Jennifer Love Hewitt stole your mom’s body

July 13th, 2007 // 531 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of the Ghost Whisperer yesterday looking like she’s spent the last three years of her life training for a Hot Dog Eating Contest. Ten years ago she was the hottest girl on TV. Now she looks like the girl who ate that girl in a horrible buffet accident.


  1. alsa


  2. Aja

    first..who cares?

  3. sasha

    thats fucked up. she looks fine.

  4. alsa

    aja..mind ur own business. I CARE.
    and.. yeah i guess she looks fine..but NOTHING compared to what she used to look like. she DID gain quite a bit of weight..

  5. Alex

    Dude are you kidding me? I think she looks amazing! I would hit that in a heart beat!!! I’d even come back for seconds ;-)

  6. That fattie needs to lose 30 pounds…minimum!

  7. Quinn

    Woah…Who cares if she looks fat, you’re ignoring the larger issue! Is she, in fact, a dude?? It look like she’s got a wee bit of a penis, dressed to the left, in that first pic.

  8. 20-20 eyesight

    Wow, she’s really let herself go. Not as badly as Mandy Moore, but still, she’s yet another waddling porker. Such a shame.

  9. popo

    What happened? She used to be hot! Oh well, she’s a porker now….

  10. Jaguarcito

    This is just wrong.

  11. Yikes!

    Is that the script she’s eating in the last picture???

  12. Victor

    I’d suck that fattie’s cock!

  13. Ace

    I don’t know what you haters are talking about. She isn’t wearing high-waisted jeans and she’s still hotter than any mom I know. I’d hit that eight ways to Sunday. If anything, she’s like a fine wine: better with age.

  14. Jay

    key words there….”ten years ago she was hot”

  15. Gulag

    She’s even cuter now. <3

  16. not me

    god when will they learn to put it away.
    you had your day Jennifer, now go home and sit in front of the tv. You’re no longer fit to be on it.

  17. p0nk

    #8 lmfao quinn, good call.

    *sigh* vic, i await the day you get banned or school starts back up – whichever comes first.

  18. Look at the mommy jeans. I guess she doesn’t watch Oprah for tips on how to pick jeans.

  19. elizabeth from the internet

    She looks more natural…healthy. Curves are sexy. A bad pair of jeans happened here. She’s also wearing flat shoes and usually she wears heels, which elongate the sillouhette.

  20. ChicagoEric

    Well at least now her ass is as big as her chest Her measurements are now equal She’s 38-32-38. Those are some big birthing hips, so all you who have said you’d hit it you must want kids, cause JLove looks like she can carry at least twins without a problem.

  21. yumyum

    I think she looks great. Everyone is so used to the stick skinny females, and when we see one who is not overly skinny we call her fat. She is not fat at all, she looks like a woman who has hips. It is nice to see someone who looks like a real woman.

  22. combustion8

    I dont know whats more amazing, the fact that she turned into a double-wide or that they’re still filming that stupid show.

  23. teeteetdot

    Holy saddlebags batman!

  24. crewmancross

    Yeah i’d still F her…and i’m still praying to one day see those cans before they lose their form.

  25. I’VE got a hot dog she could eat!!! AND a sausage that I’d like to hide!!!! She’s still smokin’. I’d do her even if she was Jennifer Love Handles!!!!!

  26. slh

    She’s not fat. She simply has a curvy body (and not in the “I’m not “fat” I’m “curvy” sense) and girls with curves should not wear jeans. Period. Kristin Davis and Scarlett Johansson are two examples of the same thing at work.

  27. Mick

    Holy Crap! There is noway that is really her body! Did she really get that huge?? I feel so bad for her. Her face is still really pretty though. I can’t believe she got so so fat.

  28. Danklin24

    Whats with this superfiush jackoff calling all these hot girls fat? Jesus, its douchebags like you that make these girls go bulimic and anorexic. I personally would rather have a girl with some meat on her bones than a stick. I mean if you’re into fucking a skeleton and worrying about breaking her hip, thats your deal, keep it to yourself.

  29. betenoir

    This what real women look like… especially in their 30′s. Face it…. she ain’t a kid no more! I applaud Jennifer for being real!!!!

    But she could lay off paper eating. Paper’s fattening!

  30. T

    She looks great. God forbid a woman have tits and hips.

  31. Sheva

    Sometimes her show is actually very good. I know, I talk to dead people too.

    And they are saying she’s been doing the American girl thing and blowing up. And by blowing up, I don’t mean stardom I mean the ever expanding heiney.

    If she did some cycling she’d be rocking again. But she’s not motivated. She’s landed some guy who is apparently happy with her, and the new plus her.

    Some guys dig it. But she’s pushing the envelope, and she hasn’t pushed out any puppies even.

  32. DMM

    only fat or ugly guys like thick girls.

  33. S***! I knock the bottom outta that all day and night!!! love them curves!

  34. stephiphany

    She certainly has become fatter. Those hideous jeans aren’t really helping either.

  35. amber

    she wasn’t hot even when she was skinny.

  36. farmer

    News flash, a pig has escaped the slaughter house.

  37. pg

    what a fat fucking pig, we cannot allow ourselves to think this is normal anymore. I’m sick of reminding people this is why america is so fucking obese, this self reinforcing dogma is bullshit and needs to stop. I take pleasure in knowing I will outlive all you fat people and your fucking fat kids.

  38. All4One

    This Article Is Sucks!!
    She Looks Better Now..

  39. Steve

    You are absolutely BLIND!! She is HOT!! Apparently all you like are waif-like women who starve themselves. I pity you.

  40. combustion8

    faty faty fat fat!!!

  41. b-rollin

    this makes me feel better. I remember wishing her pain when she was the most beautiful thing God had ever created in the late 90′s. now i think she’s fatter than me. prayers can be answered!

  42. my comment

    She must have always had that ass in some form. It doesn’t just grow overnight. Its genetic.

  43. michelle

    She doesn’t look that bad. She’s thick, though. If a girl is gonna be pick, she better at least have some boobs.

  44. gossipmonger

    Its not that she’s fat, its that she just used to be so much skinnier that COMPARED to 10 years ago, she’s fatter now. She still looks good though…

  45. EZ

    Her waist and ass are now in proportion with her huge bosom and enormously elongated neck.

    Take notes, class. This is the reference specimen of the mature 4-way semen receptacle.

  46. Andrea

    I honestly think that she looks just as beautiful as she did a decade ago. So what if she gained a few pounds? She looks better than some normal people would if they gained a few. A celebrity is allowed to gain or lose weight like any other person, but not without scrutiny from the media. She’s still a beautiful woman and I think she’s one of the realest out there if you ask me.

  47. kitty

    what are you talking about? she looks good.

  48. Moo

    OMG she looks like a normal person … WTF???? Reality as I’ve always known it has ceased to exist!!!! I think I’ll go cry and curl up in a fetal position now!!!

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