Jennifer Lopez might be birthing aliens soon

Jennifer Lopez could be delivering the spawn of Marc Anthony today. Page Six is reporting the singer/actress checked into her lush suite at North Shore University Hospital and the J-Uterus is ready for blast off:

Monday, we reported the room, which is furnished with a leather couch, had “been sitting empty for two weeks” in preparation for the pop diva’s twins. But a recent patient at the hospital told Page Six that during her visit, staffers were aflutter, exclaiming, “J.Lo is here!”

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony climbed into his spaceship and prepared for his flight home to the Salsa nebula. His work here is complete. Now if he can just get Tom Cruise off the windshield: “Dammit, man, you can’t come with me. This thing only seats one and, for the last time, you’re not sitting on my lap. We tried it once and you kept doing that weird smile.”

Photos: Getty Images