makes my dick say “thanks for letting me sleep – wake me when something worth seeing walks by”

  37. It's So Cute When One Has to Resort to "Complex" When Can't Win An Argument Logically

    #235 said
    “It’s nice to not be emotionally involved in such things, you should try it sometime”

    Please reread your #221 objectively (not emotionally). Your comment sounded more emotional than most others on this topic. You really sound cute: for someone who is supposedly doesn’t care, you expressed a lot of anger.

    As for this “complex” thing you’re talking about: there is none from most of us I’m sure. It is what it is. JLH is fat, so some call her fat. Some think Alba is hot, so they call her hot. Some love Hayden’s ass, so they said she has a nice one. Dog’s wife has huge tits, so they said she has huge tits. No complex, sweetie. So just relax and read things as they are instead of trying to sound wise/deep or to analyze a shallow topic on a shallow website. I seriously doubt there are many of us would think “god I hope they get what’s coming to them”, if any. So when you mentioned that it sounded like your own Freudian slip.

    So just relax when reading people’s different opinions on things. It’s a free country. If you can do this, I’m sure you’ll have a nice day and even life, like the rest of us.

  38. SmokingGirlShitsHere

    Smoking Girl decided to dump her intellectual shit here. Just testing the waters after flunking out of college?

  39. big teeth

    What the hell happened to her? Just show how phony Hollywood is.. once they stop with the full time personal training, photoshopped photos, etc, they turn into regular fat Americans. No doubt she will be hot again once she gets back into the celebrity machine..

    And I think the best thing about the comments on this site is when some rube takes it all seriously and posts the angry “you all are sick” message.. hahahhhaaahaha

  40. smammone

    I’m more worried about that nasty sunburn…Premature carcinoma? Other than that adore her and think she looks great. Photos for campaigns are never real..My DH would go after her (if not married to me LOL) Gotta love good hubbies.(By the way I’m thinner and taller and from the Midwest)

  41. Professor Farnsworth

    So she gained some weight, are we not allowed to do that from time to time?

    i’m sure many of you have not much to be desired. don’t think it’s sick — which apparently, some tosser thinks is HILARIOUS (get a sense of humor)…just pretty twisted and overly judgmental.

    #239 — it’s just common sense…seeing as people are attacking her viciously, i’d say that she really got under your skin.

    #249 — people just act the same on the internet and person. some people are reasonable offline and online. while people like you act as obnoxious as you possibly can while being as meek as a lamb in person. :)

  42. Anal Phlegm Munch

    Beached whale! Man the harpoons! God damn that bitch is ugly. So are all of you stretch marked pigs.

  43. sharon

    well, can’t you see she’s fat?! damn! what happened O:

  44. leigh ann

    if shes fat, or shes skinny – who cares? shes got a hot guy, shes rich and shes obviously happy. thats the REAL reason why youre posting! youre all jealous she can eat a big ol’ leftover turkey sandwhich and stuffing and still have it all! im sure she loses no sleep over what random-no-name-no-face person is saying in a blog! in fact, im sure she doesnt even know!

  45. Jennifer Love Hewitt Is too frikkin’ amazing… here’s my gallery of other sexy JLH pics for ya’ll to enjoy:

  46. mclovin'

    Yeah, something’s definitely, I hope she’s pregnant; otherwise, whew!

    As for her guy, he’s hot?!? What kind of crack are some of you smokin’? And what’s the deal with that crap tattoo on his left arm. Did he do that himself?

  47. assblast

    welcome to reality, bitches. this is what a real person looks like. she’s not fat, she’s like what? 30s? so fucking what on the wide hips and ripples. she’s not obese. everyone’s so fucking used to Photoshop perfection, I’m sick of it.

    However, I always thought her face was ass so fuck it.

  48. Scott

    I have met Love and she was very sweet. I think she looks reall hot in the pictures. You go, Love!

  49. Scott Again!!!

    I have met Love and she was very sweet. I think she looks really hot in the pictures. You go, Love! (typo in last post…sorry!!!)

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