Jennifer Love Hewitt has so much to offer

December 17th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé Ross McCall were spotted heading to Morton’s Steak House in Burbank for a Christmas party. So much attention has been paid to Jennifer’s increased weight lately that we’ve lost sight of what really matters: Her huge breasts. I’m not even going to talk about the barely passable job her dress does of masking her expanding hips. Instead I’m going to think happy thoughts and stare into Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ample bosom. Someone should put that in a Hallmark card and send it to shut-in’s. You know, to help them capture that warm Christmas spirit.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


    You all can jump off a bridge and die for all I care. I will say what I have to say. :) Thankyou very much!!!! BITCHES
    and shutup you Tranny lol dumbass


    @50 I’m sorry you called out the word BITCH! let me look around…………….. I don’t see your mom around. Damn smh

  3. DD's

    Stupid bitch, I don’t have a dick.

    Though, I kind-of own several, if you know what I mean.

    “With one of these I can get all of those I want”



    @53 So your a nasty freak then? My point exactly lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  5. p0nk

    i’d hit it hard. …and pretend it was a pity fuck so i could be like the rest of the pathetic asshats here who think she doesn’t meet their specs.

  6. DD's

    Why are you scared to spell out DICK?

    Are you so immature, that you blush when you say it? Like a third-grader?

    You best had get off your Mother’s computer before she catches you.

  7. Auntie Kryst

    @52 Ruby have you met Anexio yet? I think you two would hit it off. He no half a pink d*ck and jew have awsme body like brit the pretty one.


    @56 I’m sorry was that english?”He no half a pink d*ck” what is that?????? lmaoooooooo

  9. D. Richards (Whore.)

    Jesus. What a dork Love’s engaged to. Hey, Fiance? Nice Pumas, fag. The way you’re not tying your shoes just screams, “I am so cool”. Yeah. Ha! Hey! Nice hands, laborer! Ha!

    Hey, honey! I really like you’re jogging pants. Yeah! Real Run-DMC! Hey, guy! Nice dress-up suit coat. Ha!

    That faggot’s just happy to be there: “Look at me. Yeah you see me with an actress. I’m fuckin’ that.”

    I’m begininng to re-think Love’s self-esteem.


    @56 I bet you if I was a third grader you would love to date me right? Lmao fucking pedophile. Is that old enough for you? or is your dick still small?

  11. DD's

    My name refers to my cup size.

    Not my grades like you……….It appears you can’t even do your numbers right.

  12. Auntie Kryst

    @58 He also half no sense of cumedy and sarcasms like choo. No interweb shorthand turet syndrum eyether “oooooooo”


    omg you should get a reduction, i’m sure your back hirts and not to mention when you take off your bra they fall in every which way direction then can go. NOW THATS UNATTRACTIVE! SAGGY TITS! UNLESS YOUR A BIMBO AND GOT FAKE ONES! BITCH

  14. TT

    Pocket Rocket
    Trouser Snake
    Home Wrecker
    One-eyed Lizard

  15. kirsten dunst

    lady you dont need to put any part of your body in an a line dress. especially with this new beefy bod you got going on. i think its stupid to make fun of anyone because theyre fat. except jennifer love hewit. because for some reason i hate her face area. and her stupid stupid name. so jennifer love, youre a fatass because i dont care.

  16. DD's

    @62, Auntie,
    She’s so stupid she didn’t get the reference to Ruby Tuesday’s in the other post.

  17. DD's

    @62, Auntie,
    She’s so stupid she didn’t get the reference to Ruby Tuesday’s in the other post.



  19. tcre

    whatever . . . i like it

  20. deaconjones

    Jesus, what is this, the BET blog page??

    And dont be hatin’ on my man, with those 8 yr old size hands, he probably made a fortune givin hand jobs to pedophiles

  21. Banjo

    her ass wouldn’t even fit in my trunk
    gimme posh spice

  22. flavio

    it would be fun to be able to fuck her. i want her to squeeze those tits around my shaft and slowly work it, until white cream bubbles up onto her face…

  23. Hey, what are you guys talking about? Sounds like you are fighting.

  24. Too Funny

    She’s a hottie and I bet all of you “men” complaining about her ankles and her butt would be thrilled to actually date a woman who looks like she does.

    WTF is up with that dude’s hands, though? Photoshop? Midget disease? What???

  25. And what’s up with my blow?..

  26. Fehklar

    I dunno… I think she’s cute. I don’t let women’s bodies define them in my eyes. Talk to her. Look in her eyes. That will give you all you need to know. And in 30 years when the looks have totally faded, you still want to be in the same room with her. You still want to talk with her.

    One man’s opinion,

  27. Ted from LA

    I think her ankles would look fine on my shoulders…

  28. Oh, I definitely need some blow after reading #76 (puke)..

  29. What is the weather like in Burbank? Why is she all exposed and he’s all buttoned up?

  30. deaconjones

    @ 76 lmao

    I think you belong on Clay Aikens fan page brotha

  31. Fehklar

    Hey I’m not against blow man. But if all you want from a woman is her body then you are robbing her and yourself.

    Don’t let ‘em get you down Ruby.

  32. Man, all this talk of Jennifer Love Hewitt being fat really pisses me off. I’m not fat, like you presume all JLH defenders are…and I’d love to have her figure! She stores fat around her butt and hips. That’s not a crime. That’s genetics and being female…and NOT unhealthy. Don’t you realize that this thin obsession is just a social construction? In the past, her figure would have been considered perfect. Cellulite wasn’t always a four letter word.

    And worst of all, if you keep obsessing over women’s sizes and weights, you’ll all get what you deserve. A world where women are obsessed with their weight and value their physical appearance above all else. I’m sure that’s gonna make for a whole lot of happy fulfilling relationships, eh? I’m sure it already does.

    You’re all being taken for suckers. She looks great. She looks healthy. And I’d bet she’s a whole lot more happy with her hips than those of you with your weight-obsessions.

  33. intercontinental


    You forgot my favorite one! The Intercontinental Heat Seeking Moisture Missile!

  34. TS

    You have posted 20 times for this story alone. 20. Are you fucking kidding me? GET BACK TO WORK!!!

    And although I would not consider JLH Obese, she DEFINITELY falls into the category of “kinda fat.” I present:

    Exhibit A: Her calves
    Exhibit B: Her huge guns

  35. nipolian

    #82 – Hey El Ron……have you noticed how grotesquely fat JLH has gotten lately?

  36. TS

    El Ron,
    If you consider cottage cheese and 20″ pythons healthy, then I guess you’re right.

    Stop making this site a place for serious discussion. Definitely not apropos. You should know better.

  37. #81, did you call me “man”?

  38. CAN WE GO HOME NOW????
    I MISS MY BAR!!!!!

  39. TS

    FRIST, you are dismissed. Enjoy!

  40. You know who didn’t have cankles? Karen Carpenter.

  41. I’ll get up on me soapbox wherever and whenever the hell I like. It’s not a discussion unless somebody is replying. So really, it was just some person ranting until you added that comment, TS. :p

    Plus, I’m ranting in the private sphere, right? On a commercial virtual space. If I’m that inappropriate my comments will get deleted by the powers that be. And that will be the end of that. :)

  42. dr smith

    fuck I’d take her…she’s farkin hot and curvy, who’d you guys rather screw, one of the Olsen stick figures or JLH? I’ll take a real woman any day…she’s ride a caawk till the sun comes up and have enough stamina too keep going, that’s usually what happens when you get a good meal in ya.

  43. Nikk

    She looks nice. She should dress up more often.

  44. Carrie-Ann

    I think she looks good. wow. I’m kinda amazed at the number of people calling her fat. If anything she’s even average. But fat? no. You guys are very quick to jump on the bandwagon with things. I bet if TS started calling Britney Spears black you’d all somehow follow suit and start using the N word. What warped views you have. does anyone here think for themselves?

  45. Dr. Veng

    Hey FRIST… suck a dick.

  46. RENEE...

    She’s starting to give JLo, Kim K, and Jessica Biel a run for the money in the ass department. But that dress does a great job of complimenting her best features; namely her ample bosom, tiny waist, and pretty face. Oh, and she IS a size 2…a Chico’s size 2! Its true, I bought a pair of Chico pants the other day and found out that my size 8/10 ass is a size 2 in Chico world! Hip Hip hooray! I’ve never been a size 2 in my adult life…oh yeh, and I have a bubble butt and tiny waist too, so I can’t talk too much. I’ve always been considered slender but curvy; not fat! And guys love it! Who wants dem bones anyways?! Jennifers an hourglass figure w/ a couple of extra pounds too many; she just needs to tone up.

  47. Fehklar


  48. Fehklar

    Hurray Renee… (that rhymes)

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  50. M.Jones

    She’s cute as pie!

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