Jennifer Love Hewitt in German FHM

September 3rd, 2009 // 63 Comments

Here’s Jennifer Love Hewitt in the latest issue of German FHM looking airbrushed out the anus. Seriously, there’s no way she’s that skinny and I don’t care if she is wearing a corset. If that thing really was making her that thin, her breasts would be sticking straight up smacking her in the face. Or at least that’s how I’m imagining it in my head. Ha ha! Now how are you going to drive a car, Jennifer Love Hewitt?

NOTE: So these might be old photos. Shows how much I look at magazine pictorials of Jennifer Love Hewitt and will no longer trust the Germans in the future. Streusely bastards.

Photos: FHM

  1. dontlooknow

    Airbrushed is right. Where are all the acne scars she had before she “discovered” ProActive?

  2. ALERT! They are not airbrushed…These look like the same pictures from 5 years ago!

  3. #5, agree, butterface all of the way. Triple bagger. Only ugly people think this girl is pretty, I’ve noticed. Butterbody, to boot. Maybe she is a ‘ButterSoul’. Who knows?

  4. Rhialto

    She loves to cook and she thinks that’s a good thing to do (translation).

  5. Nero

    Since when did she become a good girl?!

  6. Norm MacDonald

    This just proves my theory: germans love david hasselhoff.

  7. jlhperiodsandwich

    so fhm germany just used 5 year old images? wtf is that? and “it’s really her”? huh? maybe they signed her for a shoot, she showed up all fat, and they were like, “oh shit, what’r we gonna do?…TO THE ARCHIVES!!!!”. O well, I understand. I still beat off to party of 5 re-runs, but mostly to scott wolf and the little sister.

  8. the FHM cover says SEPTEMBER 2009. if she’s still using old pics of hers, she needs the photoshop anyways! lol

  9. they were taken in 2005.

  10. black is always very decent to him.

    A great woman ….

  11. it’s funny cause it says “it’s really her, you’re not seeing a ghost” on the front page

  12. clearly displays her talent as a solid actress. Old pictures or not, she’s got the look and knows how to use it.

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