Jennifer Love Hewitt has lost her shit

February 22nd, 2009 // 83 Comments

Like any spinster worth her weight in crazy, Jennifer Love Hewitt celebrated her 30th birthday Saturday by dressing up like Audrey Hepburn and going to Tiffany’s. So, wait, senility kicks in at 30? Christ, I might as well drown myself in the bathtub. Or go to McDonald’s dressed as Humphrey Bogart. Either one.

Photos: Flynet, WENN

  1. boo

    She only wishes she had the career of Audrey Hepburn. She is so meh.

  2. Set down the croissant and walk away…

    And check out this hilarious video about the GIRLS GONE WILD PORNO BAILOUT (but beware the man in the mustache)

  3. flabby love

    wow fat and flabby. this girl can starve her self and work out at a gym 24hrs a day but she never seems to really loose it.

  4. jennifer lost allofit


  5. g_girl

    she used to be hot, what happened to her?

  6. scabbeus

    The bathtub may not be a bad idea since you are struggling with comedic writing.

  7. meow

    its so freaky how comments pile up oh so quick!

  8. Ralph

    haha greatness delirious, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    she´s still hot

  9. Mama Pinkus

    She’s not crazy for doing something quirky to mark a milestone-birthday but she’s certainly insane for thinking she can pull off Audrey Hepburn.

  10. vanessa

    i think her figure looks nice. tiny waist!

  11. Whippet

    Why do all celebs drive that Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen? I also love it, but why do they? Oh, because they all do. Fashion, a fickle mistress…

  12. Big J

    She looks great. Would love to get behind her big hips and work that nice rear. Make sure there is a mirror involved though so I can see that beautiful face.

  13. maddy is a L7

    wait didn’t she play as audrey in The Audrey Hepburn Story?

    she’s done this scene before, but she was skinny… and hot… and not a tool

  14. 30 is the new crazy

    Nothing screams successful career like dressing up as someone else and inventing a reason for people to take your picture.

  15. Pathetic Worm

    When you’re buried ears-deep in that ass, her mental state is the last thing you need to worry about.

    Instead, have a panic attack over the possibilty that she might “lose her shit”.

  16. Chelle

    I think she looks cute, although I am willing to quibble that JLH is actually dressed up like Holly Golightly.

  17. clamman

    No, she’s 30 and has a normal body. Most jr high and hs girls are fat slobs compared to Jlove. I’m sure most of you hate just because your women are not nearly as cute all around.

  18. poopsican

    Sooooo cute and feminine. Most women at 30 are pigs with super love handles.

  19. kramer

    She has, and always had, a horrible sense of fashion. You’d think that she’d as least hire a stylist or something.

  20. Jerk me Hoff

    I will say that the dress does accentuate the mounds of mammary flesh that I love to suck on. Her tits look fabulous in that dress!!!!

  21. Balack Oboombox the socialist pig

    Holy shit! She is 30???

  22. youngone

    All these comments cannot bury the past… it lives on in the last thread.

  23. meow

    I miss mimi!

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  26. There is NO WAY she eats that croissant and drinks that coffee. NO WAY. (Unless it’s, you know, ALL SHE EATS that day.)

  27. Mr. Sticky

    I would do anything in the world to make love to this woman. She is the most beautiful creature in the entire world. I am secretly trying to become a millionaire so I can ask her out. When I see her on TV I get all shaky and jittery. My tongue starts making circles on the roof of my mouth uncontrollably. I want to lay her down and perform oral sex on her for 3 hours. Every woman I have ever been with, I am pretending it is Jen. She is the only Goddess in Hollywood. The other no talent hacks aren’t fit to carry Jen’s luggage.

  28. Concerned Human

    CandyO are you ok?

  29. Casey

    Who is she kidding? She’s about three times the size of Audrey Hepburn.

  30. betty

    I think she is the most sexy celebrity, so there are so many men are talking about her at ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ forum, they are interested in posting her naked photos and private news.

  31. Dave

    Don’t care how batsh*t crazy she is. She’s hot.

  32. ashley

    her fat is like oozing out of her gloves.. that’s disgusting.

  33. Clay

    Not only do I still find her very attractive and would still “hit it,” I’d also marry her too.

    I did, however see her on the Tonight Show last week and was mildly let down. She is a notorious fan of not exercising and essentially said as much by admitting she couldn’t do a single “real” pushup.

    But damn, I love them boobies.

  34. timmy the dying boy

    Senile or not, I’d be all over that like a twenty dollar suit, oh yes I surely would.

  35. azalea

    #32: WTF are you talking about?!?

  36. Teddy

    she looks hot !!!I would do her for sure! those boobs are bangin’ you know what I’m sayin”? she maybe crazy but I love that shit ahhaha

  37. ok, maybe it’s a little weird or just because i love breakfast at tiffany’s but i totally would dress up like audrey and go to tiffany’s for my 30th!

  38. sin

    She never was “hot”. she just has kinda big tits that she will not show.

  39. anthonyOA

    dude. you and i both know she threw that dry old baguette away and replaced it with a krispy kreame once the paparazzi left.

  40. Delgo

    She can do 10 push ups.
    One for each tv dinner.

  41. theSuperfticialWriter

    I apologize for nasty comments on this site but I am not responsible.

  42. This girl is annoying – but Pink isn’t -
    find out the best idea for Pink’s future tour and expert remixer Bimbo Jones.
    How they could and should collaborate for nightly after parties.

  43. AirMail

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! Get yourself something nice. Have faith that you will meet a better guy.

  44. I am going to BAN anyone pretending to be me!

  45. Dudley

    She looks like she’s got midget arms

  46. Dudley

    But I’m an asshole, so what do I know?

  47. Nwambe

    She’s still hot IMO. The fact that she can even pull off the Audrey Hepburn thing just makes me want her more, quite frankly.

    ohhh, JLH. When will you(r rack) and I be one?

  48. Nwambe

    BTW… Jesus loves me! (not Madonna’s Jesus)

  49. sin

    Hey, the real theSuperfticialWriter, go ahead. We don’t care. There are thousands of other websites we can go to. If you want to stop some of the dialogue here, stop posting stupid, irrelevant stories.
    By the way, is it true you are gay and have the hots for that other Madden boy?
    That seems to be the only reason to put pictures of that loser here.

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