Jennifer Love Hewitt remembers her bikini

February 26th, 2008 // 145 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt, for God knows what reason, decided to open up to People about the infamous bikini pics that divided our nation into those who thought Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat and those who don’t – otherwise known as the blind. Here’s some bullshit about how she’s working out but not because of the pictures:

“If I do work out more it will be for my health, so I can live a long time and we can have kids and be happy together until we are in our 80s,” Hewitt, 29, said at the event, benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles. “It won’t be because I am worried about how I look.”

Since Jennifer, and I’m assuming her publicist, know these pics are instant press I’m reposting them. Here’s the shocking photos of that time Jennifer Love Hewitt wore a bikini. Or the day not even Jennifer Love’s boobs could stop my tears. How I was able to still get an erection should be recognized as a shining example of the human spirit’s ability to conquer adversity/a whole lotta cellulite. I’m trying to get Hallmark to make a movie about me, but they’re not 100% sold on the title: “Boner-Force: A Journey of the Heart.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Lauren Nicole


  2. Well, that’s a fucking bald-faced lie. Chicks constantly obsess over their looks.

    Bitch, please.

  3. C

    I think she looks great, like an actual normal woman who eats real food and isn’t liposuctioned into a skeleton. It’s sad that people look at those pictures and think she’s “fat” – she isn’t anywhere close to fat.

  4. What A Pathetic Liar

    What happened to “Size 2 is not fat” and “bad angles”?

  5. sidv

    I hope People magazine does some fact checking and verifies that she does, in fact, wear a size 2.

  6. Sara

    Jennifer is almost the same height as Kim Kardashian. Jennifer should have stopped gaining weight after weighing 130 pounds (she weighs 140 pounds) so she could get the huge booty attention that Kim K gets. Jennifer could have borrowed one of Kim’s industrial strength girdles with butt pads and they could both go shopping wearing tight dresses while the paps focused on their huge behinds.

  7. Dunno what the big deal is.
    I am sure drunk homeless guys
    will still find her fuckable and am
    sure she’s getting some.
    I think she’s still talking about it
    not because she gives
    a shit, but gets her in the press.

  8. How Can Anyone Defend a Hypocritical Liar?


    Sweetie, many of us don’t mind anyone not being a skeleton. But we do look down on hypocrites who lie about her own size and “bad” angles. Why can’t she act like Kate Winslet or America Ferrara who truly love their bodies and therefore do not lie about their sizes?

  9. PR rep

    Jen, I told you to SHUT UP! How the fuck am I supposed to help you??? Nice work, by the way – in one sentence, you remind people you’re only 29 and you haven’t had any kids. Didn’t you realize that would run above pictures of your infamous role as “top-heavy soccer mom hits the beach…hard”?

  10. mike

    The saddest part? FRIST has taped up these pictures as her GOAL for slimming down for the summer swimsuit season.

  11. Wake Up America

    #4 – C

    Jennifer is like 70 percent of the Americans; 30 pounds or more over weight. The USA needs to quit making excuses for practicing unhealthy life styles (eating high fat/ high calorie foods and not exercising). USA school children are getting fat related health problems like diabetes at an incredible rate like never before. Only 1 percent of Americans are under weight and can be found on the media; usually famous people and models. Americans find time to watch 4 or more hours of TV/Internet daily, but cannot find the time to prepare healthy meals at home and exercise. America is at an all time high with fat related problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

  12. Cindy

    If calf/ankle is cankle, what’s her worst problem on her legs? It’s definitely thigh/knee – thighnee? Thiney? Thiney and hiney, both, actually. She’s got a 40-year-old white mother of 5 thiney/hiney combo.

  13. havoc

    I think she looks great for a woman who has had two kids……


  14. Miss Anthrope


    Are you one of those fat advocates?

    She made millions off her looks, and she will be crucified for them too. It works both ways.

    And in my humble opinion, she looks like shit for 29 years old with no kids.

  15. dude

    I think she’s great. But her build is….weird. Damn, imagine what she’s gonna look like after having kids. She already looks like a mother of 10.

  16. bob

    Why are there pics of Mama Cass Elliott posted here? I want to see the hot JLH of the past, not this fat ass.

  17. Prediction

    Ted from LA will write something supportive, while Jimbo will type a harsh comment…with sticky fingers.

  18. Other People At The Beach

    “Hey, when did they put in a wave machine?”

  19. @18 My prediction is you will die a slow death traped under a bus..

  20. RENEE

    Usually there are repurcussions when a women has naturally enormous breasts. In this instance its a pair of the dreaded “cabbage patch kid” legs. But overall I still think JLH is a cutie & a beauty.

  21. Andy

    She talks a lot, and she has a big fat ass and heavy thighs. You can’t…you just can’t…you can’t do those things together, ladies. You just can’t. For JLH, the rule would be: shut your mouth, show me your tits, and yes, the penalty is that you have to take it up your big fat ass. Trundle that jiggling mess of cellulite into my bed and yeah, the sex will turn punitive once it’s too late for you to claim “no.” Ok for me, sucks for you. What did you expect? You didn’t eat those jelly donuts at gunpoint.

  22. I Hate Superficial People

    This is how Kim Kardisfreak would look if she gain an extra 10 pounds!

  23. Clyde Bruckman

    #20 – There are worse ways to go, but I can’t think of a more undignified one than autoerotic asphyxiation.

  24. @24 Clyde, Let me know how it works out for you..

  25. Meegan

    I loveeeeeeee Jennifer Love Hewitt and her body. I wish i had her body …shes NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!! those who think she is are just a waste of opinion and thought. Maybe they’re jealous of her body and confidence with herself.

  26. she is size 10

    15 – i agree.

  27. The Ranch Tooth

    Size 2?

    Yeah right. As in:
    2 Man Tent
    2 Seater
    2 for the price of 1
    2 much cheese
    2 chubby

  28. @24 Clyde, You can also ask Michael Hutchence of INXS how good it is..

  29. Hmm

    Yuck. Honestly, that’s nasty.
    She is not looking healthy or nice.
    Don’t kid yourselves, people.

  30. Sid

    #24 – LMAO! Great reference. Easily my favorite episode.

  31. fax

    Oh NOOOO…… These pictures are so bad and she has such a pretty face.
    VERY unfortunate ass. What is wrong here is not the size (everybody body likes a bit of couching) but its the figure…
    these make me not want to eat my pasta anymore.

  32. alex

    wtf ?!?!?
    u ass is fat !!! do something !!!!omg wha a dumbbitch !
    look at that flesh falling from her bikini !

  33. #11

    Mike you are truly an idiot. Frist is not even close to fat. What the fuck does YOUR fat ass look like?

  34. Big Fan of JLH

    I am a huge fan of Jennifer, but she is fat right now and it is unhealthy. If she loses 10 pounds then she will have a figure like Kim Kardiskank. If she loses a total of 25 pounds then she will have her sexy shape back.

  35. Nice Girl

    It is sad that there is even a debate on this. Who cares. Jennifer is happy, is getting married, and could give a rats ass what any of you think. Yeah, she made lots of money off of her good looks, and she still is making money. When is the last time you guys got paid to look good? Drop it already, and move on. I don’t know a sole who looks awsome 24 hours a day, 7 days a week their entire lives. I can’t wait until some of you guys reach the day when you have to work harder for being hot than you did at 18. Maybe you will have more appreciation of others regardless of their size, and less criticism. WTF? Is your life so perfect that all you can do is gripe about JLH’s weight? I doubt that any of you are even in the same class as JLH.

  36. race


    Everyone knows America has a weight problem, it’s no secret. JLH, however does not fall into that category! Granted, she isn’t a size 2, but she’s probably a size 6 or 8. the average size for women in this country is 12! So while I agree with you that America is fat, I don’t think JLH is.

  37. shanipie

    Ok # 3…its Bold Faced Liar…not BALD, dumbass.

  38. me

    Nice looking white girl!!

  39. Jones

    I think she’s fucking sexy. I’d cover her juicy buttocks in teef marks, fo’ sho’.

    She’s what most women would be lucky to look like while wearing a bikini in direct sunlight.

  40. Keeping it Real


    Americans are always making excuses for being fat and coming up with different names like thick, husky, curvy, and big boned. Jennifer was at a healthy weight for all of her career, but I suspect she fell in love and started practicing unhealty eating habits while feeling gleefully in love. And I suspect her fiance encouraged her bad eating habits as well. I have always liked Jennifer’s acting and personality and I hope her weight loss with encourage others to practice a healthy life style.

  41. Relax

    #36 I get the notion that you are fat like Jennifer and are taking this all too personal. Lighten up and remember this is a superfical site.

  42. IKE

    #12 Unfortunately you’re very correct.
    We’re getting fatter and FATTER. :(

    (aside: that fat has translated into a heck of a rack, too.)

  43. jaime

    If any one is missing the cottage cheese from their fridge… j-lo-hew is clearrrrrrrly hiding it in her chunktastic thighs.

  44. Kim


    I am the same height as Jennifer 5’2″, weigh 108 pounds and wear a size 4. Jennifer weighs 140 pounds and must be at least a size 14 and perhaps 16 in jeans.

  45. jaime

    p.s. #36… IIIIIIIII look good 24/7/365… and in the case of this year, THREE SIXTY SIXXXX kthxbi

  46. I don’t think she looks bad, she just needs to, I don’t know, lose 50 or 80 pounds..

  47. This reminds me of Shakespeare: “Much ado about nothing”. A re-hash of
    the JLH story in “People” Magazine.

    And this actress seems to be using dating AS publicity….go figure.

    At least JLH has no bad habits….that’ll never change.

  48. hmm

    Wow, what a lardass.

  49. I like looking at fat people cuz it makes me feel good about my fit body

    If Jennifer loses 10 pounds then she will be like Kim Kardaskank and they can have battle of the huge butts!

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