Jennifer Love Hewitt has amazing boobs

February 27th, 2007 // 119 Comments

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed up to The Envelope Please Oscar Viewing Party looking like her boobs traveled back in time to when they were spectacular. My God, they’re mesmerizing. Godzilla could be fighting Chuck Norris in the background and I wouldn’t notice. I don’t even know what Jennifer Love Hewitt has done recently, but if I was presenting an Academy Award and she showed up like this I’d just start drooling and hand it over to her. The category wouldn’t even matter. Best Sound Editing? Yeah, sure, whatever, just stay out of the way of my imaginary air-squeezing.


  1. CheapShot


  2. BarbadoSlim

    Oh my,


    And furthermore,

    In addition to

    And I’ll tell you another thing




    Sincerely yours,



  3. BarbadoSlim

    Oh and, who the fuck is this?

    Is she in porn?

  4. diamondprynzez

    Too bad it doesn’t make her face any less generic.

  5. WOW this entry was made early in le morning.

  6. Liphovela

    You should see mine! Lucky for me, i got them as a present at birth…and not when I turned 21! he he he

  7. mnguyen1212

    Damn! Looks at those….eyelashes.

  8. radmacdrunkpants

    Oh my gaaaaaawd!
    if she needed a mid party snack, why not smuggle in some tic-tacs…
    not a couple of watermelon!!

  9. I just want to reach out both my hands and place them very delicately over her, and go “Honk, Honk”.

  10. sid

    Fuck this, fuck it.

    Nothing stories about Pink, and now, a nothing story about this broad.

    Where’s my Thora?

    Pissed off. Fuck it.

  11. lovescontroversy1

    Are those real… cuz if so there is hope…
    Are those fake… cuz if so there is hope…

    but EEK… you can see every pore on her face. tacky.

  12. Spetsnaz

    I bet it will turn out that she’s genetically male like Jamie Lee Curtis is.

  13. Kalu

    OH GOD
    I think I just creamed my pants..
    OH .. GOD.

    “but EEK… you can see every pore on her face. tacky.”

  14. ::pouts::

    Okay, so anytime now someone can send me 7 grand for my boob job . . . I’m waiting.

    I guess 7 grand would cover one. Not really sure. I need to start saving. A little plastic never killed anyone. Well, maybe it did but so what . . . it can look really nice.

    Actually it’s saline right?

    Like I said, 7 grand . . . ::sighs::

  15. her earlobes are kinda big too . . .

    yes, I actually managed to look at something other than her ginormaus jugs . . .

  16. flavio

    Yeah, she is so hot, can you imagine being able to play with those? Why doesn’t she pose naked? mmm

  17. Regnig

    Party of Five – remember that show folks? That is where she is from. So.. I’m thinking *IF* she did porn now, it theoretically could be called … wait for it… wait for it… “Party of Two” ??

    Damn those are HUGE!


    Jennifer Love Hugetits…

  19. MrSemprini

    Tune in Tokyo! Tune in Tokyo!

    Nah, y’all are just too young to remember that one. What a way to start your day.

  20. Rumgoat

    Yeah, big something about her face. Could someone…aah…crop out everything but the face, so I know what you’re talking about with the pores and the earlobes…oh yeah…and send me some money for a new keyboard.

  21. AmberDextrose

    Those are amazing norks.

    #14 – It doesn’t necessarily work. Mine are silicone and the bastards don’t meet in the middle like that even with a Wonderbra! Only real ones seem to squish like that. Sigh.

    Those porn tits are totally wasted on on a goofy drip like her.

    [damnit what is it with Typekey? It either signs you in for a zillion months or kicks you out every day!]

  22. I don’t care if they’re fake or real, they look perfect. I’m jealous, but in a nice way!

    She still looks like a horse but it probably doesn’t matter with bewbies like those.

  23. Danklin

    You guys that dont find her hot are either mentally challenged or gay, im not sure which. Her boobs arent really THAT big. She’s a C cup at best, the dress just makes them good damn impressive.

  24. Danklin

    Oh and they’re real.

  25. They’re real, and they’re spectacular!

  26. illkarate

    Boobs… impressive.

    Ears? Maybe some double-stick tape could get those under control

  27. Meatus

    Who needs double-stick tape? I’ll just use my hands and pull them forward, if you get my drift.

  28. nicole

    whoaa they really are perfect, but i think its just tape, you’d be amazed at all the things you could lift with tape.

  29. Spetsnaz

    All big breasts look good in a bra, same goes for taped up breasts like #28 said.

    When the bra comes off is when the ugliness comes out. Huge knockers flat like pancakes, nipples the size of saucers and tits that are like rocks in a sock – flat on top with a ball of fat in the bottom. Hanging to the waist.

    Or big nice round young boobies that are a pleasure to look at. Unless you have B cups like I do. My boyfriend lies that he likes them but I know what kind of porn he looks at, the bastard!

  30. Monkeycop

    If i were dead, I’d be ghost whispering to her in the shower. BOOOOOOOOOOBIES!!!

  31. leezastudio

    i still cant’ beleive i watched ghostwhisperer once, i really want that hour back

  32. cardio

    She has had a rack like that since “Party of Five” (and check out little Lacy Chabert from that show right now. Oh my GOD!). Whoever produced/directed that show had an eye for future boobage.

    The only thing she’s lacking in those photos is a nice pearl necklace. I’d be happy to give her one. Or a Cincinnati bowtie.

  33. llllllllll

    That guy in the 8th pic needs emergency Botox to his forehead

  34. kingnoony

    “Tune in Tokyo! Tune in Tokyo!”


    (who’s the twit on her arm?)

  35. RichPort

    I wish someone would do to her what that crazy dude Miggs in Silence of the Lambs did to her… wack off and throw it on her. And of course by someone, I mean me.

    Red Carpet Fan: I can smell your cunt.
    RichPort: Now then, tell me. What did Red Carpet Fan say to you? Red Carpet Fan… hissed at you. What did he say?
    Jennifer Love Hewitt: He said, “I can smell your cunt.”
    RichPort: I see. I myself cannot. You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes you wear L’Air du Temps, but not today…

  36. Kimberly

    Maybe she show’s off her ginormus jugs to distract away from the fact that she a horrible actress and an even worse singer, i do what i could if i sucked that much in such a shitty movie like “i know what you did”

  37. wtf

    Ghost: Jennifer, nice boobs!
    Jennifer: duh
    Ghost: Too bad your face sucks tho, see ya on the flip side
    *Ghost Disappears*

  38. Defcon

    Who cares if she is a terrible actress?
    No one is going to be looking at her face anymore.

  39. rmeno

    My husband was best friends with her brother when they lived in Killeen TX, he told me a funny story about how when he and Todd would be playing atari on the TV after school and Jennifer would be furious because she wanted to watch TV, (Jennifer was just a little kid) so when they wouldn’t stop playing the video gamge she would go to the breaker box and shut off all the power in the house…they kept losing their “top scores” so they would just quit playing and she then could watch her smart girl…

  40. llllllllll

    #39 you should have waited until we were all hovered around a crackling fire place burning marshmellows

  41. llllllllll

    ….in the still of the night

  42. i wonder if she got them lifted

  43. schack

    40- don’t you mean huddled?

  44. llllllllll

    #43 you can choose number 2

    intr.v. hov

  45. RichPort

    #35 – nice try troll. At least you stole from a good movie. Now be a good little boy and hop off my dick.

  46. mika85

    #29, so true, so true. when jen love is free-boobin’ it, those titties match her face, i’m sure.

  47. twentytwelve

    oh, it’s tragic how her makeup artist was wearing a blindfold whilst painting her face.

  48. hugstable

    her ears look breat… she looks like a sexy little elf… a sexy little elf with fantastic tits

  49. PrettyBaby

    Is she with the dude from Leave It To Beaver?

  50. hugstable

    breat… er meant great… i am distracted and un able to concentrate… the elf breasts are taking over my brain…

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