Jennifer Lopez shows her face in public

April 1st, 2008 // 63 Comments

Jennifer Lopez ventured out in public last night for the second time after giving birth to twins a few weeks ago. She attended the New York City premiere of the Rolling Stones’ film Shine a Light. Marc Anthony came with her but was too busy pretending he was in The Matrix. He refused to stop calling J-Lo “Latin Oracle” then tried to jump in his cell phone when she swung at him. Sadly, he didn’t have enough bars. Rest in peace, Salsa Neo.

Photos: Splash News

  1. hally

    she’s still beautiful.

  2. JLO, I mean Jennifer Lopez, is really glowing. Must be the motherly glow?

  3. gits

    Marc Anthony’s character, Neosferatu, was in the original Matrix script but they edited him out when his image didn’t show up on the film.

  4. Jumpin_J

    If that’s beautiful, I’d hate to see what ugly is.

  5. Who gives a crap with JLO and Skelitor..

  6. She is so elegant and pretty.

    That understated black evening dress is simply divine – where did she get it?

  7. ph7

    Wow. Childbirth is a curse on all women. Destroys them forever.

  8. snarly

    #8: that’s exactly what your mom said.

  9. Sara


  10. Hey Jimbo, I did not hear you cough last night..

    Don’t worry, people, not how it sounds..

  11. lipper

    That dress looks like a glorified trash bag.

    But she still looks pretty good in it. All considering.

  12. woodhorse

    I wonder who he left the twins with? You can tell by looking at his haggard face that he’s babysitting and breastfeeding.

  13. Gerald_Tarrant

    She looks like any other post prenancy spic.

  14. bakinmycake


  15. What the fuck is up with everyone today??I have not seen this many ass kisser is a long time.. You would think JLO and Marc were in the room..

  16. Son of Gerald_Tarrant

    preGnancy stupid ass

  17. stickylake

    When is she due?

    Soon I hope, looks like she has gained a couple hundred pounds.

  18. stizz

    I’m so sick of this broad – she overexposed herself when she was Bennifer. Now she’s not even remotely interesting.

  19. Vince Lombardi

    Shit… six more weeks of winter.

  20. M.D.

    Jimbo missed his hernia exam?

  21. Anonymous

    J-Ho is nothing but a fucking bitch hag with no talent. And I’m being complimentary.

  22. That dress is so unflattering on her. She’s carrying baby weight, but not that much.

  23. Now I feel better.. Where have you guys been hiding this morning??

  24. justifiable

    Skeletor seems to be packing more than a cell phone in those pants – yeah, thanks, now we all see you dress to the right.

  25. Bags-o-fun

    I think we’ve seen the last of her exposed flesh in public, thank god. If that horrible, shapeless Hefty bag getup is her way of sprucing her post twin birthing body up, I cannot even imagine what it looks like underneath – she was already toeing the fat line before becoming host to Marc Anthony’s demon spawn.

  26. Tapeworm

    That’s a lotta face. Easy on the burritos & chips, mama.

  27. BunnyButt

    Very few people can carry off that hairstyle … and she ain’t one of them.

  28. xanax

    Her stomache is probably damaged beyond repair with a million stretch marks. Diva, my ass.

  29. aja

    Bloated ho. Fur wearing self-important talentless pig.

  30. aja

    Hubby looks more zombie like than ever. Where are their kids? Either this zombie ate them or that fat hog of a wife.

  31. Now I see

    Well, her inner beauty is now clearly reflected by her outer appearance. And everyone who has ever worked for her or waited on her in a restaurant knows all about her inner beauty.

  32. Wearing a Garlic Necklace

    Have you ever seen a couple that looks more like a couple of vampires?

  33. beano

    my name is pancho
    I live on a rancho
    I making $10 a day
    i go see lucy
    i get some pussy
    she take my $10 away…

  34. The Laughing God

    Ever see those old cartoons where the villain ties a girl to the train tracks and then strikes a pose? Well checkout the last pic.

  35. Italian Stallion

    Why is he sporting a camel toe? I always knew this douchebag was a pussy…….

  36. spiritkittykat

    I guess the threat to their precious little ass-tards must have been low last night since they were able to venture away and out past the security guards. Maybe the things are locked safely behind bars…that threat to kidnap those children of the Fly-Girl and Skeletor is REALLY high!

  37. Clem

    She looks like she stole Britney’s bullneck and started bench pressing cars.

  38. Such a Phony

    Mark looks exhausted. She looks slighty tired. I bet she makes him take care of the babies LOLOL while she sleeps.

  39. Kiki

    OMG she looks so bad here. The heavy makeup, tight hairdo, and stripy highlights are not flattering with her weight gain. And her hair back like that makes her face look bigger than her husbands. Her arms should be covered and she should show some cleavage and let her hair down and tone down her makeup.

  40. Samael

    She actually looks like a nice person here. Thank goodness she doesn’t have that silly pout in these pics. Good for her!

  41. Lowlands

    Jennifer lopez gained a few pounds after giving birth and Marc Anthony seems to have lost a few pound,like usualy.I’ll guess this is called a harmonious relationship?

  42. Abdo

    Shiny & glowing .That what she is now

  43. redsonja1313

    her face and arms STILL LOOK FAT !!!! I want to see her in something tight and revealing before I say that she bounced back great from pregnancy. I think neither her or Selma will be smokin anymore without the help of Dr 90210

  44. T

    That’s no J-Lo, that’s her wax figure from Madam Tussaud’s museum.

  45. Jamie's Uterus

    This ragged out, worn down, used up, broke down bitch is disgusting. She is everything that is wrong with the entertainment business. She’s a third rate Carmen Miranda.

    Please just go away J-whore, back to Long Island and raise your babies and get the fuck off TV, the internet, movies, fashion, perfume making. Go back to the ‘block’ and go suck some ‘cock’! Its what you love doing – and you may be good at it…..maybe…..

  46. kait

    The slicked back hair isn’t exactly having the slimming effect she’d hoped for…

  47. nowmark

    They look like baboons.

  48. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    That’s not a penis in his pocket, or the more likely choice, a roll of nickels. It’s one of those collapsable police batons he uses to beat her back when she wants to eat him. That’s not a healthy glow on her, it’s the feverish look of ravenous hunger. Is she carrying a purse? Nope…that’s her portable tenderizer and spice pack. Look at the dude behind her…that’s fear on his face. Fear of being eaten next. Don’t you remember her famous line from Austin Powers 3? “Get in my belly…I’m gonna eat ya”. She scares me. I have seen the face of death and it is J-Lo’s pie-hole.

  49. Randall

    Hey #49, you pathetic spammer, can I have your email? I’d like to track you down, shove my fist up your ass and pull you inside out. Nothing personal.

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