Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready to be whispered at

January 16th, 2008 // 258 Comments

These are the latest promotional stills from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show Ghost Whisperer. Apparently Jennifer’s cleavage grants her the ability to communicate with the dead. That’s good television. Here’s a couple of things I expect ghosts to whisper this season:

“Carbs are the enemy…”
“Those are real. Ghost-boner!”
“If you see Janice Dickinson again, could you put her back in her coffin?”
“Also, saturated fat is bad. Hey, dammit, where’d you get that? I thought I told craft services to stop serving donuts. Awesome. Let’s just call the show ‘Titanic Girl and the Dead People She Doesn’t Listen To Because She Loves Cake.’”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Van

    She is by no means fat. I agree the stylists were TRYING to sabotage her in these photoshoots, she needs form fitting dresses the ones chosen add weight and the airstyle is dated and adds years. Sets are bad, make up is bad, and she looks dead: bad expressions.

  2. steve

    Does this really crappy movie make me look fat?

  3. JarJar

    Meesir agrees wit meestah numbah nyntee seex, she boom boom be bombad, and she teetaas eesa boomin’. Meesuh be rollins wit meestah Anerexio, cuz meesa stoopid too. Fucking hood rat.

  4. peacemaker

    I think we have a language problem here. “Fat” is “overweight” to some people, who reserve “fat” for human planetoids, and refer to gluteal cottage cheese depositories (like our little Princess here) as having “put on a little weight.” It’s a speech disorder that affects mostly women.

    However, in most cases the pointing of a penis will reveal the truth, like a diving rod, except it points up not down as it approaches a worthy target. Today if a healthy young heterosexually calibrated penis were directed toward a naked JLH it’d give a reading of “meh, worth a dip I suppose, for the tits mostly, but it wouldn’t kill her to get on a fuckin elliptical once in awhile.” As always, the penis speaks the truth. Listen to him. (It’s best if you keep your mouth and eyes open right as he begins to speak.)

  5. Pfff

    She looks pretty good in these pics. Her arms look a little chubby but no big deal. The thing is she’s wearing a dress so we can’t see her thunder thighs and planetary ass. The chick definitely ain’t in shape or anything.

  6. D. Richards (Filth.)

    Dick thinks she has pretty eyes. Clear, and kind.

  7. jjjjjjjjj

    I am a size 8, I just calculated my BMI and it is on the low end of NORMAL. No one in my entire life has ever said I was fat and I look pretty good in a bikini. BUT…. according to most on here I am a fat cow. I think most people here don’t live in the reality and probably have no clue which sizes fit which women.

  8. Anexio

    Number 104 – peacemaker….

    Frickin’ hilarious. Original thought, well written and spelled correctly.

    Finally, something new.

  9. justifiable

    #59 PunkA, try taking your head out of your ass, you know nothing about clothing sizes – or much else, either.
    “Size 8 used to be a 6 ten years ago”? Wrong – when higher-end manufacturers realized they could sell anything to a size 12 woman if it was labelled as an 8 or a 10, the concept of “designer” sizes was created. Perception is reality when it comes to a clothing label. So in reality, today’s size 8 used to be a 10 (or even a 12) about ten years ago – when the only place you could find a size 0 or 2 was in the preschool department. Maybe your wife will slowly explain this concept to you if she isn’t too busy being bench pressed by her trainer.

  10. Pilatunes

    That dress screams ‘Tit fuck!’.

    At least to me.

  11. Desperado

    I’d sniff her gunt.

  12. Puritan Assmilk

    all cankles and gunt. ye gods.

  13. CruisingForCock

    Nice tits. Too bad they are attached to such a fat ass.

  14. Jamie

    I’d poke her, what the hell, her tits are nice and she’s famous. But just for a night. The joke is on her fiance, who “snagged” her long after she lost her hotness and put on plenty of cold weather insulation. He bought the cow when he could have had free one-hand videos of the milk before it curdled.

  15. Anthony

    I’d fuck her, but only to play bucking bronco by doing it doggiestyle and whispering in her ear “I’ll always remember when you were thin and hot” and then trying to hold on when the cottage cheese wave machine starts.

  16. God the Father

    If you’re 5′ 2″, size 8 is fucking fat. I didn’t make you that way. Don’t make me come down there…

  17. Mary


  18. Joseph


  19. john

    Cow. Moooooo.

  20. Jennifer Large Hips

    If a butt expands underneath a skirt and no one can see it, does it make me look fat? (yes)

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  22. @13- “We know what you did last summer; snack cakes!”

    I think I stole that off

    Hmm. These photos and outfits seem to be set up to draw attention away from her enormous whale body. It didn’t work, not even the 3rd one where they just covered most of the trouble areas with a pretty boat tarp.
    I would recommend headshots.

    I’m being superficial. And mean. Isn’t that what The Superficial is for?

    I’d love to fuck this fattie, it’s true. As long as it was free and no one found out.

  23. She always wear these prom dresses. They compliment her all right, but she’s being boring and conventional.
    I can’t watch that show, and I tried, you know. Well, there wore some Wentworth Miller bits that made my day, but it’s all in the past now.

  24. MoronicShitney

    Oh fuck off Fish this woman is thinner than 95% of Fat American bitches, shit you call her fat you call virtually every woman in the US fat!

  25. Spanky

    Waaaaaah ha ha ha oh my word you people are hilarious! she is not fat, just serious hips and ass….gorgeous face though…

    play nice now

  26. Methos

    Theres not a straight guy here or chick that wouldn’t take a run at her given half a chance,

    but you all know she’s so far out of your league

    your league would explode and she wouldn’t here the bang for 3 days….

  27. fo'sgirl

    C’mon people. She’s actually a beautiful girl who doesn’t run around showing snatch, holding her kids hostage, doing cocaine, puking on her friends clothes. You act as it’s a picture of Roseanne in a strapless. Just stop! As soon as she starts losing weight you’ll talk about her eating disorders, or drug use. When all along it’s over critical people who make another feel like shit. I, for one, admire her for not letting the ignorant public masses dictate how she lives her life. So she has some cellulite…big fuckin deal. So does half of the planet. She looks beautiful…and I hope she continues to be a real live human.

  28. L.Linus

    The first thing you got to remember is she only 5’2 and being that short any extra weight looks like alot. She not a size 2, more like a size 8 or larger. But she does have a nice set of cans!

  29. ash

    Anyone who thinks this woman is fat is out of their mind and needs to grow up. The fact of the matter is that not each and every one of us on earth is going to be a size zero including men. There is alsolutely nothing wrong with Jen, she a a beautiful person and shame on you for not recognizing that.

  30. betarraga

    she’s looking good! all the people calling her fat are, i’m sure, ugly and obese themselves.

    what’s with today’s men expecting women to look like 10 year old boys? ugh!

  31. Shallow Val

    I LOVE when the JLH posts come on. I love to see how easily people take bait. It didn’t surprise me one bit when I looked at the pc this morning and saw that there were already 125 comments on this post. And about 3/4 of them are the easy folks stating the obvious:

    “she’s SO not fat”
    “what are yor people, crazy?”
    “my BMI index, blah, blah, blah”
    “why does a woman have to be anorixic to blah, blah, blah”

    Easy, Easy, Easy. (Throws her wormed hook into the water)

    By the way, she’s FAT!

  32. Jim

    Jeez – relax, fatties (although…it’s not like you’re going to get worked up enough to go exercise). We’re not calling YOU fat, we’re calling Jennifer Love Hewitt fat. There’s no “by extension” or “if she’s fat, then” generalization. You’re nobody. We don’t care if you’re fat or thin. We don’t care if you live or die. The instant the topic moves away from making fun of celebrities (“this makes normal women feel…”) we fall asleep. Now take a break, have a cupcake – who am I kidding? go ahead, have the whole 12-pack, you deserve it – and when you come back, don’t take any of this personally. And please close the curtain all the way when you take a shower, because…dayam.

  33. sicasso

    Psssst, Jen:

    Don’t tell anyone, but I think your ass is creeping up your back and falling down your thighs. Those ain’t womanly curves, honey, they’re the sprouting seeds of obesity. Just ask that fuckwit Kirstie Alley. Once hot, now not.

  34. Gus

    OMG! Till she bleeds. Till. She. Bleeds.

  35. LayDeeBug

    Jim 135 said – “The instant the topic moves away from making fun of celebrities (“this makes normal women feel…”) we fall asleep. ”

    Easily the best comment I’ve read all month. Thank you for the great read, Jim me boy!

    I’m a normal woman and it makes me feel….well, like laughing. So…..Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!

  36. wannnnkkk

    her face’s okay but her body is like a hippo. look at those arms. i bet they wobble like crazy.


    You guys are JERKS. So what if you think she is fat. Your opinions do not mean squat. She is beautiful. No matter what size she is. Some people can not obtain beauty at a size 0, because they don’t know what beauty is, or where it comes from. If you guys would just focus on something important and maybe say something positive every now and then, perhaps you would be beautiful too.

    GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Skinny Chick

    Size 8 is FAT too!!! YOu can totally tell they hid her lard ass!!! Has no one heard of the airbrushing either? We’ve all seen her ginormous ass in other photos. I’m size 3, 5’8″ and work hard at being this size. If we all ate that miss piggy in the photo, we’d all be that size. It’s called self dicipline!!! Fat is gross

  39. LayDeeBug

    Oh, boy, here we go…… (138). Someone, anyone, please say something…..

  40. I would wear her thighs as earmuffs. You morons calling her fat have either never been with a woman that doesn’t come in a box and require some assembly, or lament your wife being a Lane Bryant model. I would take this chick to the beach and motorboat her all the way to Hawaii.

  41. Skinny Chick

    Size 8 is FAT too!!! YOu can totally tell they hid her lard ass!!! Has no one heard of the airbrushing either? We’ve all seen her ginormous ass in other photos. I’m size 3, 5’8″ and work hard at being this size. If we all ate that miss piggy in the photo, we’d all be that size. It’s called self dicipline!!! Fat is gross

  42. LayDeeBug, thanks for the opening…

    #138 – I am beautiful. Seriously, if there were two of me I’d be gay. I’m the best I ever had.

    Lemme guess… you sit alone in the lunchroom and get picked last for dodgeball, right? The lunchlady always gives you an extra scoop of slop since your growling stomach sounds like a low flyng jet. You are destined to be buried in a piano crate. You need to take elevators alone to avoid getting stuck. You have to enter your doorways sideways. You put gummi bears on your salad. You think whipped cream and sprinkles are a suitable topping for burgers. By law, you must only get center cabins on cruiseships. Your body can be used as a floatation device. You look like an angry puffer fish with Mr Potato Head arms and feet. Your eyelids have fat rolls. You drink 2 liter bottles of diet soda with lunch and wonder why you’re still gaining weight.

    Does that about cover it? And does your mom know you’re at home eating instead of in school?

    #139/ 142 – Size 3 and 5’8″? The only way to work on that is the Nicole Richie diet. Try eating something other than an air sandwich for lunch.

  43. Nice Girl

    # 143 -
    No, Actually, I am pretty damn hot! I turn heads everywhere I go. I am just sick and fucking tired of how shallow and self obsorbed our culture has become.

    #142 -
    FAT is not GROSS. Fat is Fat. Being mean is ugly. Good for you! You are a size 3. Does it make you a better person? Sure hasn’t kept you from being mean.

  44. LayDeeBug

    (Laughing hysterically) – 143 Your welcome. Please, please keep them coming. Your rants are better than any orgasm I’ve ever had.

    (gummy bears on the salad – ROFLMAO)

    Yeah, 5’8″ and size 3 is a bit on the too skinny side, girlie. I’m one inch taller than you and I look positively skeletal at 140.

  45. fo'sgirl

    Hey Skinny Chick…you know what else is gross? Fucking a pile of bones.

    And you know…i love how if I defend another womans weight then that must make me some ugly slob who never goes to the gym…and love to sit around fighting for fat people.

    Well no. I STILL don’t think she’s fat. And no. I am in no way overweight, out of shape, any of the above. I’ve been in the Army for a few years..and i’m pretty sure I know what fat is, and what fat isn’t. Maybe skinny chick could get her hand out of her throat for 5 minutes and pick up a book to read up on it.

  46. #144 – Isn’t that “heat” you speak of technically called “thigh burn”? I think that’s the scientific term for it. Oh, and here in NYC, the Naked Cowboy and the Iguana Lady turn heads too.

  47. Just noticing....

    # 144 said -

    “No, Actually, I am pretty damn hot! I turn heads everywhere I go. I am just sick and fucking tired of how shallow and self obsorbed our culture has become. ”

    If that’s not a contradiction in terms, I don’t know what is.

  48. Nice Girl

    147 -
    Maybe so. I was just trying to make the point that you don’t have to be fat to be sick and tired of how everyone is obsessed with the thin and the beatiful. Maybe I should have just said I don’t hate the way I look. I’m just being a little pissy. sorry.

  49. Anonymous

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