Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. there are 9 other who want to hit it just as badly as I do :D

  2. m

    i admit i needed a boost of ‘self-esteem’ so i loooked for this website to see a woman considered a hollywood hottie have a ‘surburban moment’ — no dis on the ‘surburban hotties’.
    i read all the comments. fascinating. a slice of the world: haters, lovers, defenders, admirers, nasties, peacemakers etc.
    here’s what i ended up w/after all that:
    1] felt better about my 43 yr old body which, depending on the brand, has clothes’ sizes, which i wear everyday, from size 0 to 6. the size 0 from Gap, size 6 from no name brand, size S fr victoria’s secret, size XS from Old Navy.

    2] the comments reminded me that there will lovers of my body (36-24-36.5 & 5’3 & 125 lbs) and haters which is only fair and makes sense. beauty is in the eyes of the beholders

    3] i got beautifully reminded by a comment there that i’m propotionate! i have a large head, really broad shoulders but HATED my full face whenever i gain a bit of weight. my face always fits my body weight. no false advert in the way my body goes up or down in weight.

    4] i get a healthy denial moment whenever i do weight gain: hmm, my clothes are shrinking in the laundry. NOT! need to exercise or cut back on those heavy dinners. one of the two usually, thankfully, works for me.

    5] this is a free country, free speech, and very capitalism oriented. i thank this website for giving me the ‘fix’ i needed. i don’t mean that as an agreement for JLH bashing or loving. i am only thankful that it gave me what i needed.

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