Jennifer Love Hewitt has amazing boobs

February 27th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up to The Envelope Please Oscar Viewing Party looking like her boobs traveled back in time to when they were spectacular. My God, they’re mesmerizing. Godzilla could be fighting Chuck Norris in the background and I wouldn’t notice. I don’t even know what Jennifer Love Hewitt has done recently, but if I was presenting an Academy Award and she showed up like this I’d just start drooling and hand it over to her. The category wouldn’t even matter. Best Sound Editing? Yeah, sure, whatever, just stay out of the way of my imaginary air-squeezing.


  1. RichPort

    #45 – I thought you went away. You don’t even closely mimic my cadence or writing style. You’re not funny, you never have a fucking thing to add, and you have way too much fucking time on your hands. Your attempts at showcasing your intellect continue to be in vain. Stop trying to ruin every single fucking thread with your mendacious idiocy.

  2. hamacus

    Boobage! Ilove it. Check out pick #5 A vag in her armpit?. Gotta love a girl like that!

  3. RichPort

    “You don’t even closely mimic my cadence”

    lmao. get over yourself, greaseball. doesn’t somebody need you to update a video driver or something, mr hemingway?

  4. RichPort

    Your obsession is scary… except for the fact that I know you’re a little bitch who wouldn’t even look me in the eyes in person. It’s apparently you that needs to get over me.

  5. RichPort

    Sorry, I don’t fraternize with the low level tech support. Nothing personal.

  6. jrzmommy

    she has a forehead made for bangs………..

  7. feel like drinking milk all of a sudden

  8. bubbs

    Oh look, her one and only asset. Almost distracts from the complete lack of talent, personality, intelligence or anything else worthwhile. C’mon, at least Anna Nicole Smith was *interesting.* And her chest was bigger too.

  9. LL

    J Love is a perfectly cute girl, her show sucks, but who cares? And her rack is impressive (at least in this pic). Bravo, girlfriend! I even like the dress, it’s among the better ones. As are the boobies.

    Don’t be hanging low like Drew Barrymore in that one awful pic. If you’ve got big jugs, you gots to have support.

    Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t interesting, she was a crazy-ass stripper who got lucky and married a rich old sick guy. The most interesting thing about her were her tits.

  10. biatcho

    If she had a vagina between her breasts she’d be perfect.

  11. whitegold

    #32 – I did check out Lacey Chabert as per your recommendation, and I would like to sincerely thank you for bringing her to my attention. Damn! I never really watched Party of Five so I don’t remember what she looked like back then, but she sure grew up nicely…

  12. shanonorato

    spectacular rack…long-assed rubber face.

  13. SuperG

    Amazing in that she’s padded to the hilt!


  14. PunjabPete

    Fish, you finally post something I truly care about…

    JLH has been making wood for since day one of Party of Five…

    Good job Fish… Good job…

  15. PunjabPete

    #19 — “Come in Calcutta….”


  16. 86

    18 that was awesome

  17. cardio

    All of you bitching that those puppies are padded or fake, she’s had that rack for at least 10 or 11 years, when she was 17. Which means, even if they’re fake, they’re fucking fantastic fakes. My God, what I wouldn’t give to motorboat between them. I’ve wanted to hit that since Party of Five and I still want to hit it. Just fucking spectacular.

  18. biatcho

    #60, my trollish knobgobbler, perhaps if you ever had a vagina to stick your dick into that wasn’t made of plastic then perhaps you wouldn’t be so obsessed with some of us.

  19. Title says it all. Well put.

  20. Title says it all. Well put.

  21. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    She can have any kind of boobs she wants, and a face like an alien, but as long as no one ever makes me watch “The Tuxedo” ever again, I don’t give a damn.

  22. Kristina

    If you click the first pic in the first row, it looks as though her boobs are exploding near her armpit, as well.

  23. Seargant Sexy

    Those are fake. She got them done between her 2 I Know What You Did Last Summer movies. Watch ‘em both and you’ll see.

  24. cardio

    NOT FAKE!!!!!!! NO!!!! I guess there’s one way to find out – surround my dick with them. I know, I’ll take the bullet and let you all know.

  25. fame is funny

    amazing…… fake

  26. otteaux

    Good lord, that is a GRADE A RACK! I’d never let those… erm… HER out of the house.

  27. lambman

    Good for her, I always kinda cheer for her. You know, I don’t want to actually watch her movies (generally made for TV) or her Ghost Whispering TV show, but she seems like a sweet girl and she’s cute as hell.

  28. meee

    is it bad that i actually noticed her big floppy ears first?

  29. Jnicole28

    oh holy hell i can’t believe you guys are nit picking about her PORES and ears! look at her rack! she has one of the nicest racks there is, and its all natural, as for #74 im sure they came up with NEW BRAS that had much better support between those two movies, they’re real, get over it.
    man what i wouldnt do to look like her, or at least have that body, if i was a man i would (as some of you say) tap that

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Let’s put it this way. Were I, a viking I would raid her village, I would burn it, and rape all women children and livestock, and take her on my dragon ship for further….hmmmm, raping.

  31. thestraightshooter

    No wonder the ghosts talk to her.

  32. Stink

    An elf with big bazoombas just seems wrong. Hot, but wrong…

  33. PrettyBaby

    I’d hit it even ; )

  34. LL

    BarbadoSlim rules. Officially, I’m against raping, but that shit is funny.

  35. frijol

    those are some tig ol’ bitties

  36. Clete

    Natural, healthy, and genuine – that is unique. It is baffling girls want to emulate that vapid homely Paris, boney messed up Nicole or leader of the wretched refuse Monkey Kate. A sad commentary on the youth of today.

  37. Maskatron

    I like the look on that dude’s face – seems to be saying “Yeah, I’m bangin’ this”.

  38. Spock's Left Nut

    The only thing that could make her hotter is if she had pointed ears and was in fact an elf. Barbado Slim: Remember, it’s (1) rape, (2) pillage, (3) then burn.

  39. StoneRose

    Nice face.

    You could project a movie on that forehead…


  40. Thomas the Wrapper

    Love how there ALWAYS some chick to say she’s not that hot OR the dreaded- her boobs are fake. She is that hot. And since the boobs are touching, they look pretty real. Regardless she is awesome.


    A nice friendly pair, it’s hard not to like her.

  42. MyOwnSuperficialAccount

    hahaha, have none of you seen a set of tits in your lifetime?

  43. allyoops!

    she is so gorgeous! a real starlet!

  44. Shannon1965

    Hate to pop y’all’s bubbles but they’re not real. Real ones have more weight at the bottom, yes, even young ones that are big, round, firm, and pass the pencil test with flying colors (and I would know). Also, pear-shaped gals like JLH are always flat-chested. If you need more proof, look here:

    Good surgical work, though.

  45. drowningfool

    This is one Hollyweird chick that has actually gotten hotter over the years. Amazing. She needs to be studied. Take any other hot chick that was famous in the 90′s and they are completely used up by now. For all those that don’t know who she is she was in Party of Five and I know what you did last summer.

    In response to previous comments, I believe the new tits are fake, but she has always had really nice tits, even though they were smaller before.

  46. MadThane

    O those fucking breats….mmmmmm GOD i want to suck on her mommy bottles!!!

  47. Nikky Raney

    and they are real :]
    she is my favorite actress in the entire world. did you just see her on the tyra show? :]

  48. A

    she is definately top 10 material

  49. sumnersgal

    Yeah – just wait til she has kids and then she’ll be tucking them into her waistband! <———-(JEALOUS OF JLH’S BOOBIES)

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