Jennifer Lopez thinks you’re an idiot

November 8th, 2007 // 109 Comments

Jennifer Lopez confirmed her pregnancy during a concert in Miami last night and the crowd went insane at the announcement. Even her husband Marc Anthony was surprised. He didn’t think she was going to talk and reveal their secret. They were hiding it so well. People reports:

Lopez thanked the audience for the applause and said, “We are happy, too.” She then turned sideways to reveal her profile and show off her very noticeable bump. She also playfully stuck out her tongue.

Oh, you’re a sneaky one, Jennifer Lopez. You totally had us fooled. Talk about diabolical. Fortunately for you it’s completely normal for an accomplished dancer to start waddling on stage because of a sudden increase in weight. Particularly in the stomach area. Yeah, that happens all the time – to pregnant chicks! I swear to God the next celebrity that tries to playfully deny she’s having a kid is getting a surprise sonogram from me. Except it won’t be sexy like my business card promises. Okay, maybe just a little. Gotta keep things professional.

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  1. Ilovefur

    I will never stop wearing fur. I LOVE FUR. Fuck the little animals, they dont have souls.


  2. @49 Fuck you. I only skin women after I fuck them. Happy?

  3. U.N. Observer

    In rural China they also skin people alive (for crimes, but sometimes when food’s running short and the village has a few plump, slow-running people in it). So it’s not like they’re particularly hostile to non-human animals.

  4. Hi everyone, my name is Jimbo, and I’m a stupid fucking turdbrain. Click the link to watch a nice video of dogs and cats being skinned in China. I’d do the same to your pets to if I could get at them. I love animal cruelty.

  5. #43 Three words. The-Ra-Py..

    Get some

  6. Don'tKillForFur

    @51 – After you’ve fucked the little animals you don’t have to kill them. They can’t tell on you. Let’s take you to the zoo and put you in the lion’s cage and see if you having a soul stops them from killing you.

  7. LayDeeBug

    52 – Buffalo Bill, is that youuuuu?

  8. Jimbo is a stupid fucking turd

    Hi. I’m an idiot.. I can’t help it with all these festering boils poping out of my face. I really just wish I was an animal.. People treat them better than me. You know, because I eat poop and all..

  9. Jimbo

    Hi. I’m an idiot.. I can’t help it with all these festering boils poping out of my face. I really just wish I was an animal.. People treat them better than me. You know, because I eat poop and all..

  10. veggi

    FRIST!!! Well, I’m proud to say I had to read your three words three times!!!.. haha!!.. I’m sharp today..

  11. on jlo

    i don’t like her movies.
    i don’t like her music.
    i don’t like her accent
    glow, eh
    still, eh
    i LOVE live
    and i LOVE live luxe.
    haven’t smelled miami glow, glow after dark, or love at first glow.

  12. @54 You stupid fucking retard. If you could comprehend what was written, I never said they did not skin dogs and cats. They don’t skin them for JLo’s clothing line you fucking retarded bastard. They eat dogs and cats all over that part of the world.

    Learn how to read you fucking idiot..

  13. #55:


    get some

  14. A

    I wish i was having her love child

  15. i wont buy

    # 61
    i heard christina aguilera has a perfume out, i wouldn’t buy it though because it would make me feel like ghetto whitetrash wiggery 14 year old, or an unwed mother ( aguilera’s fans ). i would have bought britney’s perfume if it smelled cool. britney’s crazy, but i think it would be a fun ” camp ” thing to own britney perfume.

  16. veggi

    I’m going to go out and buy some of JLo’s clothes and put them on my dog, just as a total burn.

  17. DA

    I buy them if they smelt like pussy juice or old dirty panties.

  18. combustion8

    I hope it turns out to a bomb and they both blow up.

  19. veggi

    @66- Just as a totaly burn? Gawd, you seriously are a fucking fruitcake. shut it!

  20. ha8ter

    To Jimbo’s troll: I would kill you if I could find you.
    With the way your sick tiny twisted burnt turd of a brain works though, you’ll probably off yourself anyway after shooting up an elementary school.

  21. Hey, Jennifer –

    Ate any good boogies lately?

  22. Jimbo'sTroll

    @70 – so tell me again what is the name of that elementary school you can’t seem to graduate from?

  23. JLo’s clothing source, windows media

  24. D. Richards (Shaven.)

    I just wanna scoop Jenny’s stomach out like a pumpkin! I wanna stomp her fetus flat. I want to kill her and her entire family. I want to send Marc Anthony to hell. I want to burn J-Lo at the stake, like a fucking witch! Goddamn. I am so horny. I hope everyone knows J-Lo’s not a real singer. Or actress. She’s a product. No different that Paris Hilton.

  25. JLo’s clothing source, quicktime, win and mac users

  26. harper

    Yes, the Chinese skin dogs and cats alive for J-Lo’s clothing line!

    Also for Sean Jean, Baby Phat, RocaWear, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. You know those hooded down jackets with the piece of fur around the edge? THAT’S DOG FUR from raccoon dogs that are skinned alive in China. The fur on these garments was DNA tested, and the dog farms were tracked by tracing the vendors where JLo’s and Kimora’s company buy the fur.
    Some of these scumbags even label them “faux” fur, but it’s DOG,
    and there are videos of them being skinned alive. video=fur_farm&Player=wm

    When P Diddy was presented with the documentation, he pulled this jackets from the store, and publicly vowed not to do business with these vendors ever again. P Diddy was the one who had the ethics to do so, or at least the PR common sense.

    When these videos were shown to Ralph Lauren, his company went fur-free. So did Martha Stewart, J Crew, Calvin Klein.

    When the video was shown to Beyonce, she was annoyed she invited fans to lunch that turned out to be anti-fur who tried to educate her about the cruelty involved in producing her hideous clothing.

    Jennifer Lopez and anybody who profits from barbarism like this are the scum of the Earth.

    For you people who “love” fur, I dare you to ram an electrified rod up a mink’s ass and tell me fur is “beautiful” or “elegant” or “cool”.
    It’s completely disgusting.

    Go ahead. Bombard me with ridicule. I don’t care.

  27. Bella

    awww..Jenny..shes still ma gurl!

  28. BaconMessiah

    People actually pay money to her her “sing”? Holy fuck the world is full of retards.

  29. marc anthony, not so attractive. ew. and her on her knees on stage? what is that all about? ridiculous!

  30. Feckless

    @76 I have more hatred for the people actually doing the skinning than the sleezebags turning a blind eye.

  31. Soy

    she does look like she’s very happy.
    It’s just her outfits …. Disney animated Whale Line

  32. gotmilk?

    yeah i saw that video too. peta is crazy & i can’t stand them, but the skinning of the animals while they’re alive & just throwing their bodies into a pile left to suffer is just downright revolting. kinda like j. lo’s face.

  33. gotmilk?

    81, that looks like my neighbor’s dog. jesus h christ!

  34. curious

    Why don’t they kill the animals first?? They just don’t give a shit, or what?
    How do people who do this kind of thing sleep at night without having horrible dreams all night long?
    I hope there is a special place in hell for them where they get skinned alive and thrown into a pile of other skinned people over and over for eternity. I hope Jimbo’s troll is one of them.

  35. Fur-hater

    I think the sleezebags turning a blind eye are worst. You have to remember that the people actually doing the dirty job are probably super poor and getting paid $5 a day. They need to support their hungry families and if that is what they have to do then they’ll do it. Plus, if their families are suffering and no one care they probably hate the fact that animal lovers try to save the animals and shit on them. Now these f-ing rich ass celebrities who don’t want to pay the extra $1 it takes to humanely kill the animal because of profit margins, they are the assholes who need to burn in hell.

  36. harper

    Thanks for the link to the photo FurPie. I needed a wake-up call that many that come to these sites are sociopaths with keyboards.

    Have a nice life.

  37. To harper

    @ #88 harper:

    Yes, I agree. I provided videos in #73 & #75. People like Jimbo, who is either a simpleton in denial or a sociopath, may want to hide their heads in the sand or play games, but the video evidence is there for anyone who has the guts to click the links and watch.

    For anyone who complains that videos like this don’t belong on a celeb-bashing site, you’re wrong; this is celeb-bashing in as deserved, hard, pure and elemental a form as it gets.

  38. Lady Sin

    I hate this bitch.
    In 20 yrs these celeb babies are gonna kill us all!

  39. harper

    @ 89

    Many don’t realize the sleazy ways a lot of these celebs make money. All the JLo/PDiddy/Beyonce/JayZ/Simmons family products are manufactured by slaves and child labor in third world countries. Lots of folks don’t realize that every diamond bracelet JLo wears on her greedy grabbing arms cost the hands and arms of small kids in Sierra Leone.

    I agree, these sites are as good a place as any to inform people that many of these celebs are as greedy and sadistic as Saddam Hussein, and would gladly rob any third world nations’s treasury and “let them eat not even a cake crumb” if they had power and access. Luckily, people like JLo and Marc Anthony are too dumb to concoct way to seize power so she can buy more shoes to tango all over her peons like Eva Peron.

  40. L.Linus

    I’ve got one thought and that’s how happy J-Lo’s rat-faced rodent ex-wife must feel knowing it’s not her carrying another one his rat babies. This was very hot and he dump her for that fat-ass, slimey, cheating piece of duck squeeze. Karma will be a bitch!!

  41. jacknasty

    I wish we could go back to when pregnant stars were considered vulgar and kept out of site…..stupid Lucile Ball, she cursed us all!

  42. curious

    #87- I would honestly NEVER be able to do that (even to Jimbo’s troll) no matter how much I needed the money. I would rob people first. This practice really does have to be stopped. My God.

  43. if you are pregnant please just shut up and be a coach potato! showing tat big bump is no glamorous!

  44. ben

    the only reason fur-bearing animals are alive to begin with is because people breed them for their fur. these animals’ only existence is to give humans fur. yeah it sucks that they aren’t killed before they’re skinned, but really, the only reason they’re around is so they can line our jackets. if it weren’t for jackets then the animals wouldn’t be alive in the first place.

  45. JLo is burnt shit

    JLo and her unborn offspring are demon-spawn. They should go straight to hell. Satan wants to see his son.

    Die, JLo and slug! Die!

  46. PettyPape

    #96 okaaaay so it’s better to have a life where you’re born in captivity, have zero self-determination, and exist for the sole purpose of being skinned alive so another species can wear your body parts around than to never have a life at all? That makes a lot of sense…

  47. Allen

    Congratulations to her. I am her big fan. I was surprised when I saw her blog on a celebrity and millionaire dating site called last week. Many people added her to hot list

  48. Shit on JLo

    I wish this putrid evil bitch would just do us all a favor and die, preferably before she gives birth. I hope a psychopath skins her alive.

    She makes the usual poptart clowns look like saints. Shit on her.

    And may anyone who likes her also be skinned alive.

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