Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini

August 3rd, 2009 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy slipped off to Hawaii for a vacation where apparently JLove wore a bikini while playing tennis. Which is amazing because I actually didn’t want to rip my eyes out while whipping Jenny Craig meals at the monitor. Who saw that coming? Be honest.

EDIT: Had to remove the tennis pics because of copyright issues. But, hey, nothing sexier than staring at a woman through a fence. Jon Gosselin knows what I’m talking about.

Photos: Fame

  1. Eww

    Ohhh booo booo booo 150… boooooo hooooo hooooooo Stop complaining about our “Superficial” behavior. Afterall, the website we are on is called “THE SUPERFICIAL” get off of here asshole.

    “these pics brought tears to my eyes” Oh my god, could you be ANY gayer?!

  2. ty

    I’ve played sports in a swimsuit before, but WHO THE HELL plays tennis in HEELS?! LMAO

  3. Katy

    I remember after she cried about the fat pictures there was some article in US where she was bragging about her goal of running the LA Marathon before her 30th birthday, which I took note of, since I was training for it as a goal before my 30th too. They set the date back from March to May and I stuck with the extra training, but apparently JLove must have been a quitter because I never heard anything about her finishing. You know if she had, she would have had US do a 2 page spread on it. What a fucking loser, who announces to a magazine you are going to do something and then quits? You fail.

  4. brian haynes

    She looks really HOT!!!!Leave her al;one .Jennifer is the nicest person in that shit town.She can do whatever she wants.Hope more ladies and girls get the message SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!!!

  5. Bloody Orb

    I think she looks good healthy and sexy. I don’t get into fax chicks, but I like a woman with curves and natural beauty. That is what Jennifer has. I wish more women would look like her and feel as comfortable in their own skin like she does.

  6. chris

    She is gorgeous. real body. her smile melts me everytime. lucky husband

  7. FUCK. I bet JLH wants the tennis pics back up. These are some really bad angles. I’m wondering if these tennis pics were photoshopped now.

  8. Old News

    She’s still fat and her face still isn’t pretty.

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  10. Man most of you are fucking retarded. I see your naked body and infinite cellulite, flabby beer guts hanging out and laugh at bits left right and center of love is putting him to shame. Apparently most of you are deeply insecure and ashamed (on second thought Ewww!) He improved on a bad day if you feel any.

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    I think to come back a day! :-)

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