Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready to be whispered at

January 16th, 2008 // 258 Comments

These are the latest promotional stills from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s show Ghost Whisperer. Apparently Jennifer’s cleavage grants her the ability to communicate with the dead. That’s good television. Here’s a couple of things I expect ghosts to whisper this season:

“Carbs are the enemy…”
“Those are real. Ghost-boner!”
“If you see Janice Dickinson again, could you put her back in her coffin?”
“Also, saturated fat is bad. Hey, dammit, where’d you get that? I thought I told craft services to stop serving donuts. Awesome. Let’s just call the show ‘Titanic Girl and the Dead People She Doesn’t Listen To Because She Loves Cake.’”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Fred

    Man, the things people do for money! Good looking Lady!

  2. PrettyBaby

    She is a sexy girl. Verrrry nice.

  3. kati

    ok she really isn’t that fat

  4. Cate


  5. Andy

    Excellent move! Those tent skirts are excellent for covering up an hippobutt. From the waist up, she’s a still-young actress, and you can’t even tell that from the waist down, she’s a 40-something minivan driving soccer mom with 5 kids. To bad the really adult fun is from the waist down…

  6. DJ Jazzy P

    I’d do her!

  7. PunkA

    her twat is as meaty as her thighs………..

  8. Ted from LA

    I would come back from the dead just to stick my face between those things and blow.

  9. Silly hooker

    3 and 4 made me laugh.. yeah, it’s been a long day..

  10. her boobs whisper to my penis, and by whisper I mean shouting, and my penis is shouting back.

  11. princess

    her calfs look huge in the last picture!!!

  12. Wanopo

    She did it! Well, almost. Check out the pic where she’s backed her massive ass into the corner of the room (beep-beep-beep). Fat upper arms, fat legs, even fat feet. That pic is like when you’re at a bar, getting totally wasted and thinking you’re talking to a hot chick, then it’s closing time and they turn the lights up and – POW! – you realize you’ve been talking to Ms. Lumpy the whole time. Then it’s “I’ll be right back, I gotta hit the restroom” and out the window you go.

  13. Ghosts

    “We know what you did last summer (please don’t wear a swimsuit in public again)”

  14. Bigheadmike

    She is just about perfect…….

  15. jessicasimpleton

    thank god you fussy little delusional arsewipes weren’t alive in the fifties. you wouldn’t have had anyone to drool over seeing as you only like women whose entire life revolves around the gym. fuck you. (and no i’m not fat, i’m size 8, so don’t bother to use that pathetic rationalisation for you response. although size 8 probably counts as fat now. sick fucks)

  16. still one of my favs. although she has no definition in her cavs

  17. Swallow it ALL Jen

    She can suck my cock whilst I play with her wonderful tits.
    And, of course she swallows, she didn’t get that big from spitting out the jizz.

  18. Mal Reynolds

    Size 2? Mmm..sure.

  19. Biff Henderson

    I’d hit that…..wait for it..

    cause I heard fat chicks are tighter than Fort Knox.

  20. steve

    #15 – I’m sure you’re beautiful on the inside.

  21. Size 8 isn’t fat. Size 8 is juuuust right..

    However, Jen is a size 13. Not that there’s anything wrong with that..

  22. BunnyButt

    11, I’ll bet you’re one of the (very) few people who noticed she has any body parts other than breasts. Just gaze upon those, don’t worry about the legs.

    I must admit to being a bit worried about the skin tone on her right arm in pic 2. Hope that’s light reflecting from the dress …

  23. PunkA

    Size 8 has ALWAYS been fat, simpleton. Step away from the trough, you cow. Try some cardio, then cut down on te fries and chalupas.

  24. Wanopo

    Shit, I think I was talking to #15 last night, before the lights went up. Goddamn Jägermeister…

  25. Chauncey Gardner

    Look at her dainty little clit-ticklers. Those things have triggered thousands of orgasms, probably since her preteens. That observation has nothing to do with anything except me being a fucking pervert.

  26. Tim

    Size 8 isn’t fat. A size 8 looks good…. as long as you’re at least 5’8″.

  27. #23 are you a girl?

  28. Pancio

    I don’t care about her being fat. Sometimes that’s the price you pay for great tits, just like great-ass chicks sometimes have nasty boobs, or for some reason, butterfaces. Here’s the problem: what’s up with the fucking sour expressions? She looks like she’s having those megacramps right before an especially clotty menstrual flow. I’ve seen happier expressions on the face of a chick agreeing to anal even though the lube is almost gone.

  29. morga

    there’s no hiding her thighs (she’s almost 30, remember, not like some of the high schoolers posted here)

    but she’s still amazingly gorgeous

  30. you're all idiots

    she’s not fat, size 8 isn’t fat, almost all of you are dumb perverts

  31. PunkA

    I am no girl. My wife has 3 kids, 4th on the way and is a size 4. And she works for it every day. Size 8 carries extra weight. That is the facts, not BS. Not orca fat, but overweight. See the BMI scale to confirm it too.

  32. ph7

    Guys with mommy issues love this chick for some reason. weird.

  33. you have math problems

    size 8 is fat when you’re as short as Heifer Love Hewitt.

  34. Tapeworm

    Pic #2 – she looks like a bored & boring 40 year old housewife. Lose the hairdo, lady, it adds 10 years.

    And what’s with the long dresses? Damn lady, show some leg!

  35. Auntie Kryst

    I think she looks good, and want her to share my bed. First she has to share a bowl of that sweet leaf she’s smoking. Open up your eyes bong whisperer.

  36. Nikk

    Great dress, great shoes…..but on her, not so much.

    I wouldn’t throw her out of bed. She’s got a very pretty face and great demeanor….but she needs to know what styles look good on her.

  37. I stand corrected. Size 8 is FAT apparently. And IDIOTS RULE!!!

    That reminds me of a Jane’s Addiction song..

  38. I've got your cud, Jenny

    True story – years ago, Carson Daly found out that he and JLH had broken up. When she told it to her publicist and he later heard it on the radio. Of course, the best part is that they’re both complete tools. But the point is, it’s so weird that people think she’s so sweet, based on a nice smile and soft-looking boobs. That doesn’t mean she’s sweet, it means you should surprise her with a nice gift of semen all over those areas.

  39. Calvin Klein

    It’s the latest in buoywear, and she has the perfect body for it.

  40. umm

    31- you say check the BMI scale to confirm your absurd opinion that a size 8 is fat….. but i guess you’ve never seen a bmi scale, it definitely doesn’t go by clothing size

  41. moobs

    definitely not “all that”

    definitely not “amazingly gorgeous”

    definitely not better than average.

  42. She’s got a little junk in her trunk, but I wouldn’t say fat. I personally don’t like her facial features so to me it doesn’t matter that’s she’s fat or not. She has a “bitch” look.

  43. She’s got a little junk in her trunk, but I wouldn’t say fat. I personally don’t like her facial features so to me it doesn’t matter that’s she’s fat or not. She has a “bitch” look.

  44. bob

    Not even 30 yet and looks in her 40′s. She used to have a tiny tight beautiful ass, and now it is huge. When you have a career because you are hot, it isn’t a good idea to gain 35 lbs of fat. I would love to see her like she was about 4 years ago. By that I mean not a fat tub of shit. Fatty McFatFat.

  45. Zang

    She has no reason to be fat. She didn’t grow up fat, she hasn’t had kids, she does nothing but her career and promoting her career. The problem is that she’s so conceited she can’t admit to herself that she doesn’t look as good as she used to, and it’s not because she’s older, it’s because she’s fatter. So, instead, everybody is supposed to look at her differently, and see her still as a size-2-but-with-curves-you-sexist-beasts. Can’t have it both ways, porky.

  46. FRIST, PunkA is married to an anorexic midget that has been barefoot and pregnant for the last 6 years. She has not had time to eat with little ones sucking her dry and waiting on him like a servant girl.

  47. Champ

    Nicely stated Zang. ^^ What he said.

  48. PrettyPinkPonies

    BMI doesn’t say anything about clothing size you massive retard, and no one believes you’re married, especially not to a gym rat, because she would have taught you what a fucking BMI scale is. God, if you’re going to lie to look cool on the internet, at least make it believable.

    Also, fucking hell, typos! You mean “EXPECT” not “EXCEPT” and you mean “SATURATED FAT” not “UNSATURATED FAT”! Get a fucking editor.

  49. Jaime

    Jennifer actually wore the pink dress to the premiere of 27 Dresses!

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