Jennifer Love Hewitt eats food (And other stuff that happened)

December 8th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Things that occurred:

- Jennifer Love Hewitt loves cheeseburgers. I knew it! [Me]

- Ginnifer Goodwin and Chris Klein break up. Two people found that news interesting; I’ll let you guess who they are. [People]

- Jennifer Aniston says her private life is “none of your fucking business” during press junket. Meanwhile, Owen Wilson repeatedly leaves the room to get high. That actually wasn’t a joke. [USA Today]

- Mary-Kate Olsen tries to shoot down pregnancy rumors by drinking and smoking all weekend. Hope her kid likes Down Syndrome. [Page Six]

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, WENN

  1. Frenchy

    The goblin in the tablecloth is skeery.

  2. KYgentleman

    What restraunt is that?

  3. luuuuuukee

    shit covered cumsicles!

  4. First


  5. Evil

    Food? I think you mean booty fuel. Saddlebags full? Check!

  6. That’s like the time douchie tried to convince everyone he wasn’t gay by saying he was a republican.

  7. Cash

    Is Aniston wearing pasties there, or is that just her necklace shifting from tit to tit as she walks?

  8. Who cares about any of this. It is not even worth commenting on.


    Ginnifer. Jesus…hahahahahahahahaha.

  10. I blame Chris’ hairline for the split.

  11. Nooken

    Chris Klein looks like the love child of Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage!

  12. dew

    WTF is up with posting about more than one celeb on a single post? It’s annoying!

  13. supersex

    jennifer i have some meat for you

  14. lollipop

    Down Syndrome is a chromosomal abnormality and cannot be caused by drinking or smoking.

  15. it's the truth

    JLH’s giant ass barely fits on that chair seat.

  16. I never said I was a Republican, I said MY BOYFRIEND was a Republican! Get it right or get it rough!

  17. Justin


    Assuming she’s on the west coast, that would be Carl’s Jr.

    If she’s out east somewhere, Hardee’s. Same chain, different name.

  18. ac

    just wanted to be redundant and say that down’s syndrome is genetic

  19. Kahlee

    @18 thats true. You can’t just drink your kids way to that extra chromosome.

  20. Sweet Petite

    She is going to get big fat hips again if she keeps eating like this.

  21. LH

    Was going to say the same thing about Down’s…thus proving that vaguely intelligent people also read trashy gossip blogs

  22. lloyd johnson

    Mmmmmm… Carl’s jr. $6.00 cheeseburger. What a woman! I’m not sure I could put one of those bad boys away and I’m 6′ 200lbs. With an appetite like that there will be no butt sex in her future!

  23. ur fav brunette

    im a size TWO….i SWEAR!!!! no matter how far my fat ass hangs off the sides of the chair….im still a size two!!!!! bahahahahaha

  24. lloyd johnson

    wow did you see her hair? some shampoo conditioner and a brush would help. alot. Is she a trailer park princess too?

  25. I can tell you are the fake douchie because you only posted once, the real douchie usually posts 2 or 3 responses.

  26. mike


    if you’re a 6′, 200 lb man and you can’t finish a cheeseburger, then you’re a total fag (which probably explains your referencing ‘bad boys’ and ‘butt sex’). Or were you just wanting to say something on here, no matter how idiotic it makes you sound?

    i swear, most of you people just seem to be talking just to hear the sounds of your own voices. you’re like mouthy little kids. STUPID little kids. give it a rest. the girl is eating a cheeseburger, for fuck’s sake. big goddamned deal. JLH is pretty, rich, and (from all reports) smart and a decent person, too.
    so get off her fucking case already…

  27. SoCalSteve

    Oh damn… is that a DOUBLE WESTERN?!

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has been at the top of my list for about 10 years, and she’s eating my favorite meal? I might just have to start stalking her.

  28. Megan

    Who cares if she gets big hips and thighs (again? did she lose them?)? Doesn’t matter. It’s good she eats what she wants to. Eating one burger doesn’t mean you’ll get fat. Eating six does, and the rest of you can’t seem to understand the difference.

  29. Flubber

    Jennifer Love Food.

  30. Barry O

    A girl with a burger is so fucking sexy.

    Why don’t more women realize that, instead of the ‘no red meat’ bullshit?

  31. Carl

    Is that a western bacon six dollar burger? 1130 calories, 66g fat, 83g carbs…

    Fries with that? Another 850 calories, 40 g fat, 74 carbs.

    That’s a full day’s worth of junk in one sitting. Eat up piggy, you’ll be swinging that fat ass around again in no time!

    It’s not that she shouldn’t eat this kind of shit, it’s that nobody really should. Or at least nobody who wants to whine about others judging them for their weight.

  32. mike


    “Eat up, piggy”? Tell me: what’s it like to be a complete nimrod? Jennifer Love Hewitt is freaking gorgeous, dude. Way prettier than any girl you’ll manage to snag (that is, if you are even interested in girls). The specific standards of feminine beauty change frequently, but you know what usually remains basic? The hourglass figure: big bust, big ass, and a narrower waist between the two. This is what women (with adequate nutrition) have looked like for thousands of years. And its an evolutionary thing, too- wide hips for birthing babies, and large breasts to feed ‘em with. Now, if you, Carl, happen to be into girls that look like adolescent boys (no hips, flat chests, ribs a’showin’) then that’s all well and good. But don’t be calling someone that you’ve never met names like “piggy” (or names of any kind) just for having some lunch and being unfortunate enough to do it with a pap around. Seriously: anyone getting their picture taken when they’ve got a mouthful of food is gonna look sorta comical, and what with the attention JLH has gotten with her weight gain, I’d imagine she was feeling pretty sad when that pic was being snapped (check out her body language- tense, looking down at basically nothing in order to avoid the camera, clenched fist, etc). But pissy little bitches like you don’t give a shit about people’s feelings, do you?

    Just do us all a favor and fuck off…

  33. The Laughing G-D

    @14 fetal alcoholism can mimic the clinical retardation found in Down Syndrome. And alcoholism can affect meiotic non-disjunction, leading to various chromosomal anomaly, fragile X comes to mind.

  34. haroof

    i defended jlh the first time those bikini pics of her on the beach were put on display for the whole internet to see…but wow…that’s a carl’s jr. double western bacon cheeseburger. most men i know wouldn’t even order that plethora of calories.

    this chick is way too hot to be shoveling this junk down her piehole.

    (to convince the world you’re feeling quite “NORMAL”, folks?)

  36. BoogieWoogieBugleBoyOfCompanyB

    Jen is such a babe!

  37. BoogieWoogieBugleBoyOfCompanyB

    btw – um mike chumped the SHIT out of Carl.

  38. SMB

    …i was gonna say; “that’s it??? nothing about that fucking outfit???”, but then, i saw frenchie’s post (“goblin in the tablecloth”)…yeah, you probably could’nt’a done better’n that.

  39. Annie Anorexia

    Sure, she eats a cheeseburger while everybody watches, but when nobody is looking, she goes into the bathroom and barfs it all up again. I bet she ate a whole bunch of cheeseburgers . . . and several orders of fries and onion rings too!

  40. Clem

    1 – Big deal
    2 – What’s a Ginnifer?
    3 – Yummy!
    4 – ..H…H..Horf…

  41. Turd Ferguson

    Man, my grandma is gonna be so pissed! She invited that Olsen girl in for a grilled cheese and bowl of chili and she stole the damned curtain off the front window.

    Wait a sec, Is she trying to be some kind of whacked out ghost?

  42. el ces

    Mmm mmm, burger.

  43. Chaos

    JLH, Jennifer Loves me not cheeseburgers :)

  44. On Jennifer:

    HARDEES (or Carls). Oh yeah, she’s starving herself. I estimate a minimum of 1200 calories in that burger (some are over 1400 calories), more than half her basic daily calorie requirement in one meal, in one sandwich, the glycemic load of which will likely shut down her metabolism for hours. Her system will flood with insulin and free radicals, raising her cancer risk, accelerating the aging process. If she’s doing this very often it’s very unhealthy.

    They have a BBQ chicken sandwich that’s like 320 calories. Don’t know if they had the little burgers when this was taken.

    @32 -Looks like she’s reading something to her left and oblivious to the camera to me.

  45. Olivia

    Shes eating food!!! oh my god…. that means shes human you fools!! leave her alone shes a beautiful healthy women

  46. Olivia

    Shes eating food!!! oh my god…. that means shes human you fools!! leave her alone shes a beautiful healthy women

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