Jennifer Love Hewitt remembers her bikini

February 26th, 2008 // 145 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt, for God knows what reason, decided to open up to People about the infamous bikini pics that divided our nation into those who thought Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat and those who don’t – otherwise known as the blind. Here’s some bullshit about how she’s working out but not because of the pictures:

“If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our 80s,” Hewitt, 29, said at the event, benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. “It won’t be because I am worried about how I look.”

Since Jennifer, and I’m assuming her publicist, know these pics are instant press I’m reposting them. Here’s the shocking photos of that time Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a bikini. Or the day not even Jennifer Love’s boobs could stop my tears. How I was able to still get an erection should be recognized as a shining example of the human spirit’s ability to conquer adversity/a whole lotta cellulite. I’m trying to get Hallmark to make a movie about me, but they’re not 100% sold on the title: “Boner-Force: A Journey of the Heart.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. dude

    No, Pegasus, JLH is mighty hot and I’m afraid you look like shit.

  2. She's a size fucking 2-WELVE!!!

    Bitch is eating CROW NOW(well, atl east it’s low carb).What a fucking bunch of BULLSHIT! She is CLEARLY notifying the media that she will now be dropping weight and toning up that ass but, she’s done this interview and worded her responses carefully (or her publicist has) to try to convince us that her soon to be slimmer figure is not due to being an insane ego maniac spoilt celebrity who can’t handle the insanely high standards she upheld for so long when they are finally used against her. Well fuck that shit I aint buying it and neither should anyone.

    As a real size two (my build is EXACTLY like a young Heather Locklear or Phoebe Cates from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) it fucking disgusts me that she lied about her size, not because size matters, tone and body fat matters but, because that little size comment was one of the most hypocritcal things I’ve ever heard anyone say and it was fucking infuriating.

    And why the fuck do you idiots have to justify her weight by bringing up morbid obesity, life is about healthy balance, the “middle ground” not extremes, so quit bring up the skeleton/obese extremes to justify this overweight, out of shape, YOUNG, CHILDLESS, woman. She need to work out, eat less, and shut that fucking mouth because she clearly shoves in the fat and and spews out the hypocrisy. There are few things worse than a bitchy fatty, look it chick you don’t have your looks anymore so you NEED that personality. Try eating some fat free humble pie and taking some honesty pills Jennifer Love Hugeportions.

    TRUTH: NO WOMAN who eats well and works out consistentlly would EVER have a body like this unless they had serious medical complications. DEAL WITH IT, BITCHES.

  3. All of us

    Jennifer got fat.

    You? We don’t care about you. Thanks for all the personal disclosures, though. Scroll scroll scroll…

  4. NOT Hot Bod

    She used to be fit
    infact she was 2 fit
    2 fit to quit… (being a hottie)
    but now she’s not fit
    she’s UNfit
    and for that reason she must QUIT… (“acting”, eating, wearing bikini’s and talking).

  5. >((

    #105. Cooooooooool Beans.
    NICE Hot Rod reference.

  6. dude

    Ok, what the fuck? Look at all these loser beeoches coming on here and saying “Oh, I’m hotter than JLH, oh I look like Heather Locklear, oh I look like Phoebe Cates, oh she’s not a size 2 because I’m a size 2 and I’m so hot”. Fuckryanoutloud, gimme a break you sorry shits.

    You’re just a bunch of ugly fucking losers. Go puke up your McDonalds and OD on laxatives if it makes you feel “normal” and “healthy”. I’d rather look at JLH’s big fine ass any day.

    FEEL IT!

  7. old yeller


  8. Tam

    The sad thing about most of you people who are posting is that.. you look like JLH.. or your girlfriend does.. a normal body…. with a little extra weight in certain areas.. MOST GIRLS have CELLULITE ON THE THIGHS/BUTT… its almost impossible to get rid of.. even if you starve yourself.. and eat laxatives 24/7..

    get over yourselves.. JLH looks fine.. she spent her whole young life trying to maintain a thin thin figure when her body type holds more weight in ertain areas.. let her live a happy comfortable life with her fiance.. instead of constantly badgering her over a few pound weight gain.. shes lived the rail thin lifestyle and she was not happy..

    i’d rather someone be happy and a bit chubby then unhappy and starving at a double 0… 92lbs!

  9. Tam

    and regardless of you people guessing if someone can be a size 2/size 0 just by looking at them or by their weight, wrong..

    before i had my baby… i’m 5’4”.. I was 118lbs.. and a size zero……

    but by most posts here.. thats not possible cuz i wasn’t 82lbs..

    don’t judge unless you know for a fact…

  10. @ 108: *laughs* Mm…In my original post I was comparing myself to Jennifer, who has the same type of proportion, in order to bring a point that there is distortion in our views of what size is and should be. Our perceptions of size are very different from reality. Hence why no one can believe that I have DD/E breasts and wear a size 2/4. I am not surprised by the reactions to my post and I anticipated that I would start some trolling. It was most likely a poor choice on my part, but I can never seem to let a good fight go to waste.

    I don’t mind taking on a debate challenge so I decided to respond this time. I usually refrain from posting all together because I know that my views clash with the way the majority feels.

    I agree with Jennifer and I can’t express the support I have for her decisions and statements she has released to the media. Her message is empowering in a world that places the scrutiny of a woman’s body at the forefront and leaves the content of her character and the strength of her mind in the dust.

    I hunt wild boars with my 30 ought 6. I’m not into the “conflict resolution” peace corps shtick. I would never use the degrees I have earned as a way to gain an advantage in a debate. Debate should be based on substantive evidence, not hearsay. I check Superficial in between researching and typing. It was good entertainment today. I <3 Fish–keep the good posts coming.

  11. E Is Possible


    It is possible for Dido to have E cups. I know a girl in college who did and you could not see it when she was fully clothed. The reason? Because the boobs were so saggy they looked no more than B/C cups when covered with her blouse. When topless, however, you could see the really long boobs, and with bras, they became somewhat flattened/pressed and that made them look not as mountainous. They looked like a folded small blanket.

    Before I saw her topless, I had never thought I would rather see boobs covered.

  12. StillAwake

    Thanks for that mental image. All I need is to picture somebody using the art of origami to fit their long boobs into a bra.

  13. Frankly, she’s really hot and sexy… very hot… very sexy… I just remembered i have seen some of her ablums and hot pictures at a celeb site called “millionairecupid dotcam”. She has many great fans at that club, so we can always see her there.

  14. haaaa8888tttter

    “i’d rather someone be happy and a bit chubby then unhappy and starving at a double 0… 92lbs!”

    That’s what all the fat girls say.

  15. NOT Hot Bod

    #107, Tam and other morons like you, how fat and stupid are you that you can’t understand that girls who are Phoebe Cates size can eat really welll and work out. Laxatives? All tht tells us is what issues you have. And if you had a brain or an education you would know that laxatives cannot cause weight loss because by the time they take affect your body has already absorbed the calories from your food.They are just plain dangerous and will damage your body’s function but, won’t cause any calories to be flushed out. Try eating 1500 calories a day (fuits, vegetables, lean proteins whole grains, even a nice desert everyday) and working out 1-2 hours a day (breaking on Sunday) and then you won’t be so FAT. You people are pathetic and as I said stop using extremes to justify this chubby fat ass. Their are plenty of toned hot women who aren’t 98 pounds and don’t look like this fat load.

    Those who defend her are either her size or bigger and in lazy denial about their weight. Quit pigging out and start working out you selfsih fucks.

  16. Mac-X

    Why are you even talking about this nobody? She’s never been appealing to me.

  17. dude

    Hey! News flash! NO ONE GIVES A SHIT!!!!

    You got a strict diet? I don’t give a fuck. You work out? I don’t give a fuck. You are a size 0 or whatever? I don’t give a fuck. JLH has a bigger ass than you? I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. So I’m chubby? Ouch, you got me, I like burgers and TV and…um…wait…oh yeah, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. I like chicks with fat asses, you’re goddamn right–so why do YOU give a fuck?

    That’s the fucking point dipshit, NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE, WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOK LIKE, HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH, NONE OF THAT SHIT. So why the fuck do you keep “bragging” about it? Got picked on in high school, did ya? Used to be the fat girl, did ya? We remind you of those bullies, do we? Johnny didn’t dance with you at the prom, so you’ve been obsessing about it all these years, have ya? So now you spend every waking hour writing in your food journal and showing off for all those stupid douchebags at the gym, do ya? Well some of us WORK and don’t have time for that shit. Or, more likely, WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

    I’m not defending anything. All I care about is smoking that big juicy JLH ass. You don’t look like her? SO THE FUCK WHAT, why do you keep telling us? You think we’re gonna be jackin off to your imaginary ugly ass instead of JLH? Guess what, THIS AIN’T ABOUT YOU BITCH.

  18. Fit, Happy, and Proud American

    The bottom line Americans is to get off your huge behind and practice a healthy life style. If you want to continue with your unhealthy life style, then don’t hate the people who practice a healthy life style and are proud of it. It is obvious by some of the comments posted on this site; that the over weight people are envious of our discipline, motivation, and fit looking bodies. While you over weight people will be taking pills for your high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes; we fit people will be enjoying our healthy bodies.

  19. Get Over It


    You sound like you need a donut fix. Why don’t you go to the donut shop and stuff your fat face. While you are at it; you can enjoy watching all the huge behinds coming in and out of the donut shop lol!

  20. Sorry

    Hey Dido:

    I wrote a comment saying you look like a size 10, but I meant to say size 8. I am basing the size on the sewing pattern sizes. I would have said size 6 but I am guessing that your hips are at least a 35 which puts you in the size 10 category. You look fabulous and keep up the great work.

  21. OK What Ever!


    If you were a size 0; then this means your hips were a size 30 ha! You must have went to a vanity sizing store.

  22. Elk

    122. OK What Ever!

    Arguing about women’s sizes is retarded. Women’s sizes are just a made up number so women don’t have to say how big they are. If they actually were suppose to mean something they’d be in inches like mens sizes.

  23. Bonny

    OMG!!! did you hear theres going to be a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians March 9th on E!. Its going to be so much better than last season. I wonder if Reggie Bush is going to be on it. Heres the links that you asked for. Check out the tushy game. see how many you can get right. I only got 3

  24. A

    I have never seen her look better, that is what a women with curves looks like

  25. redsonja1313

    WHY THE FUCK WOULD A SANE PERSON post pictures of themselves on a website the called superficial…. Are you hoping to get into porn ????
    She gets paid to LOOK GOOD. If when I turn on the TV or go to the movies I wanted to seem the average American women/man I would go to the water cooler, the gym or McDonalds.
    If you get paid millions per episode and your job is to memorize lines provided for you and look wistfully at the camera, I EXPECT MY UNREALISTIC IMAGE OF BOTH MEN AND WOMEN TO BE HONORED !!! She needs to get off her size 8-10 fat ass and start a healthy workout and eating program.

    The only women in Hollywood I ever believed was 1) beautiful fat and 2) ok with her size was Queen Lahtifa and even she is doing Jenny Craig now.

  26. kate

    Has anybody hear about Pop Fiction. This show on E! Its going to be on air March 9th at 10:30 et/pt. If anybody knows about it let me know. Also ive seen these. This show is going to be good. It has to be its so secretive. Ive been hearing crazy rumors about it too!! Heres the link



  27. It is All Relative


    I think Dido looks fabulous and she should be proud of it. She is the minority because 70 percent of Americans are 30 pounds or more over weight.

    Jennifer is not a size 8-10. If she was, she would not be the topic of this fat discussion. Size 8-10 is not fat for people taller than 5’3″. Jennifer looks like her hips are size 43 which makes her a size 16.

  28. her shape z no t as well as the period when she z a member of ~~ ~

  29. like'em like that

    Wow, there must be an awful lot of really good lookin motherfuckers sitting around surfin the web and talkin shit on this site. I mean, to say JLH is looking bad, you must be the shit. Send in your pics you fine bitches. I wanna see. Fact of the matter, women are caddy whores and men would fuck her no matter if all her limbs were amputated and see was covered with worts. Please people, get a fuckin life.

  30. William

    I still think you are beautiful and great I love you

  31. William

    To me you are still beautiful and sweet still love you

  32. Highly amused 1987

    Congratulations. What an intriguing existence one must have to dedicate their lives to commenting on another human being’s cellulite. To the people who wish to have their picture taken wearing a bikini in direct, broad sunlight whilst wearing not an ounce of makeup and then have it plastered all over the World Wide Web, please stand up… No? I didn’t think so.

    You are now free to spend the rest of your “precious” time criticizing my afore stated opinion. Have fun kids.


  33. bigDICKlicker

    fuck all you cunts

  34. xc

    i think she’s beautiful with a great body, it’s just a terribly unflattering swimsuit. and why are you guys so mean, have you forgotten what people look like in real life. go to the beach and you’ll see tons of ugly ass people walking around who shouldn’t be wearing swimsuits

  35. IWONKY

    The guy sticking his finger up her butt is funny.


  37. Diann

    You all are aweful. Before you start downing someone on their body’s, why don’t you all take a look in the mirror. I am sure you look ten times worse than she ever could. I think Jennifer look like a WOMAN and not a skeleton. And I think she is a good hearted person, and looks GREAT and she is not a sex object, so you men, to get over yourselves. If you want to look at a whore, then go get a Hustler or Playboy magazines. That’s what they are for. You know it amazes me that no matter how many people say somethime mean about her, she still only replies without downing anybody and just says “God made me this way, and I love myself” and I have to agree with her, and my daughter looks to her as a role model and I am glad she does. So you all need to shut up because anything you have to say, isn’t worth listening to. So get a life.

  38. Everyones Fat Except You

    Come on, people!!! There are very few women in this world who don’t have cellulite. Even super-thin Paris Hilton has it!! it’s just a a genetic curse that we have to live with,unless we have the money to remove it,which most of us dont. IF you don’t like it, then look away fro her. I guarantee you that after a few hours on the beach, filled with fat old men in speedos,wrinkly old grannies in all their varicose-veined glory,and 300lb heffers lying on the beach like oiled-up whales,you’ll wish you never looked away from Jennifer!!!

  39. Everyones Fat Except You

    *edits AGAIN* -From-missed an apostrophe…blah blah blah. I really need to stop getting into these comment debates. They are rotting my BRAAAAIN!!!!!

  40. Kim

    I totally agree with #52 !!!! What the heck is wrong with some of you people??? I guess it easy to sit behind a screen and post negative comments about other people,…..lets see what some of you look like !!!!
    Personally I think she looks great, however, I think her swim suit is too small for her size and yes, the top is not a good choice for women with a bigger bust.

  41. Kim

    I totally agree with #52 !!!! What the heck is wrong with some of you people??? I guess it easy to sit behind a screen and post negative comments about other people,…..lets see what some of you look like !!!!
    Personally I think she looks great, however, I think her swim suit is too small for her size and yes, the top is not a good choice for women with a bigger bust.

  42. I think she looks great, the camera does put 10 pounds on a person and honestly no one is perfect I mean i would rather be a little out of shape than starving myself to be super modle perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Dragon

    JLove Hewitt – It’s as simple as this: If you don’t think that she has a problem, or isn’t fat, chances are great that YOU are actually fat. If you think that she has a great body, then you really need to lay off the Mcdonalds…

  44. Dragon

    The sad thing about JLove is that she has a really horrible cellulite-ridden ass, and I actually LIKE big asses. She was in complete denial about her weight. It’s kinda funny when reality comes crashing in on a head-in-the-clouds celebrity, because everyone usually is KISSING their asses, not ridiculing them.

  45. I.R.C.

    That’s a pretty damn nice ass for a white girl!!! More cushion for the pushin’.

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