Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready to be whispered at

January 16th, 2008 // 258 Comments

These are the latest promotional stills from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show Ghost Whisperer. Apparently Jennifer’s cleavage grants her the ability to communicate with the dead. That’s good television. Here’s a couple of things I expect ghosts to whisper this season:

“Carbs are the enemy…”
“Those are real. Ghost-boner!”
“If you see Janice Dickinson again, could you put her back in her coffin?”
“Also, saturated fat is bad. Hey, dammit, where’d you get that? I thought I told craft services to stop serving donuts. Awesome. Let’s just call the show ‘Titanic Girl and the Dead People She Doesn’t Listen To Because She Loves Cake.’”

Photos: Splash News

  1. kitty_kat

    #40- You beat me to it. Thank you! I mean, JLH is definitely chunky, but a size 8?!

  2. le sigh

    size is relative to height… size 8 at 5’2″ might look a little big, but size 8 at 5’8″ is completely fine and not “fat” at all. you can’t just say “you’re size 8?!! you FATTY” – it doesn’t apply across the board.

  3. 10pound

    JLH is so fat, she affects the tides.

  4. WhatsRight434

    You people are crazy! She looks perfectly fine!!! She looks so much better than all these sickly, ill sticks we so all the time. We are so brainwashed to think looking healthy and normal is fat-when its not!

  5. you're all idiots

    she isn’t a size 8 anyway morons–that was the size of one of the first posters.

  6. Haha Jimbo!!!

    So, size 7/8 is NOT fat, just not ridiculously skinny, and who cares, cause Jen claimed she was a friggin TWO anyway, and we ALL know that’s maybe what she was 5 years ago, not now!

  7. what about...

    just curious what you all think of 5’4 size 6. probably a heiffer, right? i don’t think so just wanted this discussion board’s distorted opinion to see how off you are

  8. kitty_kat

    55- Um, I think we all know that. We’re responding to the guy that called the poster fat.

  9. PunkA

    I know your clothing/dress size is not tied to BMI. But if you checked your weight as a size 8 for BMI, chances are pretty damn high you are considered overweight by that standard, you dumb shits.

    And #26 pointed out, height will play into that too. But we all know a size 8 today was a size 6 10 years ago. Part of the denial and fattening up of America.

  10. She had some unflattering pictures taken, but most women can say the same thing. She is looking really good here and any guy who’s saying he wouldn’t hit it is lying.

    #59 is obviously upset ’cause he knows those kids aren’t really his and his wife keeps in shape for her bf, not him.

  11. James

    I think she looks wonderful.

  12. Gee PunkA is up on his female clothing sizes. He may not be a female, but it sounds like he has something in commen with TT. .

    What size panties do you were PunkA??

  13. starship

    To elaborate on fishies narrative, I’d like to suggest that JLH’s lovely massive tits are nature’s perfect antennas. Since JHL no longer has a Hollywood career, she could rent out her big honkin’ hooters to NASA to assist their various deep space radio telescope arrays. Who knows, maybe those wonderful tits will help discover the origins of the universe.

    Of course, JLH radio receiver tits work better when she is topless.

  14. Danklin24

    Fish, i said it once and ill say it again, you’re an idiot if you think this chick is anything but smokin’ hot.

    #31. BMI means nothing. It doesnt account for muscle mass at all. Its actually a very poor way to gauge someones health.

  15. PunkA

    Hey Jimbo, try getting married and trying to buy clothes for a women. You gotta know your shit or you could cause yourself a big problem, know what I mean. you gotta know the sizes, your fits and styles and always err on the smaller size. Any married guy will tell you that.

  16. Snarf

    Size 2 my ass!

    She is turning into one chubby-lumpkin!

  17. She looks pretty small in the black dress.
    But I think shes pretty at any size.

  18. Just Sayin'

    Tits, schmits! She’s still got a butt that’s big enough to qualify as a moon if it were orbiting a small planet.

  19. TittieLuvr

    I would love to whisper some sweet nothings at those airbrushed titties!! Aww fuck it, those are’nt titties, those are TITTAYS!!

  20. TittieLuvr

    I would love to whisper some sweet nothings at those airbrushed titties!! Aww fuck it, those are’nt titties, those are TITTAYS!!

  21. combustion8

    fatty fatty fat fat!!! yeah she’s a heffer.

    Has she never heard of a gym? what a lazy cunt.

  22. william

    here at the firestation think SHE IS SMOKING HOTTT SHE IS VERY FINE YOU GO GIRL people are so stupid keep kicking later the firemen THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kelly

    She is so beautiful (especially in the second picture)!!
    Wow…I LOVE…L>O>V>E that pink dress!

  24. GEEEEZ!

    Bad Ass! …Naughty Ass! Now go stand in the corner until you can behave yourself..That tub of butter was for the whole family and, hey..where the hell is the ice cream? (re Photo # 2)

  25. squab

    There’s no way that piggy is a size 2. No fuckin’ way.

  26. Cthulha

    She has a fantastic figure. If you like skinny girls with silicon bags stapled to their chests, go look at them, don’t slag off on a fine looking woman because you fear real tits and ass.

  27. Ella

    guys, she’s hot. Why are you all dissing her?

  28. Donovin

    STUNNING…FUCKING STUNNING… One of the last “REAL” women in “Hollywood”….

  29. haroof

    she’s so friggin hot it’s ridiculous.

  30. jessica simpleton

    #20 nope. i’m a right cow on the inside too. moo!

  31. woodhorse

    Every time I see her, I think of Randy Quaid in that movie saying “child bearing hips” with a knowing grin….

  32. pucky

    I’d like to whisper to her breasts.

  33. Angie

    PunkA: Your a prick and thats why your wife is cheating on you and I am pretty sure 2 of those babies she had..ARENT YOURS. How thin are you?

  34. Quesa

    Oh please. She doesn’t look like that, her skin isn’t like velvet or some shit like that. PHOTOSHOP special. Girl is covered with nastiness with real life.

  35. man ol' man

    #5- you made my day bro, that was some funny stuff dude, fun-ny, with an emphasis on the “ny”.

  36. Clem

    She’s gorgeous. I would to take her for a milkshake.

    And a fuck.

  37. Teryn

    All of these people who are commenting on her body:
    be quiet.
    Because I bet half of you have fat on your ass just like her

  38. Jess

    She looks gorgeous in these pictures…however…they are clearly photoshopped to no end. Considering Britney Spears still looks good in some promo shots and we all know what she actually looks like, we know that photoshop can basically completely transform you.

    HOWEVER, I did NOT think JLH looked FAT in those bikini pictures either…but she was by no means a size 2…maybe a 10…and if she had just been honest, it would have been a lot better than lying and acting like she is ashamed of her (perfectly normal) size.

  39. Auto-Erotic-Asphixiation

    #12 – At ten they’re a two… two they’re a ten

  40. FromOutOfNoWhere

    She is beautiful and oh man those puppies are beautiful. Damn she can breast feed me any day and every day for hours at a time.

  41. PrettyPinkPonies

    PunkA you are fucking retarded.

    “I know your clothing/dress size is not tied to BMI. But if you checked your weight as a size 8 for BMI, chances are pretty damn high you are considered overweight by that standard, you dumb shits.”

    How can you both know clothing size is not tied to BMI, and then say “if you checked your weight as a size 8 for BMI”? You are either terrible at articulating your thoughts, or your thoughts are as self-contradictory as the words you try to use to convey them. Either way, you look like a jackass calling other people “dumb shits”.

    BMI uses height and weight, and nothing else, which is why it’s not a great system, especially for people who build lots of muscle. So the sentence “if you checked your weight as a size 8 (which doesn’t make sense right there, since weight is in pounds and clothing is in sizes, and you can’t check one for the other based on those sole factors) is retarded, and then you add “for BMI” which makes even less sense. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about, even though you also clearly, firmly believe you know exactly what you are talking about. People like you are worthless and I don’t know where you got the idea that your opinion was in any way relevant to any topic, ever.

    And I’m not a size 8, so I’m not personally offended by your standards. Just your stupidity.

  42. The Powermuff Girls

    LOL LOL LOL #5 and #12. Thanks also to every intelligent person who has realized that this chick is not a size 2 she conviently forgot the number 1 that comes before the 2 on all her clothing tags.

    I love how so many of you poor stupid bastards have forgotton what lies under that dress. A giant fat cottage cheese ass and she hasn’t even had kids yet. Are you idiots the same ones who repetedly eat soap that smells like fruit? Do you never learn your lesson do you have the memory of a house fly? She ‘s fat. You’ve seen the proof please register that in your little pea brains and don’t let a somewhat flattering dress allow your to forget the big fat aweful truth. No girl who eats well and exercises would ever be this chunky. She was hot and toned back in the day, she is still young and has not had kids(not that that’s an excuse to let it all go). Bottom line she’s lazy and as a person who is paid shitloads because of her looks and nothing else ( don’t deny it) it offends me that she can’t be bothered to stay in shape. Bitch is in denial and is obviously engaged to one of those douches who encourages and enables their previously hot chick to get all fat (maybe so no one else will want them?).

    And punkA is right and all you idiots who defend this chubs weight are meerly telling us that you are as big or likely much bigger than her because no slim girl would ever defend this girl’s weight. Most toned girls have nightmares of waking up with an ass like Jen’s. She needs to face reality and get back in shape, it’s unhealthy. Bottom line.

  43. bigfan

    Jennifer looks so beautiful. I love her. I just saw her profile on millionaire dating site where Charlie Sheen found his new match last March. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  44. Anexio

    Dat mowf is some nice mista.

    I be tappin dat shizbit all true de night, yes shua.

    Yes, indeed, dat some nice shit.

  45. Elk

    What is your wife’s height and weight?

  46. Anexio

    Hey, #94 – The Powermuff Girls, what the hell are you talking about?

    You lost me at “LOL”.

    “Bottom line she’s lazy and as a person who is paid shitloads because of her looks and nothing else…”

    No, she’s paid shitloads because she has some majorly juicy fat titties that we heterosexual men would fucking die to stick our wiener between.

    Yes, I know I ended that last sentence with a preposition, so sue me. See you around.

    Shit, did it again.

  47. Lisar

    It’s a conspiracy!

    Who had ever heard of the ghost whisperer before this whole bikini incident? Who would have cared? If she were skinny and hot, we would have looked at the pictures and said “yawn, next”. But we see these pictures of someone who looks just like you, oh Ms size 8, and we delight in the decline of her once fantastic physique.

    Total publicity stunt. I can see the producers now saying: Jen, we need you to stir up some waves….literally.

  48. HolyCow

    When did she get so fat? Anyway, good for her… being proud of her fattiness. Most people would be embarrassed to be so fat — and to be photographed in public in their fat suit. I for one don’t care if she chooses to look like a fat pig, at least she is loved by fat lovers.

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