Jennifer Love Hewitt remembers her bikini

February 26th, 2008 // 145 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt, for God knows what reason, decided to open up to People about the infamous bikini pics that divided our nation into those who thought Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat and those who don’t – otherwise known as the blind. Here’s some bullshit about how she’s working out but not because of the pictures:

“If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our 80s,” Hewitt, 29, said at the event, benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. “It won’t be because I am worried about how I look.”

Since Jennifer, and I’m assuming her publicist, know these pics are instant press I’m reposting them. Here’s the shocking photos of that time Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a bikini. Or the day not even Jennifer Love’s boobs could stop my tears. How I was able to still get an erection should be recognized as a shining example of the human spirit’s ability to conquer adversity/a whole lotta cellulite. I’m trying to get Hallmark to make a movie about me, but they’re not 100% sold on the title: “Boner-Force: A Journey of the Heart.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. kati

    You know, I think it’s really weird that everyone keeps comparing her to Kim “vacant mule face” Kardashian, citing that she’s be just as fine if she lost some weight. Weird, because I’d bet good money that Kim ways more than JLH. They’re just shaped differently, but Kim is in no way the more slender of the two. She just dresses well, and doesn’t go frumping around the beach in ill-fitting bikinis.

  2. Jenny

    How pathetic is this!!! I love your webpage but is it any wonder that woman young women are constantly killing themselves becoming anorexic and bulemic!!!!!!!
    This woman is a very attractic, NORMAL, woman and I hope that she doesnt change to please pathetic, narrow minded (and probably slight overweight) jealous people!!!
    Just give her a break, she is a WOMAN!

  3. IKE

    #50 that 10 pounds would have to come solely from her midsection to look like Kardashian. Not hating on JLH’s ample bottom (because, “I like big butts…”), but the hip-to-ass ratio isn’t there.

  4. erin

    yeah, she definitly isn’t a size 2, i’d guess shes about an 8. She’s not fat, just not toned at all. In clothes she probably looks a little thick but otherwise fine. she could definitly stand to tone and tighten it up a bit, but she’s not obese or anything. However, that being said, she based her whole acting career on being the hot chick, and in order to corner that market you have to really maintain yourself.

  5. Juaquin Ingles

    #26, she’s fat and MELTING.

  6. Auntie Kryst

    The extra weight on her is good. She’s a has-been only good for doing Lifetime movies. She’s just trying to look like the demo of the cable network. It’s good for business.

  7. Nice Girl, But Deaf and Blind


    Sweetie, if she WERE happy, she wouldn’t have been bitching about people talking about her huge dimply ass and thighs on every media source.


    # 42. – Nope. Size 6 and 39 years old.

    you are right, this is the superficial. I shouldn’t be surprized that most of the peope who read the site would be superficial as well. I shouldn’t expect any spiritual enlightenment when checking out the news here.

    I’m not really as uptight as I sound in my previous post. I just don’t care for mean stupid people.

  9. Relax


    Right on Nice Girl; 39 years old and size 6. You are definitely the minority in American.

  10. Alex

    HAHHAA no one says anything about the fact the one of the pictures shows a guy that seems to be sticking his finger up hers? hahahah

  11. Alex

    oh! and yes there’s no way in heaven or hell her cottage cheese ass is a size 2 –

  12. But That's Just My Opinion

    Jennifer looks like her waist could be a size 2, but that does not count because her hips/behind make her a size 16/18. Jennifer’s waist is probably smaller than mine and I weigh 110 pounds and size 6. I am glad the style of pants go below the waist or else I would have a problem finding clothes with a waist 27.

  13. havoc

    Just checking back in.

    Yep, she’s still fat…..


  14. Donkey Punch

    I love posts by all the angry fat women defending her. :D

    I don’t think Jennifer is fat but only a moron would believe her lie that she is size 2.

  15. D. Richards (Surgeon.)

    Hewitt’s not fat. She’s just got a strange body. Like Frist; Jennifer Love reminds me of Frist (the hips and thighs). Not the face though.

    Frist’s face looks more like Margaret Cho rather than Jennifer Love Hewitt.


  16. redsonja1313

    YES AMERICA HAS A WEIGHT PROBLEM….. I do not and work hard not too. I somehow fit in working out while working a 50+ hour work week and maintaing a social life. Conveniently my personal trainer happens to be the same as Jennifer’s Mom. Jenn AINT a 2 !!! And I am fine with her being heavy AS LONG AS SHE DOESN’T”T TRY TO BULLSHIT ME that she is not heavy. Sorry that Kardashian chick is fat too. Again I don’t care if you are fat, but don’t try and convince me that your NOT FAT. Those of us who work out regularly, watch our diet, and forgo the mash potatoes and chocolate cake resent the fuck out of those who whine that they don’t understand why they are FAT !!!! Spend more time pushing away from the table and less time curling that fork to your mouth and I might buy your pesky thyroid problem. Fat people get all defensive went you mention their weight but they sure seem thrilled when you tell them they look skinny. Sorry that statement implies YOU WERE FAT BEFORE !!! Oh and be for all the fat asses start whining again, YES I HAVE BEEN HEAVY, I choose to exercise more, eat less and get my butt in shape. People should be allowed to be whatever weight they want but STOP TRYING TO TELL THE WORLD YOUR NOT FAT AND YOU ARE OK WITH IT. If you really were ok with it you wouldn’t feel the need to defend it !!

  17. Dido

    Hm…I look the same (proportion wise) when I’m in a bathing suit and I wear a size 2-4 depending on the designer. I have a very small rib cage, huge E breasts and a 26 inch waist with a round butt and thighs.

    I think that she looks phenomenal and I wish that other starlets would look more like her. The plastic surgery and the obsession with exercise is getting out of hand.

  18. Woe is Me

    People do not consider her fat because she has a flat stomach. But she is fat because just look at her hips and buttocks. I am 5’2″ and weigh 105 pounds. If I gain weight, it goes straight to my stomach. I wish I gained weight like Jennifer; then I could get up to 120 pounds and still be considered in good shape. I can only have 1300 calories a day and have to exercise 2-3 times a week. When I gain three pounds; my stomach protrudes and some people tell me I am getting heavy.

  19. Get Real

    #67 lol!

    She looks like she could not push herself from the plate. She needs to get rid of the excess fat. She needs to get back into shape like she use to be and then she will look phenomenal. Being over weight is unhealthy and can lead to health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

    You sound like you are truly a size 10/12 bikini bottom with a round butt. Think about it, you claim to have E breasts and wear a size 2-4 bottoms lol! You would tip over without hips to hold you up! Expensive clothes and bathing suits are sized smaller; it is called ego sizing. Go to Mervyns California to find out what your size really is.

  20. @63: I think that you’re right. I have close to her butt and thighs but since my stomach is so small people don’t really notice. So, really, people have a problem with stomachs not so much with butts and thighs?

  21. Amen #66


    I agree 100 percent. Look at Star Jones. When she was obese, she acted like she was happy with herself routine. And then she gets the stomach surgery and gets horribly thin and acts like she never had a weight problem.

  22. Petite Girdle Wearer

    I am 5’3, weigh 110 pounds, and have to wear a girdle to flatten my stomach. It is uncomfortable but my only other option is surgery and this is not an option for me. When I go to the beach, friends asked if I gained weight, and I have to remind them that I wear a girdle.

  23. dude

    So the fuck what, she’s fucking hot with that big ass. Balances out those awesome hooters. Ooooh yeah baby.

    God DAMN I love ass/tits/thighs/hips/legs/every-fucking-thing-about-Jennifer-Love-Hewitt. This honey has it and you concentration camp motherfuckers better not guilt her into anorexia.

    Gimme a mama with junk all up in that trunk any day.

  24. cl

    I would hit the Sh*t out of that. More cusion for the pushin. Titties got bigger too!

  25. cl

    I would hit the Sh*t out of that. More cushion for the pushin. Titties got bigger too!

  26. dude

    My man!

  27. Yeah What Ever

    Only one percent of the population are under weight. I am not surprised you like Jennifer. After all, she is like 70 percent of the fat Americans. Enjoy your masturbation sessions thinking of Jennifer. Please clean up afterwards, you don’t want to smell.

  28. Flat Butt Friend

    My friend has a big butt and then she got it liposuctioned off and now she has a flat butt. She is very happy with her flat butt and 34C implants because now she looks like the 1 percent as shown in the magazines and media.

  29. Flat Butt Friend

    My friend had a big butt and then she got it liposuctioned off and now she has a flat butt. She is very happy with her flat butt and 34C implants because now she looks like the 1 percent as shown in the magazines and media.

  30. dude

    Again, so the fuck what? What the fuck do you care if I jack my dick off to JLH’s big sexy ass? So she’s considered a fat American, eh? I don’t give a shit, I just want to pound it.

  31. ipanema_schuyler

    she’s not exactly morbidly obese but what’s freaking is her enormous amount of cottage cheese and horribly weak tissue tone. it seems like she sat down on a couch and kept sitting there for 10 years straight.


    and her thigh/calves/knee/ankle-ratio almost looks like a mild to medium case of elephantiasis.

  32. Here for the Humor & Clever Remarks



    You are hillarious and clever!

  33. @69: You can see my picture in my URL (I’m the one in the red dress). I do wear expensive clothes and I also wear casual things from target. I am between a 2-4 consistantly from high-end to low-end designers. The issue of whether the industry is tailoring clothes accurately is a different argument. “Egosizing” or not, this is what I fit into and this is size I wear.

    I do have E breasts. Especially in small running sized bras. In Ella Mcpherson I wear a 34 E (which would translate roughly to a Wacoal in a 32 DD). I can walk just fine thank you, they’re natural and very much part of my Italian heritage. Also, my butt is round–not fat. I wear a size 26-27 jean in Joe’s, Sevens, True Religion and Fillmore. I often have to tailor in the waist considerably because my thighs and butt never match my waist size.

    While being overweight isn’t healthy, Jennifer isn’t overweight by any means. I’m not overweight either. I’m 5’6 and 125-130 pounds and that’s target weight for my age and height. I’m in perfect healthy condition and I have nothing wrong with my blood pressure or my blood sugar.

    You are right, being obese is not a positive thing. It does lead to major health complications and a can lower ones standard of life considerably. However, being underweight for your age and height (Paris Hilton, for example, has an aprox. BMI of 16 which is underweight but she is considered to be normal)is just as detrimental to your wellbeing. In my opinion, I would rather have to loose a few pounds than have to gain a few.

    That being said, normally actresses like Jennifer do need to tone their bodies for the line of work they are in. Normally consumers want to see someone who is fit and tone but Jennifer has refused to appeal to that base. Instead, she reached out to the normal class of Americans and by doing so she amasses a large following of support. I do find it quite admirable that she is taking a stand for herself and the legions of women who do not fit into Hollywood’s standard. It’s a necessary change which I am more than supportive of. I hope that Jennifer doesn’t change the way she looks, like she states, for the industry.

    Full Body Photo of Me:

    See? That was the best picture I could find that demonstrated my hips and breasts along with my smaller waist.

  34. sharpeidude

    I’d fuck that and I’d very much enjoy it! She’s overweight yes, but not obese by any standard. She’s not at that; “roll her in flour and aim for the wet spot” stage yet so lay off people.

  35. C

    For everyone calling her a liar because she says she wears a size two, it’s called “vanity sizing” and just about every store does it, especially stores that cater to women. That’s why in one store you can be a two and be a five in another – she could very well be a size two based on where she shops.

    I sincerely hope that all of you sitting at home making fun of JLH for not being an anorexic hollywood clone have zero per cent body fat, by the way.

  36. hey dido

    this would be an E-cup swimsuit, you moron.
    (note: the chick in the silver swim suit).

    what you got is called barely a C cup, honey. quit being delusional.

  37. Fit and Petite But No Size 2

    My waist is a 27 and I do not fit into size 2. I wear size 4-6; depending on the brand. I am 5’2″ and weigh 105 pounds. You have a nice figure but you look like a size 10. Honestly size 0-2 are made for under weight females. You are not under weight and look fabulous.

  38. Fit, Petite, and No Size 2


    First of all you look fabulous. I am 5’2″, weigh 105 pounds, waist size 27, and wear size 4-6. I have never found a size 2 to fit me. You look like you are a size 10. Size 0-2 are for under weight females. You are definitely not under weight. Keep up the great work of looking good.

  39. Juaquin Ingles

    #85, She’s probably had fun house mirrors installed all over her place too.

  40. Can't Gain Weight on My Stomach

    Quit being so sensitive. You are talking to Americans and 70 percent are over weight. We just think it is a joke for Jennifer going around saying she is a size 2. She is fat and needs to get back on track by practicing a healthy life style. She chose to be famous, so let the comments continue. I am not fat but I do envy the fact that she does not gain weight on her stomach. I am 5’4″, weigh 115 pounds only because I gain weight on my stomach and this is not acceptable.

  41. Wow

    It is almost like Jennifer would have kept on gaining weight if the media did not noticed.

  42. Hmm

    Her legs are really fat but her stomach is flat…I don’t get it.

    I think she is not fat, but she’s not skinny shes just..average

  43. Ted from LA

    This is all a misunderstanding. Look at the back of her legs. Someone asked her “What size are you?” and she thought they said, “What number of sunscreen are you wearing? That expains the red legs and the size 10 ass. Nice Girl, welcome aboard. I like you already. I predict within two weeks you’ll be making shit out of everyone pictured on this site. It’s very cathartic. For the record, JLH looks fine. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

  44. ha

    Her ass is even bigger than Kim Kardashian’s goodness man!
    Yet Kim’s ass is fit and perfectly shaped, just like the rest of her tight, perfect body, not the case of Hewitt at all though. I guess that’s one of the reasons why women hate Kim K so much, because the only way for them to have an ass like Kim’s is getting as fat as J LoveHewitt, however, they will get fat EVERYWHERE, Kim is skinny and perfectly shaped with that big ass.

  45. @86: Just because you don’t believe that my breasts are E doesn’t mean that they are going to shrink down to what you think they are. Like I said, I’m an E in Ella and DD in Wacoal– they’re interchangeable sizes for most stores. If you actually look at my breasts in the picture I think you’ll see that. It’s harder to distinguish because I actually have clothes on and I’m not naked with tiny little stars over my breasts. However, the size of my breast was not the point of my argument–the questionable standards of the industry was. Seeing that the only thing left to attack is the legitimacy of my breast size tells me that I at least have a winning argument.

    Thanks for providing that website–I might actually buy some bathing suits. I can never find ones that fit in the stores. Also, you should take note that those breasts are outrageously fake and look very different from the way real breasts do. Also, there is no ability to tell the model’s actual breast size since the website looks far from reputable and is not a very reliable source. Remember cup size measurement is a calculation of mathematics not by visual discerning.

    @88: Thanks for the support. You sound like the perfect weight for your height. My Mom is about the same size as you and you must be kickin’ because I know my Mom is. I wear a lot of BCBG which I’m an XS-S in and Laundry from Shelli Segal. They accommodate bigger breasts in most of their designs along with smaller waists. Although I wear smaller sizes in those designers, I cannot fit into J. Crew for the life of me! I actually had a manager come up to me and tell me to try a different store because they didn’t design for “girls like me”. If it makes everyone feel better, I just bought a Theory suit which I was a 4 jacket and a 6 bottom (Nordstrom girl said they run small, but I’m sure the others would say “true to size”). Since there is such a difference between designers, the trick is finding the right fit and style for your body and completely disregarding the size as just a number.

  46. Jaded

    60…can’t believe no one commented on the fingers up the ass. Holy shit! I noticed it too. I’d further comment but my ass kind of looks like hers…

    Dido…get over yourself. Not even a porn producer would hire you from the bullshit you posted.

    She’s not fat. But she should be crucified for the fact that she tried to tell people that she is OK with her body BUT wears a size 2. Bullshit. Make up your mind, JLH. Either you’re comfortable with your size 6/8 or you’re not and going to do something to actually be a size 2. Both are fine…just don’t treat the public like we’re morons. We all go shopping and know what a size 2 can “accomodate.” And it’s not your legs…trust me, I know.

  47. It’s nice to see an attractive celebrity ditch the anorexic look to look like a real woman. Perhaps she has an extra few pounds, but that’s far better than looking like a concentration camp survivor.

  48. Elk

    I hope she does start working out and I hope there is video of her running and new bikini photos. Or even better video of her running in a bikini.:)

    12. Wake Up America
    “Jennifer is like 70 percent of the Americans; 30 pounds or more over weight.”

    First she isn’t overweight (big hips don’t mean overweight, it’s having a gut that makes someone overweight), second 30 pounds over weight is obese and only about 30% of Americans are obese.

    Now since you brought up health. The healthy weight range for a 5’2″ women like Jennifer is 101-136 lbs. Does she look like she is 166 lbs to you?

  49. Ha I know I look good, I may be petite but I look better then Jennifer does, just goes to show how much they use photoshop

  50. Linda

    I would like to look that good in a bikini. Its a shame that people are so snarky.

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