Jennifer Lopez may be pregnant

January 23rd, 2006 // 28 Comments

*jennifer_lopez_thumb2.jpgA source says that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been doing


  1. What the hell? Hasn’t J. Lo heard of abortion before? This is exactly what abortion was invented for – to rid the world of ugly, untalented babies.

  2. Good Morning People! I waited all weekend for the next week of celeb grit and bs. :D

    The celeb “lets get prego” phaze is commencing. Any bids on who’s the next hollywood attention whore to get knocked up?

    Paris Hilton? Gawd, forbid.
    Jennifer Aniston? . . . lol
    Scarlett Johansson? . . . ok bad one.

  3. Larry

    Hopefully J-Lo is pregnant with siamese twins — one egg implanted by Jessica Simpson, the other by Paris Hilton, both inseminated by Brad Pitt. The resulting monster would make life much easier for the tabloids:

    “Par-Jess Lo-Pitt to star in reality show in which she has to live as a baboon on the Serengeti armed with nothing but a tape dispenser.”

    Carmen Elektra and Britney Spears could be the god-parents.

  4. ESQ

    Who cares? Maybe her expanding stomach will make her ass less fat looking. Or she will turn out like Violet from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

  5. rachel

    I thought we were done with J Lo a couple of years ago?

  6. hafaball

    Wow, for the longest time I thought she was unable to have a child. My only guess is she killed some woman, stole her uterus, and forced Anthony to impregnate her. I mean, If affleck;s super semen didn’t get her pregnant, i don;t know what could… O.o


    Hey uncommonamerican, that’s not right, Jennifer really really really, wants kids, really,, lol

  8. amma

    …I’m just glad someone pointed out that her husband is weird. He DOES look like Lurch! An anorexic Lurch…

  9. Jayne

    yeah, I thought, like Tom Cruise, she wasn’t able to have children.

    Science is marvelous.

  10. SuperSpence

    One day the Pitt-Jolie baby is going to have to kill the Anthony-J.Lo baby. It’s inevitable. They are destined to be enemies forever, one fighting for truth and justice, the other seeking to undermind and destroy all that is good in the world. The Pitt-Jolie offspring will prevail, ushering in a world of peace and prosperity for the next 10,000 years.

  11. sammygirl

    I can already envision chinchilla-lined diapers for the kid.

  12. derekd

    Jennifer who?

  13. Sara=hater

    Didn’t take that long, did it?

  14. Evangelia

    I think she looks really sexy in this picture…kind of a latina Brigitte Bardot with the bedhead and parted lips. Even though I hate it when people categorize J. Lo, Shakira, Jessica Alba et. all as the “latina” anything. lol

  15. Tracy

    I can’t wait to see her try to take off the baby weight. No easy task, my friends….

  16. escapevelocity

    marc anthony was actually married to a Miss Universe champion-winner-whatever. Dayanara Torres, also puerto rican. she appeared in Frankie J’s “More Than Words” video. marc anthony cheated on her with J-Lo. lol, like anyone really cares.

  17. escapevelocity

    i thought my mom was the only one who says he looks like a skeleton.

  18. HughJorganthethird

    I thought she was already pregnant and carrying the tot in her ass.My mistake.

  19. Great, Marc can add this one to the long line of abandoned kids he’s sired with lovely & stupid bimbos.

  20. HollyJ

    I hope she explodes to 345 pounds and starts to waddle around malls in redneck Tees like Britney.

    Hey, maybe they can hang out together… They’re both ignorant egomaniacs.

  21. hermanita

    Haha the “proud to be latina from da hood” in redneck tees. That would be hilarious. ^_^. Well..all I can wish them is I hope it doesn’t look like his father.

  22. hermanita

    Btw, she seems to be trying real hard to look like Jessica Alba in the pic

  23. September_bebe

    i like j.lo… she’s beautiful and somewhat talented (hey, she has more money than you and i combined, times a million). finally shes sticking to the same guy and possibly having her first kid… good for her!

  24. sjb16

    Marc Anthony looks like Skeletor!

  25. hermanita

    she has more money then me and you, because she’s a slut and slept with a million guys and got millions and she’s sticking to marc anthony because he’s ugly and knows he doesn’t deserve her, so he won’t leave her like a normal man when he sees that she can’t have any kids and has herpese all over her vagina. But she is light on the eyes, yeah.

  26. mommy_long_legs

    Do you think she will decorate the baby’s room in all white and command everyone not to make eye contact with it?

  27. kylieer

    HAHAHA #26! I love it. Will she expect all the delivery staff to wear white and play her songs and perform her ‘dance’ numbers while delivering? I am sure she will want white rose petals spread all over the delivery room floor….ahhhh The QUEEN is giving birth – allll bow down.

  28. Badass

    marc anthony has a penis??

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