Jennifer Love Hewitt: ‘Jamie Kennedy is like the most awesome person’

October 19th, 2009 // 42 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt is hurt that people would suggest Jamie Kennedy wants to have sex with other women, according to People:

“It’s really hurtful that people say that,” says Hewitt, 30, who attended the event with her beau of 8 months, costar Jamie Kennedy. “Because he is like the most awesome person.”
Adds Hewitt: “I really hate that people would make it seem like he’s not really a good guy, and not treating me well. He treats me very well.
“We are just trying to be really happy,” Hewitt says. “It makes it hard to do that when everybody is putting negative energy out there.”

Not that I’m pointing any fingers here, but do you know what kind of celebrities comment on every single break-up rumor that comes down the line? The ones that have caught their boyfriends having sex with another woman and believed he was just giving her the Heimlich. Then again, in Jamie Kennedy’s defense, the Heimlich is most effective when both parties are naked. So any ladies going to Red Lobster later tonight, remember that when I try to dislodge the cheese biscuit you haven’t even eaten yet. I just want to save lives, dammit!

Photos: Splash News

  1. alisa

    ugh can’t she afford to properly hem her jeans………….. whatever she’s cute

  2. somerandomguy

    Hey Jen you’ve ben X’d…..Jamie has gonna-herpa-syphil-aids.

  3. karen

    Stay away from my cheese biscuits superficial boy!

  4. DT

    shes starting to look good again, nice.

  5. Lloyd Johnson

    DESPERATE is not a good look for you boo.

  6. So Right

    ha ha ha…those cheese biscuits are great!!! ;)

  7. So is he “like” the most awesome person, or is he actually the most awesome person?

    If he’s only like that person, then who, pray tell, IS the most awesome person that he is like, and why aren’t you fucking that guy instead?

  8. OTP

    @4: I was thinking the same thing. Not looking nearly as dumpy as she used to.

  9. O'Roughly factor

    Ah ha ha, Rough=the purveyor of bad energy

  10. AC

    Hmmm…those things are totally fake. Her time and energy would be better spent getting defensive about her breasts…and subsequently giving out “feel tests” to prove to the American public that they are in fact real.

  11. Slaappy

    JK body language or folded arms give off the vibe that he is not into her anymore. Nice try Jennifer Love Butter

  12. Burke

    She looks mighty cute in that picture.

  13. Dirk Diggler

    Congratulations to Jennifer Love Hewitt on entering the Jennifer Aniston Zone. Hot but too F’ed in the head to hold on to a guy.

  14. Willie Dixon

    She does look pretty cute.

  15. Doc

    Does Size2 have the Paris Hilton one-squinty-squinty-eye disease?

  16. JustSaying

    Jennifer your thinking is confused. If Jaime didn’t leave you to be with other women that means he left you to masturbate. Which option is better for your ego: (1) He left me for another woman or (2) He’d rather masterbate than be with me. Think about it.

  17. Nameless

    Wow…talk about all the ‘me’ references in her statement. I don’t believe anyone even stated that Jaime wasn’t treating her well.

    He just wants to ditch a clingy lunatic.

    However, I do agree she does look good.

  18. Darth

    Always be careful when women suddenly talk like.

  19. Darth

    talk like THAT.

  20. Rhialto

    The body language is a bit cute and neutral.

  21. Quinn

    #7 LOL

    It is obvious she is an obnoxious control freak and super emotional. He likely has to reassure her constantly that he loves her, she’s pretty, she’s not fat…. etc…
    That is the only reason she can’t hold on to a man… because appearance wise, she’s not horrible,

  22. lbe

    Has no one noticed how low her boobs are sitting? Almost down to her stomach. Weird.

  23. Tanzarian

    If he’s the most awesome person she better not meet me unless she wants to explode in an orgasm of pure ecstasy. And I’m just some guy who posts replies on The Superficial.

  24. Delusionalcelebs

    HAHAHA He hits on everything around him when she isn’t near! He is known as a man whore and That hasn’t changed! He is only dating her for publicity. They were trying to keep it a secret but he made sure it “accidentally” got leaked because he knew it would benefit him. He’s a marketing genius and that’s the only reason he is as popular as he is. Why are you crying behind closed doors all the time Jennifer? You know the truth and you deserve better!

  25. Delusionalcelebs

    Oh and 1 word… Shannon! You know of whom I speak.

  26. Turd the third

    She is showing some nice curves but I think the pictures would look a lot better if they swap heads….

  27. KindOfBlue

    She’s a lot slimmer.

  28. Joseph


  29. Mama Pinkus

    that gal needs a bra with more lift – her nipples line up with her elbows

  30. Stephanie

    Stop squinting already!!!! It’s really exacerbating your crows feet:(

  31. Del

    Isn’t that the guy from the X show? What up?

  32. Moses

    Too bad menapause hit her early

  33. zil

    I think she’s very pretty. But her boobs do look saggy. She could get a way better dude. She should dump his ass.

  34. she’s so pretty and he is so ugly. His sense of humour must be damn attractive…can’t really talk though since I dated a guy that was quite ugly but cracked me up. Hecklers was the only thing I saw Jamie Kennedy in, and I thought it was pretty good. I would make a comment about his face looking like her ass, but that would be mean cuz she seems nice.

  35. C

    She has trimmed down nicely.

    Stay hot.. beeyatch.

  36. GG1000

    Hello Self-Absorption Queen, “everybody” is not “putting negative energy out there” You’d be amazed at how I conducted my own life for years and years without spending one nanosecond considering your dating choices and I’d suspect there are a few billion more people who’ve done the same. Get over it.

  37. Man, is she busted looking! I can’t believe people actually find her attractive. What must they look like?

  38. dating choices and I’d

  39. Best of luck for the future.Have a healthy relation ship.

  40. Hank Rogers

    She needs to go ahead and flash the twins before they head down south… if you know what I mean. You know what I mean!

  41. am i the only one who feels is stuck in the twilight zone?

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