Jennifer Love Hewitt, so, uh, what happened?

November 28th, 2007 // 552 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent a few days in her bikini in Hawaii with her boyfriend Ross McCall. Something went awry between this picture in September and what we’re looking at right now. What the hell are those ghosts whispering to her? That cake fights cancer? Because it’s a proven fact that the only cure for cancer is having sex with me. Okay, maybe not so much proven, as drunkenly hinted at when you realize I’m not really Patrick Dempsey.

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  1. Vince Lombardi

    DAMN. Those ghosts should hold up a mirror for her.

  2. Vince Lombardi

    You’d think with all the ghosts she talks to, just one of them could be like a dead aerobics instructor or a sales rep for “Bally Total Fitness.” Hell, even a late Jenny Craig counselor… somebody?!?!

  3. combustion8

    she must be one lazy/hungry chick.

  4. LL

    Well, she could be a little more toned, but mostly that swimsuit is just unflattering. Chicks with giant boobs (and hers definitely qualify) should not wear strapless, ever. Boobs that big require some heavy-duty rigging to keep them up and not looking like they’re trying to make a run for the border.

    As for the bottom… eh, unfortunate.

    Try again, Jen.

  5. Jenna

    Well damn I think she looks hot. I like curves. But she needs a more supportive swim suit top!

  6. sindiva

    Oh good lord. the comments on this will be painfully predictable.

  7. Rick

    The saddest part: that ass is what most female commenters WISH for.

  8. Beady Eye Guy

    People, she’s always had a big ass. As for the boobs those are the type that will droop and her tummy looks bigger than I’ve ever seen it.

  9. G Man

    There She Blowwwwwwssssss, man the harpoon and who slapped her in the rear with a waffle iron???

  10. To be real she actually doesn’t look all that bad compared to most women?

  11. To be real she actually doesn’t look all that bad compared to most women?

  12. secybitch

    She’s far from fat. She just looks normal, really. I really hate this bitch’s virginal attitude though. The rumor is that she likes to ruin marraiges.

  13. To be real she actually doesn’t look all that bad compared to most women?

  14. Very ugly ass… Too bad because I used to like her…

  15. LLLOOOLLL. I work at a swimwear store, and I’ve got to tell you that’s REALLY not the proper swimsuit at all for her body type. But I think most people could tell just by looking at her!

  16. BaconMessiah

    Suddenly I feel like eating a nice juicy pear.

  17. N

    That’s what my ass looks like. She’s my new hero.

  18. RENEE...

    So her butt, hips, and thighs don’t look the greatest, who cares. She still has amazingly big, sexy boobies and a fairly flat stomach (I don’t get how she has such a flat stomach though since her hips, thighs, and butt are so cellulitey and chunky) And I still love the girl, she seems so free spirited, sweet, and real. And I think she’s adorably cute and sexy in her own way. Her boyfriend sure isn’t very good looking, she could probably do much better. But then, they look madly in love (and engaged? look at her ring finger) so kudos to them. love the JLove. Oh, and apparently her breasts are natural. All that time I thought she had falsies, but those are alittle too droopy and natural looking now. She sure is well endowed and womanly. I bet black men would drool all over that… fo sho. (ok, my attempt at being black, ha!)

  19. combustion8

    she makes me wanna stab my testicles with an icepick…*shiver*

  20. Jen

    She looks fine to me, just like most women on an American beach. BETTER than most women, actually. But that is an unfortunate swimsuit for her body type.

    The comments on these types of posts are always the same.

  21. Anony

    She doesn’t look that bad…Seriously though…I am a large breasted woman and I would never wear strapless like that! Very unflattering…

    What I wanna know is why noone is pointing out the big rock on her “all important finger”??? Hmmmm? Maybe she has a BABY on the way!

  22. combustion8

    Are you kidding me? she’s got the lower half of a 40+ year old (after children). She’s still young! No excuse but pure laziness.

    guess we know which women on here have similiar (or worse) bodies.

  23. just watch her in heartbreakers and youll be set

  24. Bart

    I kind of like the big-assed version of Ms. Hewitt. It would be diferent if she was fat all over. However, her stomach is still flat. From behind, it’s not like her legs are pressed against eachother cuz theyre so big either. All the fat is in the ass. Not bad. I dig it.

  25. Lesley

    “just like most women on an American beach. BETTER than most women, actually.”

    gee…maybe…just maybe…the story is that she’s an actress with limited talent who’s always filmed in ways that highlight her figure (to make up for the limited talent). I’m all for self-esteem statements, just not at the cost of obvious retardation.

  26. Ali

    I think she looks fab still, OK, so not as thin as she once was, but still great!

  27. paige

    Yep, any woman who thinks she looks okay must be a fatty. And any man who wants to hit that is either gay or has a thing for beached whales. Sound about right, 15-year-old boys?

  28. betenoir

    Nice to see a real woman for a change and not somebody who looks like Crypty. But the top is so wrong for her. She should know better.

  29. EveryonePoops

    Am I wrong, or does Party of Five when the contest for most obnoxious show in the history of telvision? The only thing close to redeeming about that show was her ginormous boobies.

  30. starship

    Mmmmmmm still pretty. She needs to get off the couch more and stop eating bon-bons. Otherwise, she’s still a babe

  31. Her boobs still need motor boating

    Seriously her knocks are still sweat. I blame it on an ugly swimsuit

  32. OAPartyRock

    YUMMMMM. She is still fantastic, I don’t know what you are talking about. Still a great face, amazing boobs, and I would love for her to sit on my face. Lulz.

    Still hot…

  33. lux

    She sure has put on the weight over the years. I remember thinking she was pretty when she was on that short lived sitcom/soap “The Byrds of Paradise. How long a go was that, anyways, forever ago. Yeah not looking your best Love…but in her defense, she looks better then the average woman on the beach (and I live in Malibu) She should get that Vella Smooth and massage out that cellulite.

  34. Twinkie

    I’d totally hit it.


    She’s way hotter than Kim Kardashian and her horrible flip flops will ever be.

  35. teddy

    nah, her face looks like shes got a bit of the downs.

  36. lux

    She should start doing that Barbie workout she did when she was little!

  37. Gerald_Tarrant

    I call shenanigans. This is just some chick who looks like JLH. That ass just doesn’t fit on that body. Maybe someone photoshopped the face on.

  38. steve

    she looks like any chick you’d see at the beach.

    But without makeup, damn, that girl is plain. Just plain. Kinda homely even.

  39. teddy

    just imagine how bad she’ll look after she shits out a couple kids.

  40. A

    what happened is that as soon as she put that bikini on she immediately had the sexiest body for a white women in hollywood. Damn that ass is phat, I never wanted her more

  41. minniememe

    she still looks great. who here wouldn’t tap it if given the chance?????

  42. Me

    maybe photoshop is broken and now all we’ll get a the REAL pics of the dumb and famous

  43. Ken

    Where’s the original writer (Kurt?) This guy isn’t funny. I had to read the handlebar/Dempsy/cancer thing about 14 times before I was able to discern it was an attempt at a joke.

    Go back to drinking and driving a tank. Or shooting lasers out of your d*ck. You know, the funny stuff.

  44. morgan

    she looks pretty fuckin normal………. like omg we cant see her rib cage heaven forbid!

  45. mr smith

    looks health to me..I’d hit it!

  46. Clem

    Jennifer Love Sandwiches.

  47. The final frontier of her hotness is here at last!

    Plausible attainability, that is.

  48. #7–I WISH I had cankles?

  49. Ted from LA

    If she “shits” out a couple kids I think she and her boyfriend might be using the wrong hole. I’m not a doctor, but that is just a hypothesis.

  50. Nikky Raney

    still looks better than britney

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