Jennifer Lopez thinks you’re an idiot


Jennifer Lopez confirmed her pregnancy during a concert in Miami last night and the crowd went insane at the announcement. Even her husband Marc Anthony was surprised. He didn’t think she was going to talk and reveal their secret. They were hiding it so well. People reports:

Lopez thanked the audience for the applause and said, “We are happy, too.” She then turned sideways to reveal her profile and show off her very noticeable bump. She also playfully stuck out her tongue.

Oh, you’re a sneaky one, Jennifer Lopez. You totally had us fooled. Talk about diabolical. Fortunately for you it’s completely normal for an accomplished dancer to start waddling on stage because of a sudden increase in weight. Particularly in the stomach area. Yeah, that happens all the time – to pregnant chicks! I swear to God the next celebrity that tries to playfully deny she’s having a kid is getting a surprise sonogram from me. Except it won’t be sexy like my business card promises. Okay, maybe just a little. Gotta keep things professional.

Photos: Splash News