Jennifer Lopez unveils the J-Twins (J-Awesome!)

People has the exclusive first photos of Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme. Holy crap, they look like babies! People editor Peter Castro stopped by Good Morning America today (video after the jump) to talk about the 8-hour-shoot. He also discussed J-Lo’s weight gain (45-50 lbs.) and the infertility rumors. However, no one talked about the Skeletor in the closet. I’m, of course, referring to Marc Anthony who is a freaking alien! C’mon! We need to do something and soon. Just last night he snuck into my house and tried to give me an anal probe.

UPDATE: False alarm! It was just my roommate looking for the Pop Tarts. I really need a new hiding place.

Thanks to trendyljm who’s name both baffles and arouses me. But mostly baffles.

Photo: People
Video: RedLasso