Jennifer Love Hewitt has so much to offer

December 17th, 2007 // 171 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fiancé Ross McCall were spotted heading to Morton’s Steak House in Burbank for a Christmas party. So much attention has been paid to Jennifer’s increased weight lately that we’ve lost sight of what really matters: Her huge breasts. I’m not even going to talk about the barely passable job her dress does of masking her expanding hips. Instead I’m going to think happy thoughts and stare into Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ample bosom. Someone should put that in a Hallmark card and send it to shut-in’s. You know, to help them capture that warm Christmas spirit.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. melissa

    she’s rockin the cankles….

  2. joeblow


  3. Niks

    Her bewbies make mine look sad. I just wanna see em unclothed. Ok, and touch em.

  4. mythai

    Hanes bras apparently lack adequate support.

  5. JVM

    She looks good in red, but he’s looks like a moron with those blue shoes.

  6. Please feel carefree to pursue her profile on I have hear that she has many the wild fantasies. Bon Chance!

  7. nipolian

    Her ass is giagugic.

  8. Unklejoe

    Id jackoff on her breasts.

  9. Speedy Ed


    Yes, that was the first thing I noticed. How has she kept those out of the press until now?

  10. Bigheadmike

    No matter what anyone says she is one of the most beautiful women in movies and TV and the breasts just add to it.

  11. Anonymous

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has only TWO things to offer. Change that headline.

  12. nipolian

    The Night Afo’ Crizzmus 
    Wus da night afo’ Crizzmus, and all thru da hood,
    everybody be sleepin’ and dey be sleepin’ damned good.
    We hunged up our stockins, an hoped like all heck,
    dat dear ole Santy Claws, gunna brang us our check.
    All of da family, was ly’in on the flow,
    my sister wif her gurlfriend, and my brother wif some hoe.
    I dun passed out on da flow too, right next to my baby’s maw,
    when I heared such a fuss, I thunk….”Sh’eet, it must be da law”.
    I looked out thru da bars, to see what I’ze could see,
    I was spectin’ the sherrif, wif a warrent fo’ me.
    But what did I see, made me say, “Laaawd look at dat”.
    dere was a huge watermelon, pulled by 8 big ass rats.
    Now over all of da years, Santy Claws he be white,
    but it looks like us brotha’s, got a black Santy tonight.
    Faster than a poe’lice car, my homeboy he came,
    and whupped up on dem rats, as he called dem by name.
    On Leroy, On Jerome, On Virgil, On Willy,
    On Yolanda, On Crayola, On Kiesha, and Nefilly.
    Ol’ Santy landed dat melon, right there in da street,
     I knowed it fo’ sho’, da damnest thing I ever seed.
    Dat black Santy didn’t go down no chimney, he picked da lock on my doe,
    an I sez to myself, “Sh’eet…he don dis befoe.
     He had a big bag, full of presents I spect,
    wif Air Jordans and fake gold, to wear roun my neck.
    But he left me no presents, just stated stealin my shit.
    He got my guns and my crack, and my new burglers kit.
    Den, wif my shit in his bag, out da windoe he flew,
    I sho’ woulda chased him, be he snagged my knife too.
    He jumped back on dat melon, wif out even a hitch,
    and waz gone in two seconds, dat son of a bitch.
    So nex year I be hopin’, a white Santy we git,
    ’cause a black Santy Claws, just ain’t worf a shit !!!!
    Merry Crizzmus to All!!!


    She looks stunning, and real men like woman with curves unlike these anorexic bitches running around here looking dried up and like a 4 year old boy. GO EAT SOMETHING YOU BONEY BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1MILF Hunter

    JLH Probably cranked down a 24 oz. porterhouse, salad with bleu cheese dressing, creamed spinach and a baked potato with sour cream, cheese and bacon bits at Morton’s That’s what”s causing that bottom side to expand.

  15. deaconjones

    Here’s an idea:

    How bout she lipo’s the 20 lbs of fat out of her cankles and pumps her breasts to Pamela size, then maybe, just maybe, her husband can sleep with her without gagging at bloated, pocked thighs and ass cheeks

  16. ipa

    OMG, look at his tiny man-hands!! fug fug fug!!!! fugly douchebag. FISH post some handsome guys, stat!!

  17. chauncey gardner

    Who’s that ratface?

    And for that matter, who’s the guy in the trenchcoat?

  18. Eat it.

    #13 Only if your distorted idea of “real men” are as senitary and obese as the women are becoming. No man who’s actually in shape (me) would say this chick has a nice body. Now take the ham sandwhich out of your mouth before you choke and walk to a fucking gym.

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Untied brand new retro Pumas paired with dress pants. It’s irreverant yet douchebaggy at the same time. Definitely “old-skool” flair meets asshole. Well done.


    #18 you little pink d*ck please iam in shape I model I wear size 4 but I have hips and a butt and I have breast with a flat stomach. Iam shaped like a woman don’t be mad because your little white d*ck can’t handle a woman with curves in depth.


    #18 you little pink d*ck please iam in shape I model I wear size 4 but I have hips and a butt and I have breast with a flat stomach. Iam shaped like a woman don’t be mad because your little white d*ck can’t handle a woman with curves in depth.


    #18 you little pink d*ck please iam in shape I model I wear size 4 but I have hips and a butt and I have breast with a flat stomach. Iam shaped like a woman don’t be mad because your little white d*ck can’t handle a woman with curves in depth.

  23. havoc

    Christ, she’s fat…….


  24. p0nk

    @12, i think you’re confusing this site with American Idol. Don’t quit your day job – even if it’s selling crack on the corner.

  25. Auntie Kryst

    @22 Ruby are you a hand model?


    @26I don’t know maybe you should ask your trailor park trash mother first

  27. Dr. House

    @ 18
    wtf are you talking about?
    how fucking “fit” are you?
    sorry but i’ve been with super “fit” girls and let me tell you…nothing beats a girl who isn’t hard as fucking steel that instead as using her tummy as a pillow i’d opt for a fucking rock.

    if anyone’s actually kept tabs on her before her bikini pictures you’d know she’s been wide-hipped for a while now…about two years almost.

  28. DA

    I hope she’s a hand-job model.


    @28 you people are so obsessed with weight that its sad. I understand that you love little boy bodies like cameron diaz and the olsen twins thats why you guys have the highest rate of being pedophiles because you mistake the poor little 4 year old boy for your fantasy dream woman. smh lol FREAKS!


    @29 I dont do hand jobs your little d*ck might slip sorry :(

  31. combustion8

    yeah, she’s fat… I dont care how big her tits are her ass is still like a garbage bag full of banana peels.

  32. Texas Tranny

    That’s a strange dress, unless it’s hiding her huge cock.

  33. RubyGirl,
    I LOVE a woman with some shape and figure, boney bitches are hard to fuck without getting poked by her bones. I want my girls to have some meat on their bones.

    Any pictures?


    @34 I would not send any to u look at your name for christ sakes. smh

  35. deaconjones

    (Cue bass)

  36. Darnell

    You don’t think it feels good to have her ridin’ your cock? She is still hot as hell.

  37. DA

    Please don’t laugh and make fun of my little dick. Mommy says it’s just as little as Daddy’s was.
    Mommy’s clit is way bigger than my little gay dick.


    @31 atleast you know


  40. @35 Hey Ruby, would you send them to me??

  41. DD's

    Fuck off RubyBitch, can’t you tell nobody here wants to hear your shit.

    I bet you way over 200lbs and can’t even see your own vagina.


    #40 No! leave me alone you freaks.

  43. combustion8

    why do morons automatically assume because somone doesnt like fat chicks they must like skinny chicks… theres a middle people.. its called perfection.

  44. crabby old guy

    WTF with this guy? JLH is dressed to the 9′s and he’s a 0.5. Untied blue sneakers with crappy pants, coat that must have been his grandpa’s back in 1962. Was it “Take a Dork to Dinner Night”? Nut up cupcake, wear a fucking suit and a tie, match your date’s style (I don’t care if it’s not a flattering dress – which, um, it’s not) and look like a fucking MAN.

    I bet this candy-assed mfer cries when he cums.

    Wanna bet he ordered a “Shirley Temple” at the bar?


    sorry #40 thats was meant for #41


    #42 lmaooo I’m not 200 lbs. But i’m sure your d*ck is still small. We all know you love woman that look like bodybuilders so don’t hate me for your preferences.

  47. Texas Tranny

    If you don’t like us……………………………………………..then fucking leave bitch.


    @44 I totally agree.

  49. @46 I am not a freak bitch!!! We can handle women with curves, but those are not curves on a size 40. Those are called rolls..

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