Jennifer Lopez unveils the J-Twins (J-Awesome!)

March 20th, 2008 // 69 Comments

People has the exclusive first photos of Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme. Holy crap, they look like babies! People editor Peter Castro stopped by Good Morning America today (video after the jump) to talk about the 8-hour-shoot. He also discussed J-Lo’s weight gain (45-50 lbs.) and the infertility rumors. However, no one talked about the Skeletor in the closet. I’m, of course, referring to Marc Anthony who is a freaking alien! C’mon! We need to do something and soon. Just last night he snuck into my house and tried to give me an anal probe.

UPDATE: False alarm! It was just my roommate looking for the Pop Tarts. I really need a new hiding place.

Thanks to trendyljm who’s name both baffles and arouses me. But mostly baffles.

Photo: People
Video: RedLasso

  1. sandykat

    Wow, they couldn’t get a better picture than that after 8 hours?

  2. Me

    No talent fat ass!

  3. fiyhbs


  4. tee hee

    2 more Latino babies. Yay.

  5. mike

    Jimbo’s dad used to look for Pop Tarts every night.

  6. absolute

    Cute mom and adorable babe. I saw her husband’s profile on millionaire personals site “w e a l t h yR o m a n c e .c o m” last SEP, It seems her husband couldn’t wait to date new girl when Jennifer is pregnant.

  7. gotmilk?

    yuck to both her & those shriveled up aliens in her arms.

    it was ridiculous how People posted some newsflash yesterday as to when they were going to put the photos on the website. do people really care that much about J. Lo? i say no, but taking to consideration her massive ego, she probably made People do it.

  8. BreakTime

    She looks so happy; must be the 6 million she’s about to pocket.

  9. nipolian

    Better names = Chico and Guadeloupe

  10. Sheva

    Ashley was bumped from the top slot for this trite? Uh Superfish, this is the internet, we like the goods and the dirt and we like it fast.

    Take your dated family hour People Magazine bullshit the fuck outta here.

    Thank you. Have a nice day.

  11. fergernauster

    She’s using the tino duo as breast shields because her newly engorged bewbies are dripping and spraying milk. You can’t see it in that photo, but the backs of their precious little outfits are saturated.

  12. steve

    It was an 8 hour shoot because they couldn’t stop Marc Anthony from gnawing on their heads for 7 hours.

  13. sidv

    They’re each getting paid 3 million and can’t even stay awake for the photo shoot. Already acting like divas.

  14. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    show us the ‘twins’ damn you, not the babies.

  15. Auntie Kryst

    Yay she’s on the cover of People con sus bebes. Notice to Puerto Rican citizens of NYC, time for another pride parade!

  16. Kate

    Oh god, the boy looks like Skeletor already. Poor kid.

  17. Hansel

    Ok, she’s recovered, it’s time to do a spread-the-giant buttcheeks hairy anus-off between JLo and Kim. Lovers of fat brown ghetto butts will be delighted (so, Obama supporters and Hugh Grant).

  18. homie

    They sure have prominent noses. For newborns, I mean.

    Just sayin’.

  19. mamadough

    it won’t take long for these little shits to grow up and act as self-entitled as their worthless mother is. why do i picture her like a present day “joan crawford”?

  20. Ken_Doll_Peeing

    How much did dads ‘n mums lay out for their kids’ respective nurseries? $150,000 a piece, I’ll bet. I’d be willing to bet my dog’s left nut on that.

    Selfish twats.

  21. IwatchStuff

    lol superfish da bomb

  22. woodhorse

    Many years ago I saw a baby that looked like Walter Matthau. I thought that baby was ugly. That was the only time I ever saw an ugly baby until those two of JLo’s. They look like Skeletor. Where was her judgement? She should have gone to a Mexican Sperm bank. It’s not like anyone would have known and she could have given those kids a better chance in life.

  23. insecthero

    Wow, I just discovered that I do not give a crap about any of this. Big suprise.

    Hey, and keep the racist comments to yourselves, assholes (yeah, you know who you are.) This isn’t the fucking 1950s Deep South.

  24. It's me Fuckers

    They don’t even look zombie-ish…yet

  25. Anonymous

    There aren’t many celebs I hate more than this worthless piece of shit. Utterly fucking talentless and a huge bitch on top of that. I hope she puts on 100 lbs. and can never take it off.

  26. insecthero

    (and no, I didn’t mean you, woodman.)

    Dude on the left (her right) looks like Elijah Wood.

  27. Greasy Pig

    She is a bitch. And a grower.

  28. aeuwave

    cute babies but they are going to have some seriously huge noses. i don’t like the name max, though… argh. emme is cute, though.

  29. Cornhoelihoe

    Them babies dont look like momma they looks white.

  30. 0h

    I think she looks great!

  31. How come trendyjim’s name baffles you, but EMME made it under your radar? Cmon – that’s not a name, that’s a typo!

  32. #14 Ha!!

    I don’t know, I really have nothing to say about this except I agree with half of you and I’m not telling you which half..

  33. TT

    A way better blog site…………………

  34. JonBenet Gesserit

    She named her precious crotchdumplings after two characters in the animated kids show “Dragon Tales.”

    “Ai, look mi’ho, Mommy had this TV show made just for you!”

  35. insecthero

    @23 get Mexico out of your ass, Puerto Ricans are USA citizens. Try suggesting Spain next time and you might sound less stupid.

  36. Richard McBeef

    crib death


  37. Kost2Kost

    There going to be some good lookn babys

  38. Sauron

    Spanish babies?Hope they’re getting a bit taller than usual those Spanish are.

  39. Ted from LA

    Cute kids, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, that being said, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, at the end of the day, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, etc.

  40. Sauron

    Their heads are round like watermelons?I’m wondering if Skeletor is the real father?

  41. Lowlands

    Congrats to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.Their babies are looking well fed.They’re less than a month old,what’s too early to say if they look cute or not:)

  42. titsonsnack

    Max… Emme… How the hell is “Emme” pronoucnced? Em? Emm-ee? Emmeh? Regardless, they look like their freaky dad.

  43. Al

    Oh no. I can already see Skeletor’s bone structure emerging on these innocent children’s faces. That can’t be good. Poor kids.

  44. woodhorse

    @36 That’s like Nordics getting upset over being called a Viking – like it fucking makes a difference!. I said Mexico cause it’s closer and I like Mexico. Maybe I’d like Puerto Rico better if I’d ever been there MAYBE NOT.

  45. woodhorse

    Hey Frist! All I could find in the house was half a bottle of brandy and some diet Cherry 7up. It tastes OK but I don’t have a name for it. Any suggestions?

  46. Ted's $4k/night escort

    #40, Ted, baby, I’m worried about you. You seem depressed.

  47. Dick Cheney

    #47 – so?

  48. Ted from LA

    I am feeling a little blue, but nothing to worry about… it’s the change of seasons I believe. I just find it really hard to be mean looking at two cute little babies. I love babies. Especially other peoples’ babies.

  49. Ted from LA

    #48 and 49,
    You two are good. #48, I’ve never paid for sex and never will… unless I get really desperate, which at this juncture, I don’t see happening. It’s much cheaper and gratifying to just use your personality, unless, you’re really an asshole. Then you end up fucking goats like Mike the Goat Fucker.

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