Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. cookie monsta


  2. Teel

    Flat stomach, though.

  3. Anjhest

    Oh look, a normal-looking woman in a poorly-chosen bikini. Same shit I see every summer.

  4. D. Richards (Truth.)

    How dare Jennifer Love! Going out in public reeking of slop cottage cheese. My ass looks just like Hewitt’s but you know what, I remain clothed; and I absolutely, under no circumstances, go to the beach, public swimming pools — Pools in general. Anywhere other than a darkened bathroom, I do not.

    If by some miracle I steal a woman for a few hours and get her naked, I then must make intense decisions: Do I stand and face her; exposing my pre-pubescent-esque boy penis? Or do I stand facing away, showing my time what personal distain I have found in myself by over-indulgence?

  5. susannah


  6. Ally

    Alicia, you are absolutely right. I am a Bay Area native too and there are definitely more thin people here than fat. On the other hand, I actually went to Orlando back in May for a business trip, and good God, when I went to the hotel pool, I felt like I was at Marine World!! I’ve never seen so many fatties in my life. J Love is FAT!!

  7. James

    I think Jennifer looks beautiful. I can’t understand where all this hate is coming from. Jennifer is not fat. She has curves. I’m glad there are still some women in Hollywood who don’t starve themselves.

  8. josselin

    How sexy she is! i just heard someone said on Yahoo group that she is a member of an online site you know the site is a rich women seeking fun site. Sugar mommy and sugar baby… if it is true!

  9. victoria

    It pisses me off when people say ‘like a regular woman’ , I’m a regular girl but I’m skinny and she is FAT not regular

  10. victoria

    It pisses me off when people say ‘like a regular woman’ , I’m a regular girl but I’m skinny and she is FAT not regular

  11. Kingnitro

    Damn if she’s considered Fat it’s No wonder 90% of the women in Hollywierd look like Skeleton’s! I’m in my 40′s so some curves are always alright by me!

  12. Holly Cow!! I meant What a cow!!

  13. But seriously what has she been eating? She is worse than I!

  14. cindy

    she just has huge hips, is all

  15. carsten5577

    All the positive statements only come from one source: fat females. She’s got tonnes of cellulite on her ugly fat legs and her ass is just disgusting. She’s a talentless actress who’s made it because of her body, don’t compare her to average women out there who actually have to work for a living; and don’t feel bad for her either.

  16. tanya

    Her stomach must have been liposucked because incomparison to her ass and hips it’s too flat.

  17. neener

    her legs are gross and full of cellulite. it looks like the cut and pasted her head on someone else’s body.

  18. El Sueno

    Here’s where those Japanese harpooners could do mankind some good.

  19. TCLTC

    i’d slap my dick ‘tween them titties.

  20. Alicia

    The majority of women in hollywood are not extremely thin. If you look at the red carpets of today, there are way more “normal” sized women than super-thin ones. Actresses aren’t typically super thin like models. Actresses are typically quite homely. The 10 or so actresses you see in US and People everyday are like, 1% of the celebrity population.

  21. Jen

    Well, Alicia, I met people from absolutely EVERYWHERE… we kept a tally and we met people from all the States, so yeah, I think I got a good view of what the US is like, body-wise. I understand that there are some “thin” cities, sure, but how do you account for the fact that over 60% of your country is now considered overweight? Just saying. Also NOT saying you’re overweight– just commenting on how the norm in the US is overweight, not healthy weight.

    Also, I’m not saying Canada is any better– well, we are a little, but we’re still creeping up there on the weight scales. I just think that JoLoHew looks fine. 98% of women have cellulite, so I’ll give her a pass on that. She just needs to work out more and she’d be fine– she’s carrying some extra pounds in her ass and hips, normal areas for women. If her belly was fat, or her torso, then I’d worry.

    I guess I’m just not speaking as a little boy, scared of tits and ass. I work as a nutrition consultant now, and I think she looks FINE. Not fabulous, by any means, but I wouldn’t worry if she were one of my clients.

    I would suggest a halter top though. :)

  22. toni

    oh my god!! she has kankles!!!!she almost has “thankles”(thigh-ankles)!!! some one go get a tent and cover her up before the children see her!!!!

  23. roop

    Look at that lame ass crucifix tattoo! What happened it stung too much that Josh McCall told the artist to stop? I think the bikini is just too small for Jennifer Love Doritos, I mean Jennifer Love Pork Chops, I mean Jennifer Love (insert food item)…

  24. suajjf

    hormones…she’s probably taking the pill.

  25. Alicia

    I didn’t say she was fat, I said exactly what you just said. That she looks a bit fat in her lower half and should tone up a bit. I think she looks fine as well, by no means fat, just carrying a bit of extra weight.

    And I’ve been all over this country as well, having lived in it for 21 years. The majority of the fat people are in the midwest, Florida and the South. I know the American average is quite chubby, somewhere around 165 pounds for a 5’4″ woman. I’m just saying that not everywhere in America is like that and that there are some cities in this country where people care about their health.

  26. Apple

    beautiful woman.. is she still stay with her husband.. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has an profile on an online site you know it is a site for rich women to seek sexy guys.. i guess it might be a joke on her!

  27. Riotboy

    That’s a HD booty.

  28. witness

    give her a break. sure, she picked the wrong top but who cares? she’s beautiful most of the time in her lifetime. no one’s perfect… unless of course, some think they are

  29. no1justminda

    That’s what normal women look like. Back to reality fellas.

  30. katness

    she looks effing hot. i would totally do her.

  31. katness

    she looks effing hot. i would totally do her.

  32. Ript1&0

    Wait, are we reppin for the Bay?? I live here too.


  33. josselin

    you are so cool. but i just found out your secret that you have joined an online a club called, by which you are seeking a sexy guy for extramarital relationship.. Is that true?

  34. Alicia

    Lol, we are so repping the Bay.

  35. C

    i think she looks great. hollywood needs less anorexic looking women.

  36. lindsay

    Well… her body’s gone straight to hell. She used to be so tiny. Now she’s So thick. Damn, her legs are the same size from the hip down.. But honestly that’s how most women look. Well not the thick leg thing. But she does have a belly pooch.. Large ass.. Kinda looks like mine. Eh!

  37. Lonewolf

    more cushin for the pushin,.. i love her :)

  38. Your Body Is A Blubber Land.

  39. FIRST

    She needs to lose about 15 pounds and tone it up a tad, but WTH, looks like she is happy :P

  40. Doh reality>KISS Blondeefy My Moments!*#$%

  41. Zojmiester

    Maybe she’s pregnant?

  42. me

    SUPERFISH– that picture that you claim is from september is actually from september 2003…four years ago. that’s probably why there is a HUUUUGE difference b/n how she looks.

  43. Eric

    I’d still hit that repeatedly.

  44. man, what a reminder to go to the gym, or else. I think it’s funny the male posters think all the female posters on here are 300 pounds and drooling; I think you’d be surprised. I’d venture to say about 80% of them have a better body than she does.

  45. Marj

    Geez, what’s everyone’s problem? Sure, she’s doing the Photoshop people no favors at this point, but even the self-professed ‘skinny girls’ on here who feel fit to judge her would, I guarantee you, be unpleasantly surprised at the gross-looking pictures someone could take of them. If she were wearing a dress at a premiere, these comments wouldn’t be cropping up… but she’s entitled to go to the beach like everyone else, no matter her level of perfection. If they put her in a beach movie looking like this, then maybe criticism would be in order, but I don’t see her replacing Alba in “Into the Blue 2″ anytime soon.

  46. Exo

    I like them curves!
    Perhaps just a tiny little bit of her saddlebags should be taken off,
    otherwise she looks hot.
    She has the goregous hips of them ladies in the old Conan comics,
    I´ve always been a big fan of those hips.
    and with that top shelf to match,
    she´s a total babe!

  47. Holycrap

    cra she looks fine, better to enjoy life and not starve yourself than be stick thin and a miserable wench (like VB, Olsen twins, Paris Hilton) she looks wonderfully relaxed and happy. and she has a better body than almost all American women I have ever met.

  48. iloatheChipperHoes

    @18. RENEE…

    I think you’re a f*cking idiot. Not that there’s anything wrong with this chick btw.

  49. joey8956472

    she is sexy and have a good figure. her profile on a celebrities site is also very popular.

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