Jennifer Love Hewitt looks very intelligent

October 15th, 2007 // 100 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up to the Third Annual Marshalls Shop Till It Stops Gala held at Loews Santa Monica Hotel over the weekend. Which is basically a fancy way of saying, “Nice boobs!” Yeah, I’m like a modern day Shakespeare. Only, you know, more gooder with words.


  1. Bob Cobb

    Nothing like some motorboatin’ on a Monday morning.

    Sweet jugs, btw.

  2. Sam Hain

    too bad that dress isn’t about 4 feet shorter…

  3. Narcissist

    2nd for monster hooters. Not so mommy anymore.

    I don’t really care for these pictures. I’m seeing Tea Leoni on sedatives and lens gauze or something.

  4. 51nm

    I would love to bury my face in those!!

    Great rack.

  5. MrSemprini

    Must.. resist… motorboat… joke…. MUST…RESIST… MOTORB….AGGHH


  6. Chris

    Man, she looks horrible… Not that she ever looked great, but wow. She keeps getting worse and worse as the days go by.

  7. Paige

    She looks great here. Her skin is looking perfect. Think she may have lost a few lbs. too.

  8. That purple dress goes so well with her coloring.

    It is so nice to see someone who really enjoys getting their photo taken.

    Look at that expression on her face.

    she seems so blissful

  9. MrSemprini

    BTW, who’s the chinless goon? Maybe he wore his chin off motorboatin’…

  10. JP

    I 100% guarantee you that the only people on here saying she is “ugly” or whatever are women or gays. Because there is no red-blooded, American male that wouldn’t want to bend her over and grab on to those funbags for one wild ride. The people saying she is unattractive are the same ones that were saying Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful.

  11. Narcissist

    Missed it by seconds!

    I think that slovenly barrel of pudding next to her is Rob McCall.

  12. meh

    i am a woman, she is not pretty, she has nice boobs… not the biggest( whoopi goldberg’s are bigger if that is all you are into ), but they are very nice, bigger isn’t always better. she looks like a weezel in the face though

  13. Shallow Val

    Can’t stand this girl but the dress is nice and she looks good. I guess she stepped it up and got in shape.

  14. Auntie Kryst

    Mr. S said it first, but still, who’s the tool she’s with? Get rid of that dumbass. She looks dynamite, some of the best breasts in the business. Fire up the Evinrude!

  15. Shallow Val

    Dog help me but if it was at all possible, I would punch “Miss Universie” in the face. Fucking ethereal goon!

  16. Narcissist

    Compare to the Feb. article. Her face looks airbrushed now.
    Maybe she put some of that camera blinding license plate spray on it, the stuff that protects you from getting tickets because of stoplight cameras.

    JLH Amazin Boobs

    I’m just being extra mean because I’m near the top.
    I think I like the Feb. pics better, though. She looks more cute and real, while he looks older, but less blubbery.

  17. Rosie's Mustach

    Well Superfish look at the good charitable work we all do here, it’s really a team effort. You post a picture of a worthless celeb, is there any other kind, looking fat and porky and we rip them apart and then what happens… fat and porky celeb looses a little weight and wears strategic clothing and the world becomes a better less ugly place.

    Some of you heopefully will remeber the fat pics of jennifer back a little while ago looking like her trunk needed to be unloaded a little and the thunder thighs needed a nice tight forcast.
    Anyway don’t be too fooled people she may have lost a little weight but this is a well designed dress fitted at the smallest part of the body under the breasts/high waist also in pic #2 HAHA you can see she is wearing those disgusting tummy control thigh slimming under garments what are they called… let me do a search… ah yes spanx; the cheaters secret. Except no one wants to spanx someone sporting a granny nylon body corset.

    Come on Hewitt you’ve lost a little keep going and get your old bod back, like in Heartbreakers. Anysnatch the hair is major old lady to match the body corset but the dress is a nice color and though this girl’s weird Loooooong features have never appealed to me she’s looking good, for her.

  18. ph7

    Nice cans, but she looks so average otherwise. Let your buddies’ sister. Mary Ann form Gilligan’s Island.

  19. A

    I wish she would show more of that ass

  20. shweaty balls

    Her nose and chin are perfectly matched look at that it’s CRAZY. An ugly dipping long pointed chin and an ugly dipping long pointed nose. They say that beauty is about the symmetry of features but if the symetrical features are butt fug it aint beauty that’s fo sure.

    Boobs are not enough to make up for the face folks, I need to be looking at a cutie pie face with big beautiful eyes and a button nose. I can’t deal with baggers.

  21. stu

    no belt? what the eff dude! that’s just plain lazy.
    nice white mark on your fly too.

    oookay, so i was looking at his package waaaay too much.

  22. give me your candy

    It’s all been said except I love how her hair is so obviously styled to cover the monterous forhead.

  23. Riotboy

    I’m gonna have to agree with with #19.

  24. Sarah

    come on, just because she has big boobs does the comment HAVE to read “she looks so intelligent” as if women with large breasts just can’t be intelligent?

    fucking lame

    i mean she looks great, cant u just say that… ? do you really just have to pander to a bunch of idiotic 19 year olds for a cheap laugh?

  25. D. Richards

    Yeah. I was looking at the incredible rosiness of Love’s cheeks and it got me fantasizing about spanking the ever-loving piss (or shit) right off of her over-cooked face! Those breasts scream, “touch us, please, thrust yourself between our heaving bodies”! Jennifer Hewitt gets on my fucking nerves, though. That’s never meant anything. On with the bludgeoning!

  26. lola

    why is she squinting her eyes in every pic??? she looks like she ate a lemon

  27. ph7

    “as if women with large breasts just can’t be intelligent?”

    I think the point is that intelligence is entirely irrelevant if you have large breasts.

    If you have big cans, you and I are not going to sit around and play chess.

  28. Dick Richards

    Um, Sarah? I hope for your sake that you don’t have big breasts. Why would you type such a lame response? I know what happened. Your gigantic “knockers” were pounding the keyboard. Hey, it happens.

  29. JagedNS

    I definitely think she’s hot!!

  30. IKE

    Nice rack!!

    Unknown fact, JLH has a NICE ass. She hides it….down plays it with dresses like this. She’s no Kim Kardashian, but she’s no Paris Hilton either!!
    Yep, Paris, I went there.

    Ike out.

  31. Bob Cobb

    When is she going to come to her senses and bare it all?

    She’s not getting any younger, and her acting skills are mediocre – her claim(s) to fame are her breasts. No shame in that at all.

    Just take it off, Love.

  32. Narcissist

    #21 Oh hell! that might be it. That missing belt looks extra sloppy.

    I saw his gut doesn’t seem match his chin in pic 7, but maybe the missing belt is what makes him seem fat in 2 and 3.
    It might just be that he looks drunk or gassy, though.

    He certainly took pains not to upstage her. What a nice boyfriend.

  33. Zing!

    Even though this bitch is, like, 50, I would def shit on her titties and piss in that mouth.

  34. Sam Hain

    #24 – i’ll have to second #28 here, because if you so completely missed the point of the header on this post you must have let your tits do the typing, because I doubt your brain can control your fingers.

    Which must make the long, lonely nights a drag…

    She looks ultra intelligent, i think the only thing that would make her look smarter would involve part of me in part of her that is covered by that extra 2 yards of fabric…

  35. soy

    Big Cans on aBigEGGpLANT

  36. Andie

    I have always thought her face was too small for her body. But it’s a nice face, to be sure. Yeah, she’s a pretty girl.

    Anybody else think she has a smallish head?

  37. Sam Hain

    nothing that couldn’t be rectified by a giant beef injection to the back of the neck

  38. havoc

    She’s always had nice tits.

    Why can’t we see upskirts and nipple slips from her instead fat celebrities?


  39. 1MILF Hunter

    That is a nice rack. Thank you JLH for sharing.

  40. kirsten dunst

    i’m sorry but i really just do not like her face area at all. or her voice. does anyone else agree, seriously? annoying as fuck.

  41. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    #24 – I’d like to take a moment to quote Sam Kinnison.

    Kinnison – Ladies, if you were born with big titties, just say “Thank you, God…now I don’t have to go to school.”

    Nuff said; even Kinnison knew back then. It’s a plague and a way of American life at this point Sarah. So get a helmet and STFU! We don’t have to like it but it is the way it is.

  42. hendero

    It’s awesome all the people on here who critique JLH’s face, or her body or whatever. As if any of the guys making those comments have ever been with anyone as close to as hot as her, or if any the women saying she’s got a pointy chin or squeaky voice are anywhere near as good-looking as she is.

    Now, just last week I was with two supermodels who are hotter than JLove, so I’m qualified to observe that I’d draw a detailed map of Hawaii all over her in about 10 seconds flat.

  43. Jodi

    Dear Everybody,

    I like J.L.H. – in fact, I think she’s quite pretty generally, and she looks better on screen than in actual pictures (could be make-up, or just that strange thing where some people look better in motion). Dress doesn’t quite work here though (lower portion of breasts hit by that high mid-riff thing…) . Anyway, I’m not anti-American (I love America in fact), but you guys really find it hard to dress well sometimes…It’s hard I guess given that your more fashionable stores have a gay-slur tag associated with them. That’s unfortunate.

    Hope everybody is well.


  44. Drex

    Nice boobs but she dresses like she’s 70!

  45. R Dawg

    But can she suck dick?

  46. shweaty balls

    #26. She is not squinting, she’s got squinty little eyes.

    Honestly I don’t know what butt ugly small towns some people come from but plenty of the girls at my Highschool, University and now work are as hot or hotter than this dimadozen.

  47. Paris Hilton

    Deer #43,

    Oh my god lik what the lik hell are you saying, I am the bestest dressar evar in all of ameraca okey. Just yesterday i wore crotchless pantees and a tube top and lik everybody at church said I was makin jebus cri… obviouslee because I am lik so like lik supar gorgeos.

    so lik shut up know and go see my movee and by my bock ok.

    Luv and kizes,

    now sign your name Parice

  48. jane doe

    they will be down to her knees pretty soon, their allready pointing SOUTH

  49. rezzla

    jenny pneumatic

  50. she aint a beauty

    her head is small and makes her boobs look bigger, they are good though. but her face does look like a weezel

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