Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. sidv

    Her body is not her biggest problem. She has the goofiest face with squinty eyes, a long and pointy chin, and the weirdest jawline. She’s like the furthest thing from being classically beautiful.

  2. Blah. Nothing that can’t be sorted by a bit of time on a StairMaster, or living a 5th-floor walkup on the Lower East Side (Denis Leary’s Noo Yawk alternative). Baby got Potential.

  3. Yup

    She looks fine, what’s the prob?
    Good on her, she’s proving you don’t have to be a total sick insect to get a fit as fuck boyfriend or be successful in her industry.

  4. Leanne

    Give this girl a break! every woman has cellulite!!! Its natural ! She is gorgeous

  5. A

    I have never seen her look better, that ass is one of the nicest ever. I’m glad it got a little bigger, this is the best I’ve ever seen her look

  6. just saying

    she’s hot. i mean really hot now with something to hold on to. :) I hope she doesn’t lose one pound of it due to you morons..

  7. I think she made alot of WATER in the water She tells her friend she also has SHITTED. But there seems a problem: HER TURD KEEPS FLOATING!!

  8. L.Linus

    She’s always had those big ass titties, well I quess her ass is got alot bigger than I ever remember.

  9. It’s called weight gain. Hell, her ass has got a steady check with benefits and a little security. When you ain’t worried ’bout crap, you tend to get lazy.

  10. After looking back at these pictures, damn that’s an ugly swimsuit.

  11. hendero

    For someone whose entire career is based on how she looks, you’d think she’d hit the gym a little harder and eat a few less donuts. Sure, I’d be thrilled if I was married to someone who looks like her, but if you want to be a TV and film star the threshold is much higher. Good thing she didn’t look like this 15 years ago, or none of us would ever heard of her.

  12. ph245

    i would like to do a sex with her

  13. what happened to her thigh!!!

  14. sara

    whatever! she is still smoking hot! worst bikini ever though.

  15. David

    She looks damn hot!! Her curves are perfect…mmm.

  16. yukadoozer

    Now that her fatness is exposed, hopefully her show will be cancelled.

  17. Then An Average Woman Should Have Made As Much Money As She Has

    How can people still defend her ass and thighs when she is paid tons of money because she is supposed to look good? That is just as wrong as paying her tons of money to be a rocket scientist.

    She probably never had the nice ass even before, but it might not have been as bad as now. Come to think of it, I don’t remember having seen her bottom half exposed in any movie I had seen her it in – they all always showed off her boobs but covered her ass. Of course we all know that the more body parts are exposed in a movie, the more the earning potential will be, so the reason we didn’t see her ass exposed before was probably just that: FAT.

    Hanes ads don’t count because photoshop does amazing wonder.

  18. Shallow Val

    OK, looking at her I see how it works. She’s hippy and small waisted. When she was stick thin, she was going against her natural body type.

    OK, I’m going to be nice….usually I can’t stand this chick but props for the real ass and tits. I’m convinced now that they’re real. Typical Marylin Monroe figure. BUT it wouldn’t kill her to exercise, I mean jeez, she’s still pretty young, (isn’t she?)

  19. Mdiz

    What a fucking stupid tat on buddy… Colour it, dress it up…something. Lame very lame… I still think she is hot – plus you know that ass is ohhh so supple. More cushion….

  20. Andie

    She’s a little chubby in the lower half, but I have to say her small waist and big hips make for some great-looking curves. Her head is just way too small for her body. Remember the shrunken head from Beetlejuice? That’s what she kind of reminds me of.

    Still, I’m older than her with two kids and still look better in my bikini. She doesn’t excercise enough.

  21. p

    She is certainly far from fat, look at the size of her stomach and arms, some people are just made like that – no matter what the fuck we do we mcan’t loose our hips and rounded tighs and that swimsuit sure didn’t help either

  22. Kingnitro

    Does anybody really care what her Hips/Legs look like?

  23. Kingnitro

    Does anybody really care what her Hips/Legs look like?

  24. gotmilk?

    holy tank ass in picture 5!

    i never got why dudes where all about her, maybe the huge tits. she’s pretty much a has-been now. time to pack it up j-love!

  25. George Best

    Shes hot. Just needs a better bathing suit.

  26. MBB-30

    I saw that she got engaged recently, ugly swimsuit and all.

  27. Nina

    If your guys think that her boobs are big, there is something wrong with you… I meanm, her boobs aren’t big AT ALL!They look normal to me…

  28. it is reported she is a nude star my friends see many her sexy photos on

  29. super

    look at her cellulites.
    she has big hips.
    her body’s ugly but her face isn’t so its okay.

  30. I like it. She has a butt, now.

  31. super

    look at her cellulites.
    she has big hips.
    her body’s ugly but her face isn’t so its okay.

  32. Pete

    That’s too much ASS for me …

  33. Miss Anthrope

    I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about this chick, but she is definitely wearing the wrong bathing suit for her figure.

    She needs to step up the exercise, and perhaps get a little lipo to get back into proportion.

    Regardless, she still looks better than 90% of the women in this country. Have you people seen the fucking fat whales rolling around town lately? 200 pounds or more is the norm these days for most women. It’s disgusting.

  34. wtf

    i think her face is ugly. she looks like a weezel or a ferret. she is shaped like a pear.
    if you think this isn’t fat, then britney is skinny and toned.

  35. amaia

    some people have this reaction to cold sea water and cold rain in windy winter days, so maybe it’s just that and 5 minutes later she’s normal again

  36. Bigheadmike

    I would like her to me my second wife. Not the first the second.
    Im not a mormon but if I could have a bunch of wives…… She would be right there making sweet sweet and sometimes naughty love.

  37. viggio

    I don’t care how ugly fat american women are, that’s no fucking standard for comparison. She’s got an unattractive *shapeless* spreading ass with cellulite bulges hanging off of it, flanked by saddlebag thighs that belong to a 40-year-old mother of 5 who works part time as a receptionist. Her career is as a glamorous actress (she played – tried to – Audrey Hepburn in a biopic). It’s like being an accountant and sucking at math – yeah, lots of people suck at math, but if you’re trying to make a career at it you better do a whole lot better than that.

  38. Why hasn’t anyone asked why that guy’s finger is in her ass in that first pic?
    Yeah she looks bad.

  39. lifes to short;EAT!

    umm… she looks normal. just cuz she’s the only one in hollywood that eats, doesnt mean she deserves to be ridiculed.

  40. tribalhulk

    #189… Ummm, I eat. In probably eat more than 90% of the general population but I can still see my abs. Fat people disgust me. Take care of yourself you fucking pigs. Step foot into a gym once in a while. “Oh what? I have to work out. I have to sweat and be uncomfortable for an hour a day? No way. Gross.” And don’t tell me it’s genetics you ignorant fucks…

  41. Phildo

    Looks like she’s wearing flesh-colored snowpants.

  42. Chauncy Gardner

    Jennifer Love Butterfingers.

  43. Alexandra

    Wow, she looks horrible. Period. All that money these actresses make, you’d think they’d pay a trainer to keep them looking good. What’s weird about this girl, is that for some reason, her face makes you think that she has a nice body, but then you see her body. Ugh.

  44. stephiphany

    Ew. She looks like my middle school music teacher.

  45. breeze88

    If she looks NORMAL like you say, then her career should be DONE because she made it on alleged above average attractiveness. She is repulsive now- like Britney.

  46. WarBunny

    She is hotter than EVERY chick on this message board.
    You people are idiots.

  47. A

    I love those creamy thighs

  48. Fake

    She’s only 5’2″ tall. I know she’s not perfect and has looked better, but you all might be surprised by how hot and cute she looks in person. Real skinny short girls look too much like kids. A little meat on her bones actually makes her look legal.

    And even though her ass in pic #5 looks bad, she looks like she’s sticking her front out and clenching it, probably to keep sturdy in the waves. Even good asses can look bad while doing this. Actually pics #8 & #11 show a nice round curved one.

  49. Rabbi Schiller

    I’d fuck the shit out of that.

  50. Gail

    200 comments wrestling with the obvious: she’s started to eat more, and she’s exercising less. She looked a whole lot better before, and she’s an actress so obviously looks matter a lot. If she had kids or saved the world, or at least did something other than be in shitty movies and TV shows, she’d have an excuse for being lazy and indulgent.

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