Jennifer Love Hewitt is single. Again.

March 15th, 2010 // 45 Comments

People reports Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are no longer having shame-filled sex together which is kind of sad considering I was actually starting to buy them as a couple. No, really, think about it: She’s fucking crazy and he can’t afford to pay for sex because no one will hire him. How does that not work? So she shot you in the leg a few times after catching a whiff of your assistant’s perfume. Have you looked at her breasts and your face? Mathematically they shouldn’t even be in the same room together.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Tucker Jay

    What a Shame?

  2. jessy


  3. jessy


  4. Skeletor

    Future Jenifer Love Skeletor!

  5. I think the big story is who was the girlfriend that helped her vajazzle her “sweet spot.”

  6. Amber

    You’re all about the breaking news tonight.

  7. sin

    Why is she considered to have Huge tits? Those are medium at best. She must use push up bras alot.

  8. What a lovely specimen of woman… I would so do her–as if the opportunity would ever come up!

  9. Dank

    Now the Ghost Whisperer creators are going to have to find her a new cast member to fuck. She goes through guys like fucking water. She’s a nice girl too. i dont get it.

  10. Dank

    Maybe he didnt like her vagazzle(google it, funny shit)

  11. Dweezel

    Aw, come on. She’s gorgeous, and by all accounts a decent person. Besides, she’s rocking both that dress _and_ those Christian Louboutin’s.

  12. He’s got beady, little eyes anyway. Next!

  13. Jimmy

    I remember when I was in 8th grade and she was IT. There were countless nights I’ve spent with her. Now she’s washed up.

  14. Lenny

    Remember she’s only 5’2 and her ass is alot better than you think. But nice tits.

  15. Stu Gavin

    To #9

    The reason JLH goes through men so fast is because she has severe Daddy issues, her father left her when she was 1.

  16. dontlooknow

    It’s sad that a woman of her advanced age has to wear a dress that PEELS OFF to get any attention.

  17. AJ

    I dont care how crazy she is, I wouldn’t give that ass up

  18. Darth

    Single with Love being her Middle Name?!

  19. nah

    white pasty cellulite

  20. Evil

    SERIOUSLY, I’d take her! No internet joke!

  21. cc

    I hear he left after he nearly choked to death on a Swarovksi crystal.

  22. kitty_kat

    Wow. My friend was right. She is kind of pear-shaped. I remember her breasts being much bigger than this. What happened?

  23. for some reason i thought they would make it

  24. Tek

    It’s crazy that as soon as she loses weight and gets into her typical JLH shape they brake up. So basicly Jamie Kennedy likes ‘em big?

    back when she had the extra lbs on her, her tits were infact huge. Check out some Ghost Whisperer re-runs and see for yourself. Also take into account that she’s no longer the same perky little thing on the I Know What You Did Last Summer films. She’s 31 now, and after losing a lot of weight… lets just say that her tits arent as full and perky as they used to be.

    That said, I’d still hit that furiously.

  25. shemp

    that’s a shame: they seemed like a very happy couple, judging by the pics I’ve seen of them. Oh well. She’s absolutely gorgeous and and fine person too: she’ll find the guy that’s right for her eventually…

  26. captain america


  27. Rough-er Madness

    Of course she dump him. You think after she lose the weight she’s going to have him around? Silly.

  28. deebo

    so how do i get a date with her? she has been one of my faves and i happen to be newly single too. oh j love we can make some vajazzle and peenzazzle magic together…won;t all that bejewelling leave a rash tho?

  29. Mr. Nice Guy

    This is why men leave women for younger women-
    16. dontlooknow – March 15, 2010 8:54 AM
    It’s sad that a woman of her advanced age has to wear a dress that PEELS OFF to get any attention.
    - She is 31 years old! dontlooknow; You wear this kind of dress proudly until you want to live with your CAT. Ask my ex wife who bought into your type of Bull Shit at 39, or my current with who I am taking to Cancun in her 40′s, and still wears this and Hotter.
    dontlooknow is a Prudish Bitch.

  30. Richard McBeef

    @15 – yep. never ever date a girl that doesn’t have a dad. ever ever. it’s hard to play dad and bf at the same time. also, don’t date girls that don’t have brothers, preferably older brothers.

  31. medi0169

    Nice tits.

  32. Two-Buck Tim

    @30 is giving the best advice here, some of the younger superficial male contributors might want to take note, cause what he’s saying is hard-core truth.

  33. Cartman

    JLH is lovely. The only thing I have against her is that she used to fuck Jamie Kennedy because that guy sucks worse than Tom Green.

  34. lol, i used to like jennifer love hewitt so much but not anymore, she does seem a bit crazy!

  35. Dn

    @ 33
    Tom Green is a nard sack, and Jaime Kennedy isn’t much better. But at least his show, The Jaime Kennedy, experience was funny from time to time. Tom Green was reduced to sucking on a cows utter for laughs. Talk about lame.

  36. datroof

    Called this a couple weeks ago.

    She got burned by those beach photos of her where she was chunking up. She claimed she didn’t care, but she’s obviously been working out since then. And apparantly sticking her ass out for photo shoots, and as been getting a lot of attention lately. Making her realise she’s potentially too good looking for this no-talent douche.

    She’s got a great body. Too bad she looks like she’d be a stiff in bed. Too prudish and proper to have any real fun. I’m guessing it goes like:

    No foreplay beyond just taking off your clothes. 5-10 minutes of actual intercourse (missionary only). Then 45-60 endless minutes of cuddling as you reassure her that “this really is the best part”, while Natalie Merchant songs are softly looped in the background on her ipod shuffle.

  37. Kay

    Gorgeous body, she is looking great.

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