Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. your moms favorite candy

    She looks fine, don’t be haters.

  2. She doesn’t look bad compared to most US women because most US women are fat asses! Women of that size are not enviro-friendly!

    She should change her name to Jennifer Loves To-eat-it. Man, her boyfriend is gonna need a dump truck when he dumps her fat ass.

  3. TS

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH…………………………………………………………….MY GOD!!!!!

  4. Water Bottle

    I don’t think she’s too bad but pic #06, that one isn’t doing her any favors.

    If you’re gonna have cellulite & a mommy tummy, at least be a mommy first.

  5. Steven

    #42….Great post!!

  6. roughdaddy

    although id hit it from 2 blocks away,,,but she doesnt look better than kim kardashian…kim k doesnt have cellulites

  7. Pagan Beauty

    I love reading the comments you guys write more than the stories themselves! I am surprised, tho, that no one has mentioned the guy poking his finger up her butt in the very first picture… Helloooo???

  8. Um… JLH is old. Like, SRSLY who cares. She’s like what, in her late thirties? That’s what late thirties women’s bodies look like, unless they are Heidi Klum and the baby from eraserhead (aka her husband) shelled out for plastic surgery. Seriously though, I kid, I KID. The baby from eraserhead was kinda cute.

  9. Matilda

    OH SHIT! She’s only 28.


    Drop the donuts!!! Look, there goes a ghost! It’s headed towards the gym! Spooky! Go get ‘em girl!

  10. Ript1&0

    I don’t think she looks bad. Well, I’m not all that into chicks anyway so a little cellulite doesn’t hurt a bit.

    Just keep it healthy, girl. Maybe get a skirt wrap thing for the bikini bottom.

  11. Ript1&0

    PS= Dude, if you remember the baby from Eraserhead, JLH isn’t the only one who’s got a little age on them…

  12. Danklin24

    Umm, i dont think she looks bad at all. Yeah her ass could use a little work but those boobs…good god those boobs. I still think Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of the cutest chicks in Hollywood.

  13. dude

    Whoa, JLH has an ASS? Man, I thought she was all tit–it never even occurred to me to let my eyes go south. Sweet.

  14. Slappy san

    She’s doesnt like has a coke and ciggy diet. I like it. Don’t change Love. Look what happened to Thora Birch and Christina Ricci!!! :(

  15. Danklin24

    Matilda, she’s 28, not that much younger than i.

  16. Mark Wilhelm

    $100 she went on the pill!

  17. jacknasty

    she is cute and looks better at the beach than most women. Id take her over Paris, Lindsay and the rest of the veneral ward

  18. Nikki

    It’s not just “fattness” – I think she is prego

  19. Cate

    Wowza, she certainly gained a few pounds.

    And BTW, women with big tits should never wear strapless tops, sorry. Look, I hate my boobs (36DD), but I make sure that I flatter them. Big boobies look best in halters.

    This strapless shit has got to go.

  20. Yeah, she’s pretty hot. Everyone here hating on JLove’s body is probably a hundred times fatter than her to start. All women should strive to have a body half as nice as the ones in these pictures, which I’m probably going to go take into the bathroom now.

    Seriously though, she needs someone to walk around underneath her chest just holding those giant sweater cows up off the ground. Imagine the back problems they must cause, or what kind of civil engineer she’s going to have to hire to counterweight those things when she gets pregnant and full of moo moo.

  21. Call me crazy but I have no problem with her weight and she looks like she is having a good time. Nowadays that seems rare with so many addicted people walking around.

  22. Peter

    I would still hit it. Shes so hot

  23. Last

    59 Get your information about people’s age right before u r smart ass. She was a child star and she couldn’t be the age u say she is even if she looked like it. So in the future check your information please.

  24. So sexy woman. They hang out with nudist from on nudist beach? You are interested in nudism??

  25. Superbad

    kirstey alley?? is that you??

  26. Oh my ……girlfriend should not be wearing this swimsuit. Love (no pun), try a one-piece with a halter top. Those are most flattering (believe it or not) for the girl who’s got something upstairs.

  27. Brandy

    she looks good.

  28. Marie

    You guys are jerks!
    She looks like a regular woman, not a prepubescent boy.
    I’d like to see all of you in a bikini, I bet she looks better than most of you.
    Plus she still has a sweet rack.

  29. bcb

    Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? It is really fun to watch and see all the creative ways they have of hiding JLH’s monster hips and ass. Check it out this Friday and see how much the wardrobe department is working overtime to hide that giant keister. Seriously.

  30. Mark Twain

    Wasn’t her body the inspiration for John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland” song? Uhhhhh, she’s got more cellulite than me–and I ain’t famous! HA.

  31. I'm Sorry for Saying Something So Mean, But...

    She’s a Jennifer Convertible.

  32. Alicia

    I wish people would quit saying that celebrities look like “real women” if they are fat or have cellulite or look jiggly as all hell. There are scores of women in between fat and dangerously skinny who look perfectly alright. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks a bit fat in the bottom area, like she could use some toning up. BUT, a thin woman is not always an “addict” or on drugs or anorexic.

  33. Alicia

    or boys or children or prepubescent anything

  34. Snarky McComments

    Sadly, Jen is well on her way to completing her transformation into Princess Fiona.

  35. Efil

    You guys are nuts. Someone get me an introduction. I have zeeeeero problem with that body.

    Jennifer, you look great. For the rest of you that think that celebrity women should look like 11 year old boys with tits, it is ok, you’ll grow up after you turn 24 or so.

  36. Jen

    Well, Alicia, hate to say it, but the “average” American woman is a size 14. I’m from Canada, but I lived in Florida for a year, working at Disney World, and I can say with certainty that I have NEVER seen more fat people in my life.

    So, by those standards, JLoHew looks about a zillion times better than the “average” woman. The “average” woman is probably about 30-50 pounds heavier than her, in the States anyway.

    I still don’t get why weight is a big deal. Health is more important. She looks like she still works out — but she also appears to have lost and gained weight quickly, which would account for the cellulite.

  37. skinny bitch

    Have you all been to a beach lately? Beached whales everywhere…I’m not talking about the Free Willy kind. JLH looks better than the average woman…she’s beautiful…who cares about a little cellulite…I know my boyfriend wouldn’t if I looked like she does!

  38. ack

    ok, i’m late, but damn, them’s some birthin’ hips.

  39. kkfun

    She looks so hot in that pictures. BTW, have u guys seen her on a millionaire site I heard of this around the internet.

  40. Melissa

    Let’s look at this: she hasn’t shown her vagina in public, she isn’t seen drunk all over L.A, she is still keeping her career alive herself, she isn’t dependent on her parent’s money, or her publicity, she sure as hell isn’t britney spears and I think she is beautiful!!!

  41. d

    she used to be hot..especially in those hanes bra commercials. now she has a fat ass and cellulite thighs. so sad..

  42. wiinja

    sweet dumper

  43. put the ugly people in the back

    You idiot turds have been told over and over again that naturally huge breasts are not all they are cracked up to be. Why? Because if you can store that much fat in your chest as time goes by you’ll slowly start storing 4, 5, 6, 10 times as much fat in your ass, thighs, belly and all over.

    Fuck anyone ever seen hertbreakers, man she must have starved everyday to look like she did back them. Is she less fat than most cows on the beach? Maybe but for a celebrity who gets paid shitloads to be on camera because she is so much better than your average chick she looks much shitier than your average chick so shape up or move over and be replaced by younger and hotter. Thems the rules.

    Prediction: Her show will soon be cancelled (once execs get a look at these pics and realize they need someone like a young Jessica Alba to be the star of a show, not someone who looks like your aunt in a bathin suit. Love is gonna end up like Kirstie Alley someday I swear.

  44. Maria

    Who said anything about skinny people being on drugs?
    I simply stated that it’s sad when people think average sized women are fat, as Alicia said. That’s why teenage girls are obsessed.

  45. ZZ

    “it’s sad when people think average sized women are fat”

    So true, Maria.

    I generally like the comments I’m seeing, it is a very unflattering suit, but Jen looks NORMAL. And that’s what I like to see, not Paris Hilton. C’mon. All of you reading this are normal, don’t knock her, you have no right to

  46. ZZ

    “it’s sad when people think average sized women are fat”

    So true, Maria.

    I generally like the comments I’m seeing, it is a very unflattering suit, but Jen looks NORMAL. And that’s what I like to see, not Paris Hilton. C’mon. All of you reading this are normal, don’t knock her, you have no right to

  47. humbert humbert

    I do believe I could work one up for Ms. Hewitt.

  48. Alicia

    Jen, I didn’t say the “average” woman was between skinny and obese, I said that there are “scores” of women between skinny and obese. I live in the Bay Area and there are not that many fat people here. The majority of people who live here are on the thinner side of average, thank god. Working at Disneyworld and living in Florida and you’re surprised to see a bunch of fatties? All of the American tourists are from the midwest where fatties are put up on pedestals. Aside from them, Florida is where people go to retire. They are typically larger folks. Come to LA or San Francisco and you’ll see that the “average” is different in every state and every city in the US.

  49. sharpeidude

    I’m liking that!

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