Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini

August 3rd, 2009 // 162 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy slipped off to Hawaii for a vacation where apparently JLove wore a bikini while playing tennis. Which is amazing because I actually didn’t want to rip my eyes out while whipping Jenny Craig meals at the monitor. Who saw that coming? Be honest.

EDIT: Had to remove the tennis pics because of copyright issues. But, hey, nothing sexier than staring at a woman through a fence. Jon Gosselin knows what I’m talking about.

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  1. Girl

    youre mean. shes not fat.

  2. Cellulite

    Cellulite? At least she is not jacking to internet pron like me.

  3. Dude Love

    Who plays tennis is platform sandals?

  4. Anexio



  5. sophie

    all i can say is WTF?

  6. biz

    Someone’s kind of an asshole and it’s not Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  7. Master Thigh

    Hillary Clinton’s “love” child.

  8. Lux

    oh yeah, I always play tennis in high heels and a bikini.

    Way to show off your cellulite, biatch.

  9. stupidass

    man, she looks like a pig in rollerskates playing tennis in those heels.

    …..a hot pig whom i’d bend over and stick it to, by the way…..hell i’d bend over so she could stick it to me

  10. stupidass

    man, she looks like a pig in rollerskates playing tennis in those heels.

    …..a hot pig whom i’d bend over and stick it to, by the way…..hell i’d bend over so she could stick it to me

  11. boobly eyes

    this just in: schwing.

  12. B27

    She should listen to the ghosts that talk to her — “keep your clothes on!”

  13. joe

    heels bikini yes, good, do it again!

  14. Courtyardpigeon

    She has sexy feet. I want to suck her toes.

  15. Desperate. Bikini and heels playing tennis. Uhhhhhhh, staged photo op much?

  16. Jugh Hackman

    her body is weirdly shaped and unattractive. i’m honestly not sure if i would do her.

  17. Iambananas

    You people are on crack — she is BEAUTIFUL! She has a perfect body!

  18. Upinya

    So she’s a little thick in the middle, I would still pipe the fuck out of that, severely!

  19. John

    Her body looks fine. Her face looks HORRIBLE!!! Very unfortunate shot!

  20. Eddy

    @ 17

    So you *if you’re a woman* or your significant other *if you’re a male* would never do anything other than going to the beach in a bikini? I’ve seen girls playing different sports in bikinis, from tennis, volleyball, soccer and football, as if it were natural.

    She’s got an amazing body, I just don’t understand how she didn’t roll her ankles or really hurt herself with those heels? still though, she’s pretty amazing :D

  21. RoidJones

    She looks so old. If she was like 40, I’d say she looks great, but she’s like 30. She should be tighter and less worn around the face.

  22. Ego

    she used to have nice huge boobs. WTF happened?? this is a matter of national security

  23. edmundton

    saggy boobies, pear shape, cellulite ass, baggy eyes

  24. Quebe

    Shes slimmed down, but she looks like mush. Her ass and thighs are all squishy and full of fat dimples. This girl needs some muscle tone.

  25. John five

    She should have done this like 10 years ago back when she was hot.

  26. AJ

    that ass is so nice

  27. horace

    This horsefaced bitch needs get a clue. Seriously, who the fuck plays tennis in shoes like that. I guess she really needs attention. You shouldn’t encourage her. Bikinis are for hot girls. Couldn’t you post some more news about Michael Jackson or some shots of Lindsay Lohan not working?

  28. *C*

    Seriously…?!? WTF do you ppl look like, talking shit about someone who honestly doesn’t look near as bad as you’re saying she does! She looks GREAT compared to the way she looked a year ago! And even though she is a celebrity, doesn’t mean she has to wear makeup all the time! However, I don’t agree w/ playing tennis in wedge heels.

  29. uh

    I think she looks pretty good. Do men seriously want absolutely no fat on the thighs, because that’s kind of hard for a lot of women to pull off.

  30. she used to have nice huge boobs. WTF happened?? I remember once a time I have seen her with a handsome military man on “Militaryflirting.c o m”, but I don’t know what’s happened next?

  31. MosesGabby

    Given the bikini and shoes, is she making a porn movie on the tennis court?

  32. bb

    @ 22
    bikinis yes, platforms,,,,no f=in way
    Seriously, have you ever tried or seen anyone try to play tennis in heels? Tennis, along with basketball, are sports which place so much stress on the participants ankles, such an attempt would easily snap bones if they were ACTUALLY playing!! ridiculous photo op

  33. bb

    playing tennis is heels would snap bones in your ankles if you were ACTUALLY PLAYING!!

  34. Jesus, Son of God

    Just when I think maybe I can get up the nerve to ass fuck her she decides to gain 20 pounds again. C’mon honey make up your mind! I really do want you to shit on my dick but you have to pull yourself together first.

  35. olga

    Why don’t you post your picture on your site so the world can belittle you? I am sure you are the hottest piece of ass that has ever walked the earth. How awesome is it that you make a living by making fun of women’s bodies? You are, no doubt, a god among men. Really, the way you contribute to is astounding. Congratulations on being absolute shit scum. You win.

  36. JoJo

    She should just say fuck-it and get nice tit job to balance out her hips a little then her body would be just right.

  37. maryjade

    once upon a time, JLove had naturally awesome tits. now the time has come to get a breast lift. maintenance is key, Jen.

    p.s. what’s with the ghost face?

  38. Nameless

    She just needs to tone that shit up and she’ll look hot as hell.

    But honestly, 4 inch heels are supposed to make a girls legs look leaner. So for her to be wearing them and still have cellulite is like damn….she takes them off and its tapioca pudding city.

  39. sam

    Forget the cellulite, the bikini, the heels… the major faux pas here is that her heels DON’T MATCH the swimsuit. Not that Shauna Sand lucites would be an improvement.

  40. BroPyle

    I just don’t understand what she’s doing. She had, probably deservedly, one fit after another last year for being shown in a bathing suit in a magazine and called fat. Is this supposed to be redemption? She can’t seriously be playing tennis in platforms, so she just looks ridiculous…or at a minimum like she’s trying to call attention to herself. Still, her body’s better than 98 percent of women in this country.

  41. Kim

    Who the hell plays tennis in heels and bikini?

  42. Tad Bit Tipsy

    and the ghost whispers…. “baby got back.”

  43. Taz

    id still pump her

  44. Sarah

    she’s got the kickin curves!!! alright!!!!!

  45. funbags

    I don’t think it’s her boobs as much as it is her choice in non-supportive swimwear. Seriously, those puppies would look MUCH better with some support. Besides, speaking from experience, doing any type of activity with big boobs without support is uncomfortable and awkward. I’m going to go out a limb here and say she was mostly just posing.

  46. BigHeadMike

    She is perfect….

  47. BigHeadMike

    Shes going back on the wall…

  48. vito

    Saggy tits…CHECK!

    Broad across the beam…CHECK!

    Bits of cellulite here and there…CHECK!

    Ahhh what the hell, I still like the cut of her jib!

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