Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini

August 3rd, 2009 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy slipped off to Hawaii for a vacation where apparently JLove wore a bikini while playing tennis. Which is amazing because I actually didn’t want to rip my eyes out while whipping Jenny Craig meals at the monitor. Who saw that coming? Be honest.

EDIT: Had to remove the tennis pics because of copyright issues. But, hey, nothing sexier than staring at a woman through a fence. Jon Gosselin knows what I’m talking about.

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  1. zuzuspetals

    She looks like Prince Charles in that first photo.

  2. John Cameron Swayze : Hello, I`m John Cameron Swayze reporting for Timex.
    In a world full of drivel, information, hype, misinformation and the superficial. What you really need is a good watch that can put up with a main stream media “BS flow“ that can`t understand or report free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure is impossible.
    I`ll just hook up the Timex watch to this cable TV screen here….Oh and nice tits Jenn- how`s the tennis going …and….turn on a little news…
    BAB-ING !! BOOM!!! SMASH!!!
    John Cameron Swazye : (off camera) Cut Cut Cut .WTF -Shit where is this crap made now – China (question mark)

  3. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Tennis in platforms? How ludicrous! I hate celebs and their staged photo ops. Fucking hate that shit.

  4. So.
    52 – john Cameron Swayze. What you twying to sway here exactwee É (question mark)
    Inside job (question mark)
    (Question mark thing does not seem to be working just getting É – comments É)

  5. So.
    Gr8 points all. and …by the way…
    Inside job ?

  6. Jefe

    Hate to be picky…..

    When the F*CK did tennis involves freaky cork heels??

    I think she is fairly hawt…..but c’mon…. =)

  7. Annie Loves Anal

    O.K. She does have a nice body, unfortunately, with the growing number of gyms out there, I wouldn’s say better than 95 % of women out there. Ass and thighs still saggy, which means she’s not a fan of working out, and, as another commenter pointed out, platform heels make the jello go away. Hey, why do you think trannys wear them all the time. They aren’t fans of the gym either. Although a spunk diet is high protein and low carb. Those titties must have sure been floppin’ around with each swing of the tennis racket.

  8. Knee Ya Ha Ha

    My friend ‘Frank from 16th’ floor and I – “Fucking hate that shit. ” (Hello#53)
    when people make comment and then leave.( How about U #56 Inside job ?)
    (Well ok – no one weelee expect the 9/11 Inquisition – but weelee …)

    Now Ghost Wasperer(sp?) going to be shown every day in Canada before evening news….
    how lame is that….?
    Oh. No offense Jen….

  9. soahc

    I have fucked numerous women that are way hotter than ‘Love’ (as she insists on being called on set.)

  10. Clemond N. Flinch

    I have the same exact tennis shoes!

  11. So – # 56, 57, 59 -60 etc.
    Gr8 points ! Evwee one of them. Congrats….
    But how about that ‘John Cameron Swayze’ up at # 52 ?
    I thought that guy was dead ?
    Here 2-ly a man who ‘takes a lickin’ and keeps on tick’in.
    (As they sway in the industwee.)

  12. RtSS

    Where’s the camel toe? Bring on the moose knuckle…!

    Oh, I bet we all could think of a thing or two to use those ‘fun bags’ of hers for…

    Also, I’d second the motion of bending her over and laying the pipe to her. She would get reemed!!!

  13. I would ruin that for any normal man.

  14. Circus

    She’s fucking Jamie Kennedy?

    Desperate bitch is desperate.

  15. Darth

    You can tell she doesn’t play much tennis.It might be even the first time.

  16. Rhialto

    Is it difficult for her to return any of the balls one-handed? Or is the tennis racket made of lead?

  17. Galtacticus

    What’s she doing with that basketball? She probably missed most of the balls.

  18. idontknow

    she’s not fat, she just has big thighs. she’d look muchhh better with clothes on.

  19. Nero

    If she fucks like she plays tennis then run Jamie Kennedy! Run!

  20. Gando

    You can play a good tennis match with her if you aren’t older than 5 years old.

  21. WTF ? If you are going to be slutty and wear heels, wear some nice SPIKE heels on the tennis court. Stupid cunt.
    NO video of her jiggling ALL over the place? Why not? Paps, you are slackin’…..

  22. bobz

    At least she has a small waist, unlike Alba. All she has to do is tone up, which won’t happen if she exercises in heels. What’s next – jogging in stilettos?

  23. ven67

    she’s obviously not there for a 4-6 set full match on her heels, but possibly just checking the court and what not. she looks good and healthy, thus fine for her age (30 something?) Not every woman, famous or not, is willing to be butchered up and lipo sucked to be the jerk off material of ignorant retarded strangers like most of you. Don’t you have cousins to molest anyways, trash nation of the world?

  24. Sinoficio

    Who in this world practices tennis wearing such shoes!!!!?

  25. roxy

    I love her shoes <3.

  26. mikeock

    Man,she could birth a Wookie with those hips!

  27. Asstonishing! flat stomach, dangerous curves and a heart shape ass that’s the component of visual viagra. I dont care if she looses her tities just lose the weight. She doesnt have the grace and happy grin (another chance to be in a bikini day) of an Annalynn McCord but this is hard work J-love. Smile cause you went from slopy to tidy…

    and whos hitting that? oh no, i just got sick….

  28. Bo

    Man most of you are fucking retarded. I’d love to see your naked bodies and laugh at the infinite cellulite, beer guts and flabby bits hanging out left right and center, putting her to shame. Clearly most of you are deeply insecure and ashamed (on second thought ewww!) She looks better then any of you on a bad day.

  29. db

    So she’s just his whore?

  30. db

    So she’s just his whore?

  31. Charlotte

    She has a nice body. But her face is so skinny compared to it! How does that work?

  32. Much like galvanized steel alloy, she’d be a great screw…

  33. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  34. Rich

    That is so stupidi of her. With those high heels that is how my
    girlfriend fractured her ankle bones without playing tennis.

  35. dude

    omg for a moment that headline scared the shit outta me! let me be the first to say “hey love NICE ASS lookin moy bangable!!!!!! welcome back!!!!!” hehe

  36. Jess


  37. she must take care of cellulite

  38. she must take care of cellulite

  39. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Wow that first picture is horrible. She looks like my neighbors “recovered” crack addict girlfriend! The hair color is making her look like a little old lady.

    I didnt look at all the pics but the body seems pretty good. But the face and hair look terrible here. She always sorta gave me an Olive Oyl vibe.

  40. Karen

    Why didn’t they lipo her thighs when they were doing her stomach? Or did she feedbag the saddlebags back already?

    But she looks good for being a mother of three kids.

    Oh, wait…

  41. Rick

    This is a scene from her new show, “The Cellulite Thunderer”.

  42. £it

    Note to Ana Ivanovic, Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova: This is the new look for the 2010, get on board. Hey, WTA? You gettin’ the message?! If this catches on, women’s tennis will be more popular than women’s PBVA. When The U.S. Open, again?

    That’s just awesome, is what that is. Jennifer Love Hewitt always seemed like an actress that had class, grace and charm. Nice to see she’s as cheap a flesh peddling floosie, attention whore, with self esteem issues, as the majority of the other Hollywood tarts. Sex tape! Sex tape! Sex tape! Just not with Jaime Kennedy, but with co-star, Aisha Tyler. And all would be right with the world.

  43. Deacon Jones

    J-Love = Past her prime……next subject.

    And I wonder if Lohan’s movie on the right, Labor Pains, shows her getting knocked up, preferrably by a violent gang rape or something

  44. lol

    Wonder why she isn’t smiling in any of those pictures….

    She must be realizing she’s with Jamie Fucking Kennedy and trying to piece together where exactly she went horribly wrong.

    (either that or the drugs he slipped her is wearing off)

  45. Dread not

    Guaranteed, these pictures of Jennifer Love, gave, Jessica Biel a hard on. Especially the ones of her shootin’ hoops. You might be on to something, #92. Though I don’t think this would work for the WNBA and, as, Don Imus would put it, “those nappy headed ho’s.”

  46. michelle_

    ma come fa a giocare con le zeppe??

  47. amoi


  48. Sarah

    she looks fine

  49. Jennyjenjen

    To all the trolls who are critical of her body and face STFU! Let’s see you in a bikini you jealous skanks and guys you’re just sorry that she didn’t respond to your fan mail f-a-gs and the fact that she wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole! There is no such thing as perfection but she has a good figure (saggy boobies) and who cares if she has cellutlite! Get a life and grow up losers!!!

  50. simple

    I don’t think she looks that bad. I mean, by celebrity standards she’s a cow, but by normal people standards, I think she looks good! Not great enough to wear a bikini, but still.

    And yeah, the heels are a bad call.

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