Jennifer Love Hewitt looks very intelligent

October 15th, 2007 // 100 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up to the Third Annual Marshalls Shop Till It Stops Gala held at Loews Santa Monica Hotel over the weekend. Which is basically a fancy way of saying, “Nice boobs!” Yeah, I’m like a modern day Shakespeare. Only, you know, more gooder with words.


  1. Britney Spears

    Yall what is %43 takin abowt.

    i meen just the ohter day i went to see ma kids , i cant member there names write now but whateva. Anyway i had the mostest classi outfit on; black fishnets with no pantiees under em, brown cowboi boots, ripped gene shortses, my bird hat and a lace top that showd ma new yella bra. Yall if that aint good dressin i don’t now what is.

    hey any of yu scene my kids, I think one of em is a girl… wait no a boi… no I can’t memeber… I WANT CANDY!!!

    byyyyy yall,

    just right Britni at the end

  2. Snarky McComments

    Looks like Jennifer Love Hooters may have called Jenny…

  3. jrzmommy

    You sure the event wasn’t sponsored by Lane Bryant?

  4. Ted

    Jerkin now,

  5. Bob Cobb

    back to the topic at hand…

    God, I love those titties!

  6. Ript1&0

    @43 – Good one. Only the British have the ability to insult people and apologize at the same time. Is there a proper way to say, “I’m sorry, but you suck?” Next time just let it rip, you’ll feel much better.

  7. gerard Vandenberg

    I just doubt she is. One thing’s for sure though and that is the fact she has definitely some pounds of TITS hanging in front of her!! I guess, about seven pounds in weight?

  8. Boobalicious

    She be very boobalicious. She has to be very intelligent because she knows just how to make me want to drink milk.

  9. Matthew

    her rack is FANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN-TIAC i wish i bone her

  10. HenriettaPussycat

    She has nice tits, but my god, is she boring. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. George Best

    The bottom line is how good is she in the sack. We are all just guessing. I would take a girl who is not quite as hot as the others if she was better in the sack. JLH is attractive, but she isnt attractive enough to where if she is not good in the sack she can overcome it via her looks. There are a few women that are so good looking that they can just lay there and it is worth it but JLH is not one of them. Maybe Maria Sharapova, who is horrible in the sack per my friend Adam, but she isnt that amazing although she is attractive.

  12. LL

    Nice rack. And the dress is OK, it looks good on her. The only problem is, we can’t see her cooch. Doesn’t J. Love know that showing the goods is all the rage in Hollywood now? Britney does it, so it must be cool. C’mon, Jennifer, get with the program, let’s see that hoo-ha!

  13. give me your candy

    #61. So who is good looking enough that they can just lie there and their looks can make up for it?
    Me thinks if some do qualify for this it’s only for a short period of time because eventually it gets old and the looks as great as they are get boring and the unsatisfied other party says “hmmm maybe I can find someone who actually gives a shit and will make an effort”.

    Anyway curious to know who you think is that hot.

  14. kirsten dunst

    #42 i don’t get you people-i mean yea,a lot of the times it could be that the person commenting is just jealous but thats certainly not every case. i just fucking don’t like her. i dont like the look in her eyes when she smils, i dont like the way her face looks. yes shes got a nice body-i didn’t comment on that. and …..i’m definiely hotter than her. hands down.

  15. CrustyNads

    Wilmer Valderama told Howard Stern on his radio show that Love-Hewitt was crazy in bed and even took it in the A$$ on many occasions. So, I’m down with that.

  16. doomhammer

    Shes hot as hell and every man with a cock who isnt a queer would jump at the chance to fuck her, and some fags probably would take a shot too.

    Get over it fat ass jealous bitches…..

  17. I agree with #6 (Chris). Because,JLH has started looking less and less
    pretty ever since she’s started dating this hanger-on foreign guy “Ross”.
    That bleached-out hair looks crappy! No denying that fact.

    It really DOES seem similar to old photos of JLH with Carson Daly…and
    when JLH’s then-hit-show “Party of Five” went off the air,so did Mr. Daly.
    “Ghost Whisperer” is still on the air. Kind of like history repeating itself…

    Between hit shows,though,one notes that (with a few exceptions) JLH has
    had her normal black/dark-brown hair. This is a rare “New” Hollywood person
    with no bad habits,no bad attitude. Very NATURAL…So,her hair should be
    the same!

  18. anna

    who’s the idiot that writes all this crap? this place used to be funny now it’s just lame and sad, whoever this guy (guys?) is needs to find something better to do because he’s annoying and dull

  19. ya_rly

    grape ape, grape ape

  20. NO!

    whatever, her body looks good from this angle but…. HER FACE ISN”T THAT ATTRACTIVE, MY EYES WORK. I like pretty features like big eyes, button noses, and more rounded faces.
    she is really good and well kept for a regulary person, but her face doesn’t do it for me!
    call me jealous, gay, fat woman, whatever, but she looks like the bazooka comics kids or something. and im not feeling her soccer mom hair.

  21. Yeah Britney !

    Why the fuck does she wear those old lady dresses. She needs to dress in something sexy and daring !

  22. NO!


  23. Chip N' Dip

    She’s trying a little too hard, but she looks lovely just the same. And that dress is killer; really shows of her beautiful curves. And the rack is back! (…not that I care, I’m a straight girl! But I can still admire!) She is one of my fav stars. So sweet and down to earth, and sexy/pretty in a natural way. Though I did like her better w/ longer hair. And her boyfriend looks like a real doof. But heck, he’s probably a nice guy, so I should just shut the hell up.

  24. rox

    I really can´t stand her but to be fair she looks beautiful here. She definetely put everything right: the hair, the makeup and the dress. Plus her boobs look fantastic, don´t be jealous because she has great boobs.

  25. sarah

    Oh word she has big boobs so it doesnt matter if she has a brain, sorry yeah i must not have picked up on that one… yeah my boobs must be huge too so dont bother insulting me, it doesnt matter!! im gonna be the one laughing all the way to the bank, cashing in on my boobs, since thats basically all that i am anyways right?

    tho why bother with an actual person? why not just get a blow up doll? all that matters anyways is the size of her tits, right?

  26. Kaya

    Zing, so shitting on tits is a compliment in your world?

  27. The Beer Baron

    You’ve got great NEW YORK BOOBS!

  28. T

    She’s gorgeous.

  29. SkipSmith


    Sarah, I can’t tell from reading your post if you are smart or not. Please post a picture of your boobs so I can decide.

  30. likeBonoontheBiddy

    Sure do love them titties.

  31. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace

  32. Carla

    *scratches head*….I don’t remember her having boobs that size a few months ago?

    She is beautiful and anyone who feels the need to tear her appearance apart is just full of crap….fine if you don’t find her attractive, but when people go overboard, they make it blatently obvious that they need to boost their own deflated egos by putting others down…..and there is nothing more ugly than people who do that.

  33. IWONKY

    I kinda like her.

  34. Blondamnation

    #79, that was fucking hilarious. Be you a pig or not, good one…

    big purple has-been has always been annoying, I swear she chose that dress to match the flowers in the background..

  35. John

    Getting old, losing her cuteness and starting to drop.

    Apart from that, she’s great!

  36. bigred

    she’s as interesting as a spice rack…minus all the spices. BUT, she IS really talented. i bet naked, her boobs touch her belly button! HA HA HA HA….

  37. special tommy

    did anybody mention that guy isn’t wearing a belt?


  38. Mdiz

    Sweet fackin cans. Come on Heff get her to shows us them bad girls..

  39. Hot Petite Hispanic in the OC

    She has a cute face, shape, and personality. I wish her all the best. And her bra gives her a nice lift.

  40. alex

    That is disgusting.
    What’s with the shape of her boobs? .. nevermind the ugly face..
    Her boobs look like two bits of fatty chicken plunked on a plate, look at the odd way they’re sticking out like that. What an odd odd thing. yeeeuch.

  41. i still think she is pretty and don’t understand why everyone hates her?

  42. Sugreev

    I’d love to have them as my pillows at night,might actually cure my insomnia.

  43. Monkeytoes

    She’s getting dangerously close to ‘butterface’ territory in these pics.

  44. Gloria

    she is amazing in this purple dress. right? and i am glad to hear that her propile on a celebrity site called is also popular.

  45. Narcissist

    @87 – @21 and 32. Yeah, he looks like a sack of slop.

    Do links work now?
    Compare to the Feb. article. Her face looks airbrushed now.
    Maybe she put some of that camera blinding license plate spray on it, the stuff that protects you from getting tickets because of stoplight cameras.

    JLH Amazin Boobs

    JLH Amazin Boobs

  46. It seems people often forget that actors are just people too, and something Ive noticed (Im 47) Is that people that take time to pick at how other people look, always have problems of there own.!! I have enjoyed Jennifers acting, even her commercials. If I made the money she’s made Id probably put on a few pounds too.


  47. Bert

    Many people (mainly critics) seem to think she’s not perfect…
    OK but she is in a so perfect manner…
    Love you Jennifer, you’re very lovely and attractive XXX

  48. Bert

    Many people (mainly critics) seem to think she’s not perfect…
    OK but she is in a so perfect manner…
    Love you Jennifer, you’re very lovely and attractive XXX

  49. PLG

    What a weird looking girl. WEIRD looking head!! CONE HEAD!!! ALIEN shaped Head! LONGGGG, pointy chin! LONGGGGG pointy nose! AND she

  50. PKJ

    This is a weird looking girl. NOT nice facial features at all. So she has big tits (and probably fake anyway), big deal. Her FACIAL features are WEIRD. She has a CONE head. Very ALIEN looking. LONGGGGGGGGG pointy chin… LONGGGGGGGGGG pointy nose. SQUINTY eyes. And she`s a dip shit bimbo.

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